Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darwin Award-Sarah Palin (again) or Lauren Ashley? You Decide!

Lauren Ashley? Who is Lauren Ashley?

It seems Lauren Ashley (if this is her real name) is representing herself as Miss Beverly Hills 2010 and hopes to compete in the Miss America USA Pageant for the title this coming November.

Yesterday, in an appearance on Fox News, Ms. Ashley said, 'it's black and white in the Bible that homosexual killing is the word of God'. Although Ms Ashley appeared a bit 'spent' as a beauty contestant....looking somewhat like a 'pass-around-girl' in The Son's of Anarchy motorcycle gang clubhouse.....she could warble scripture like a yellow breasted mud finch in mating season. Accordingly, she whipped out Leviticus, and quoted on and on until the host told her to shut up.

Smelling a Rat in this Tuna Casserole, The L.A. Times did a quick and dirty fact check on Ms. Ashley and found that Beverly Hills does not have a Miss Beverly Hills 2010 or a Miss Beverly Hills for any other year either. Beverly Hills has no association with Miss America USA and doesn't intend any. The Times also learned that Ms. Ashley resides in Pasadena, which may explain the problem. Pasadena has tainted water, you know.

It seems the wannabe, never was and now never will be Ms. Ashley is a has-been before she ever was, if such makes any sense. She is facing some criminal charges as well as being a fundamentalist homophobic Christian zealot and a liar among her character flaws.

Another issue here is FOX NEWS(?) even putting a nut case on the air without even a cursory check as to who she was. This does not surprise us, but it may come as a shock to some of the possum-pie eating FOX audience who takes all that FOX airs as gospel. And in this case it's OK to kill homosexuals because God said so. We wonder if they will kill any......Way to Go, FOX...........

......meanwhile, our in-resident, multiple Darwin Award winner hypocrite Sarah Palin can not be ignored in vying for THIS Darwin Award. "Death Panel" Sarah has been trashing health care reform from the beginning, decrying it as 'socialized medicine' and a big step toward Socialism in America.

NOW, we learn that grandson/son Tripp, depending on who the birth mother really is, AND daughter Bristol are covered by socialized health care in Alaska through Indian Health Care Services and the Alaska Native American Medical Center. Our source? Court documents made public in the custody dispute between Bristol and putative father of the child, Levi Johnston. The actual documents are represented on Huffington Post and other news media outlets. You can bet they are not available at FOX NEWS.

At the same time Sarah's senior staffer and spokesperson, Meg Stapleton, resigned today from the Palin camp.

Now here's an idea.....with a top job in the Palin camp vacant and a rudderless Lauren Ashley needing work, how about Sarah hiring 'miss beverly hills' as an aide. Make sense to you? It does to us. Sarah. If you can't find ms. ashley in the L.A. County Jail, you can visit any chapter of the Son's of Anarchy motorcycle club and they will will probably have a way you can find her.

And Sarah? Please keep up your good work. We need you. Tina Fey's career soared after her impersonation of you, Letterman and others haven't done badly by you either. And we have done well presenting your antics as well. The worse you get, Sarah, the better we become. So, stay 'out there', Sarah!

We are divided here as to who gets this current Darwin you can take your pick. Just make a comment at the end of this blog for one candidate or the other. We'll print the results in a week or so.


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