Thursday, February 11, 2010

The $$$ FACTS Tea Baggers and other Nut Conservatives DON'T Tell YOU.........

Can anyone fathom how much a trillion dollars is? We all know it's a lot of money. But how much money is it? It's 1,000 Billion dollars! About the same amount the Bush Administration BORROWED from China and Japan to finance the Iraq War. China at about $700 billion and Japan in the $300 billion range.

For the last year or so we've heard the 'tea baggers' and tea bag politicians and candidates chide the Obama Administration for it's increased Federal Deficit. And, YES, there had been an increase in the past year.

The 'tea baggers' and other politicians, mostly Republican (in name only), either don't know the history, or are ignorant of it or are lying to the public. The FACTS of who spent what are easily obtained from a number of reliable, incontrovertible sources. Our FACTS come from the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and the budgetary documents from the Administrations going back to the Carter Presidency. Here they are.

The Carter Administration inherited a trillion or so dollars deficit from the disgraced Nixon/Ford Administrations. Carter's MESS continued with high inflation rates and what could easily be called a failed Presidency.

Reagan won the 1980 election and by 1982 the economy was in even worse condition than when he took office. But by leaving office in 1988 he had increased the Nation Debt by 3 times what he'd inherited. The first Bush Administration increased the National debt by another couple trillion dollars and left office in one term because the economy was once again in the toilet.

Bill Clinton took office in 1992 and left office leaving the Bush 2 Administration with a 700 billion dollar SURPLUS!

In 1994, the Republicans took control of Congress and through 2006 chipped away at government business and financial regulations set in law from the 1930's Roosevelt Administration.

When the Bush 2 Administration took office in 2001 (with a financial surplus), the de-regulation process accellerated, 2 wars were promulgated, and by 2009 when the Obama Administration took office, there was a deficit of 11 trillion dollars!

These are the facts!

Now we have a collapsed economy, a 12 trillion dollar deficit, a loss of trillions of dollars in individual financial worth, a worldwide moral STAIN on our country's reputation and each man, woman and child who are citizens of the USA owe $140,000.00 to pay off the National Debt.

These are the FACTS. A history and truth the Tea Baggers and nut case conservatives don't say anything about while throwing in the wedge issues of a woman's right to choose (abortion) and anything Gay.

Is the American electorate so stupid as to NOT know their history?

I suspect not when it comes to the ballot box.

Why do the Tea Baggers and other conservative nut cases LIE or are so uninformed that only the possum pie eating audience accepts anything they have to provide?

What do you think?

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