Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC 2010: Ann Coulter dusts off Her tired 'John Edwards is Gay' Speech!

We recently caught up with our 
favorite GOP "has-been" at this 
year's CPAC conference, and learned 
very little.....
First we want to ask Ann Coulter if it's true she's dating Rosie O'Donnell. Well? Is it?

We haven't heard a lot from her recently, but today, a haggered appearing Ann Coulter spoke to the CPAC folks in a redo of her 'John Edwards is Gay' 12-minute speech. This is about the 4th time she delivered it (at CPAC alone). Once upon a time her schtick was humorous. But it's grown tired with time, like Ann.

Once a favorite of the CPAC group, Ann's stuff and 'time' in the spotlight has passed her by. Her 'gay' references to just about everyone who doesn't agree with her gives us reason to think 'she doth protest too much' when it comes to sexuality. Is she a closeted Lipstick Lesbian?

Given the embrace of and high profile presence of Young Gay Republicans at CPAC this year and the fact the Cheney's and other high ranking conservatives are supporting the repeal of DADT in the military, poor old Ann just seemed a bit more tired and spent with her old-fashioned rhetoric.

Times change and move on. But poor old Ann has not.

More on CPAC to come.


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