Sunday, February 21, 2010

CPAC 2010: Glenn Beck Demands 'PURITY' Among GOP!

In an act of destroying any credibility it may have had, CPAC 2010 organizers invited Glenn Beck, the talk show and Fox entertainment News clown, to address it's conference in the organizations closing hours.

In a meandering (somewhat incoherent) speech Clown Glenn admonished the GOP to demand purity within the GOP.

Without defining exactly what 'purity' meant, we suspect it not mean truth, integrity or intellectual honesty, because Beck doesn't have any of these things. He is just behind Sarah Palin in these categories of deceit and hypocrisy and has been caught many times lying to his audiences about every thing from The World Trade Center destruction to the color of President Obama's skin.

We do suspect Beck meant some kind of litmus test of conservatism in supporting candidates for elective office. Glenn also mentioned that the GOP didn't need a 'big tent' to house GOP factions and we have no speculation on what that meant.

We also suspect Beck's presence was not appreciated by some conference participants as he recently trashed the GOP's new 'show-piece', Scott Brown, by ranting on his 'Fox' show, "I don't trust this guy, I don't trust this guy!". And at the conference spoke disparagingly about Senator John McCain.

And so it goes. The GOP factions are still vying for party control with no clear winner in sight.


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