Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Mega Bon-Fire Smoke Clouding Sarah Palin's Background

The vetting process for Sarah Palin as the 2008 Republican VP candidate is well documented and known as cursory at best. Some say it was "junk" and in no way met any reasonable standard for such a high office.

When the Republican ticket lost the election we decided to return to our business as usual....pointing out the deficiencies existing in our current governmental processes and looking into the disconnects of once trusted institutions .

However, when Sarah Palin seemed she was not going away from the 'mainstream' political landscape and then resigned as Governor of Alaska, and then decided to extrapolate truth to falsehood, we decided to take another look at her. Not just at what she is doing now, but where she came from, and who she is as a person. We decided to look into her background using a "law enforcement" backgrounding model. After 8 months of investigation we can report some very interesting things. We can verify some of what we say here and some things we can not verify. We will report that which is verifiable and that which is not as we write. We will report what some people told us. The bottom line to all of it is there is significant FIRE and SMOKE to who and what Sarah Palin is and to what she is about.

Given what we learned about Sarah Palin, attempting to dissect what we found and put any intelligent substance to what she is about is virtually impossible. There is a fundamental incoherency about her. Physically, as well as intellectually, Sarah Palin darts about 'her world' with a kind of 'air-head ditzyness'. But she's not these things at her core. And there does seem to be a kind of core-self in her persona with a nebulous quality to it. The best assessment we had as to what she is about is that 'Sarah does not know what she's about, YET'. This comes from a source close to her. Accordingly, anything we might say about 'what she is about' would be speculation without evidence.

Sarah Palin appears to have a certain 'Alice in Wonderland' approach to almost everything she does. From her faith in God to her family to her public life to her 'hate' propaganda, 'this Alice' also believes what she is doing is 'right'. And like that iconic 'Alice', Sarah Palin BELIEVES what she thinks without regard to any evidence to the contrary. A sociopath? Some say so. But we'll leave these 'ponderments' to the medical people.

The rest of this article will not be speculative, but information we can attach to some evidence. Albeit some information we have and will present is unsubstantiated. It is information, however, gathered from a number of credible sources.

Sarah Palin is a current figure on the political landscape shrouded in smoke and a few mirrors. Mostly smoke. Lots of it.

Our background search was long and followed many strings of information we gathered. A lot of it went no where. It was something like following strands of spaghetti on a plate with some of the pasta breaking at curious places.

We don't know if the Republican vetting process went very far into Sarah's immediate family. But we did. And we found some interesting things. But most of it was shrouded in a smokiness giving a lack of clarity usually found in such investigations.

For example, we learned that Sarah, Todd and their children are not close to the Heath family. Sarah's parents and siblings. They rarely communicate according to those close to both the Palins and the Heaths. The Heath's would not speak with us and the Palin's refused any and all direct communications with us. There seems to be good reason why. But will leave this to another writing.

Rather than write this in full investigative format, we will put our findings in an abbreviated 'dart' form and then make full commentary in later blogs.

-Sarah Louise Palin, nee Heath, was born in Sandpoint, Idaho on February 11, 1964, to Charles Heath, a school secretary, and Sarah Heath, nee Sheeran, a grade school science teacher and track coach. Sarah is the third of 4 children. As an infant, Sarah moved to Alaska with her parents. Sources told us the Heath's moved to Alaska because of substantive rumors that both parents were homosexual (covered for each other) and had engaged in such behaviors to the degree that townspeople were calling for their resignations and some kind of criminal prosecution. We could not verify these rumors; however, the Heaths did leave town quickly in the midst of a small scandal brewing in Sandpoint which was verified.

-Both parents were Roman Catholic, but upon arriving in Alaska joined the Pentecostal Assembly of God Church where Sarah Palin got her religious foundation. Sarah Palin left the Pentecostals in 2002, and sometimes attends a non-denominational fundamentalist Christian church. Parishioners there say she rarely attends services.

- After graduating high school in Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah continued her education at Hawaii Pacific University in Hawaii. It is a FACT that after a short time she flunked out. She then enrolled in North Idaho (Junior) College, and then went on to the non-acredited (at that time) Matatusk-Sustina College in Wasilla. Sarah became Miss Wasilla in a beauty contest and went on to place third in the Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant. Later she received her B.S. Degree in Communications with emphasis in Journalism from The University of Idaho. A review of records there and interviews with a number of people suggest that Sarah may have 'slept' her way to the degree she received. Sarah had a dubious 'reputation' according to sources. She was not a top student while there.

-In 1988, Sarah eloped with high school sweetheart and high school drop-out, commercial fisherman Todd Palin and gave birth to her first child about 5 months later. This is a FACT. Do the math. We had to clear away a lot of smoke on this one. But, yes, Sarah was pregnant with her first born, Track. There is even question that Todd is Track's father which is speculation. In her marriage to Todd, Sarah has given birth to 4 or 5 children depending on the sources one accepts. Sarah claims her 5th child, Trig, is hers. But there is significant dispute here. Trig may be daughter Bristol's first child. In our investigation we found that Bristol was somewhat of a "slut" as some put it to us. Bristol was not known as a 'nice' girl in her hometown and as one source put it, "a hoe".

-Neither Sarah nor Todd are known for their parenting skills or involvement with their children. In all our interviews (ALL) with people who had knowledge and direct contact with the Palins and their children, every one to a number provided that Palin parenting was virtually non-existant. "Those kids grew up on their own" as one souce said. Levi Johnson, the father of Bristol's first or second child depending on ones point of view through the heavy smoke, has said both Sarah and Todd were practically never there when it came to 'the kids'; that each kid fended for themselves; that Sarah never made dinners and that the parents just 'weren't at home'. Levi lived in the Palin home for a period of time WITH BRISTOL to an accepting Todd and Sarah.

-Insofar as oldest son Track is concerned, he is now 21 and serving in the U.S. Military in Iraq, with Sarah's highly publicized send-off a year or so ago. Here's a matter of FACT and RECORD about Track. Track was a petty criminal and all around mess-up in Alaska. After numerous run-ins with the law, Track was given the choice of joining the military or going to prison for a considerable amount of time by a Superior Court Judge in Alaska. Track chose the military. Sarah put the 'flag and apple pie' on her transgressing son which is also a matter of public record. No supposition with this one. Conclusion: The Palins stink as parents from their products so far.

-Sarah has called her 5th child (?), Trig, the "retard' according to very, VERY reliable sources. There is also question if Sarah is the real birth mother. Some believe Trig is Bristol's first child by who knows who. But the evidence is circumstantial and not clear as to who the birth mother is. There are pictures of Bristol near the time of Trig's birth and she sure looks pregnant in those pictures. There are also pictures of Sarah in the same time frame, looking svelt with a 24 inch waist. When Trig was born Sarah went to an undisclosed hospital and returned to work two days later saying she had given birth to her 5th child.

(This is a work in progress. There is more to come. Stay tuned)

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