Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fomenting Hatred for Obama-The Onus goes to GOP Factions and The Religious Right

For some while now the religious right and some GOP factions as well as some specific politicians and political celebrities (including far right talk show hosts and FOX 'Entertainment' News) have been hammering their HATE diatribe toward the American President Barack Obama. Hate is Hate no matter how one flips the coin and today pollster Daily Kos/Research drives home this incontrovertible point.

There is an ugly, viral social cancer in the midst of our country. A cancer that invades the ignorant and stupid of our population. It's the HATE virus. The same virus Hitler spread several generations ago. HATE is alive and well in America as represented in this recent poll. Without further comment here are the findings:

The results here are based on a population of random interviews with 2000 people who identify themselves as Republicans. Other identifications such as 'tea party' nation and independents were not included in these reported results. This sample of voters was also skewed toward the deep south (42%) with small samples of Republicans from other areas in the country.

-39% of those who identify themselves as Republicans believe President Obama should be impeached (no reason given).

-36% believe President Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

-31% believe President Obama is a racist who hates white people.

-63% believe President Obama is a socialist.

-24% believe President Obama wants the 'terrorists' to win the war on terror.

-53% believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be the U.S. President than President Obama.

If these figures are not a testimony to HATE, what are they? And how did such a population get that way?

From the pulpits of the Southern Baptist churches and the pulpits of other fundamentalist 'Christian' religiousities this HATE is preached week after week after week to the 'sheep' who gave up thinking for themselves a long time ago. These sheep walk out of their churches with HATE in their hearts. Way to go 'Christians'.

From the media, the limbaughs, becks and others foment HATE from their bully-pulpits of misinformation and falsehoods.

We also have the palin types, the de mints and other politicians who bank on HATE for some kind of constituency. And they get it in some form. They also get rich in the process.

Meanwhile this possum-pie eating audience continues to HATE with no where to place that hate but toward those they're told to HATE. Never mind that these sheep send their children to the corporate wars to be killed at the behest of the Cheney-Rove political model and certainly, accept their losses as 'Gods Will'.

The real problem with all this is that HATE seems to be the flavor of the day with a percentage of the American electorate. Can anything be done about it?

You tell me.


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