Saturday, February 13, 2010

GOP Congressional Candidate Holds 'Machine Gun' Fund Raiser

Now here's a candidate for the 'good ol' boys'.

This weekend North Carolina GOP Congressional candidate Ted D'Annunzio held a machine-gun and 'all you can eat' bar-b-que for a $25. donation.

Supporters gave their donations and then fired machine guns to their hearts content prior to a 'sit-down' bar-b-que dinner. We suspect the 'cuisine' consisted of possum, rattle snake--water moccasin is not in season-- and shitlins.

To the candidates credit, his fundraiser was held in a gun shop with a modified firing range (which is located near an elementary school, but the school was not is session at the time).

Need we say more? Well.....maybe a bit more....we're surprised Sarah Palin didn't think of it first.


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