Monday, February 22, 2010

New GOP Senator Scott Brown breaks with Party- Votes FOR Jobs Bill

Shortly after republican Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate, we reported that he was essentially an 'independent' who would put his constituency and those who voted him into office FIRST and over his party affiliation. And today he proved it.

Today, before most Senators had arrived on Capitol Hill, Brown was one of the first to vote FOR the JOBS BILL put forward by the Democrats, thereby blocking a Republican filibuster and insuring this Bills passage into law. He also took 5 other GOP Senators with him giving the Republican Capitol Hill hierarchy a stunning blow to their 'just say NO to anything the Democrats put forward' stance of the past year.

The measly media tried to make a big deal out of this event. But Brown simply said he voted for 'the right thing to do for his State and the country'.

Does Scott Brown's vote signal some kind of embrace of the Democratic Party? NO! It does signal what so many Capitol Hill stalwarts have been unconscious about and in denial of for far too long. The majority of the American public is fed up with the 'business as usual' mentality that has permeated Washington in recent years.

When Scott Brown attended the CPAC 2010 meetings last week and given some kind of 'poster child' welcome publicly, sources tell us that some of the 'backroom' meetings between Brown and GOP conservative royalty (which included the Cheney's) cajoled and threatened Brown to 'fall into line' or face financial exclusion and shunning from those in party power. Brown told these 'party leaders' to stick their stuff where the sun doesn't shine, left the conference and went back to work.

We hope that Scott Brown represents a new Washington mentality. Time will tell.

(UPDATE 2/24/2010: Ultra Conservative blogs and Tea Baggers have come unglued given Scott Brown's Jobs Bill vote. Take a look at Drudge and other 'right wings nut' blogs and twitters calling Brown "low-life scum", "hypocrite" and on and on.....We surmise the 'honeymoon is over', if there ever was one in the first place. Scott Brown has repeatedly said he is an 'independent' and not a party ideologue who puts party over the people. What part of this do the neo-conservative factions not understand?).


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