Friday, February 12, 2010


A FATWA is an Islamic Faith ruling concerning Islamic Law issued by an Islamic Scholar.

This time a Fatwa has been issued on airport body scanners because according to some Mufti/Muftis (scholars) have determined these machines "violate and insult" Muslim modesty.

Accordingly, we're issuing a DARWIN AWARD to those Muftis and to any others who live and function in the 'Dark Ages' and/or would allow such a ruling to influence their lives in any way.

May we suggest that those who follow THIS Islamic 'ruling' fly their camels to their intended destinations and not continue to throw their Pat Robertson-like religious rot in our faces.

Also, recognizing Islam's need to convert new people into their ranks, we suggest there are some 'good pickens' with America's easily influenced and led Tea Bagger population. And they're easy to locate. Just attend a Sarah Palin book signing event, by gosh!


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