Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Not All Doom and Gloom-President Obama-The Peoples President!

We've been a bit 'doomy and gloomy' about U.S. politics recently. But there is some hope and some good things to look at as well on the horizon. Don't count America out as THE WORLD POWER just yet.

Within our 3 branches of government one branch offers some hope. The Executive branch. President Obama came to his office at the hands and hope of the small check book donations of millions upon millions of the American people. President Obama is a peoples president and has no attachments to special interests that we can find.

President Obama is not a liberal or an ideologue, much to the chagrin of some of the Democrat controlled congress. Nor is President Obama a conservative. President Obama is a pragmatist with the American people's interests in mind and heart. President Obama also came into office with a bi-partisan agenda that has fallen flat with the "NO" republican faction in congress. To date, there has been no bi-partisanship whatsoever.

Many of us are disappointed with President Obama's first year and performance. At the same time we recognize a bought and paid for Congress and an ideologue-ish, activist Supreme Court.

There is some hope for President Obama and the people, however. In each special election this year a few independent minded Republicans and Democrats have been elected to congress without corporate, union or any special interest financial support.

Case in point: Republican Scott Brown. Brown took Ted Kennedy's vacant seat in the U.S. Senate a few weeks ago. He ran on a bi-partisan agenda with grass roots money without special interest involvement. There is an open bi-partisan from the other side of the isle to the President and he's embracing it. This brings a glimmer of hope in the doom and gloom that seems to be reported all too frequently here and by the mainstream media as well as the cable talking head junk all too prevalently in our faces.

Hopefully, we're getting to better place toward a better world. Political and otherwise.


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