Sunday, February 7, 2010

Retard Sarah Palin Demonstrates Her 'Intellectual Honesty' Retardation-3times in 1 Week!

Once again, this past week, Retard Sarah Palin demonstrated her Intellectual Honesty retardation. Here's how it happened.

It seems President Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel called a group of liberal Democrats "f---ing retards" when this party faction said they were going to run advertisements against conservative Democrats. Emmanuel immediately apologized for his statement.

Retard Sarah immediately called for Emmanuel's firing from his job because of his "insensitive, demeaning" remark, in a tizzy of 'righteous indignation'.

Meanwhile, conservative talk show host and Retard Palin friend, Retard Rush Limppaw said on his program that no one should be "in trouble for using the word 'retard'", and went on to say all this political correctness is a bunch of crap. Rush then said "Emmauel would be going to a 'retard summit' at the White House soon". Rush also said HE would not apologize for using the word retard and would continue to use it.

When Retard Palin was asked to respond to Retard Rush's remarks about the term Retard, a Palin Retard spokesperson retardedly replied that Retard Palin "rejected all remarks aimed at demeaning another human being". The Retard Palin did not make any specific reference to Retard Rush or call for his firing as she had done so in Emmanuel's situation.

(An update: Shortly after we wrote this article the Retard Palin appeared on TV today and said: "When Rush Limbaugh ['Limp-Paw'] says 'retard' it's okay". So there it is, folks. Retard Sarah's double standard speaks volumes about who and what she is about. This wannabee RETARD presidential candidate is fit fodder for any really good 'tea party' possum pie eating RETARD. GO RETARDS.)

So, Retard Palin gets a triple Retard badge in the Intellectual Honesty Retardation department with her retarded righteous indignation remarks.

1. Intellectual Honesty would demand that if using the term 'retard' should bring firing Emmanuel from his job, then Retard Rush should also be fired from his job.

2. In Retard Sarah's remarks that she rejected ALL remarks aimed at demeaning another human being, the Retard Sarah has been making demeaning Retarded remarks about any one who disagrees with her and not once called any one out on yelling and/or writing 'nigger' about our President among other demeaning remarks. She's had plenty of opportunity to do it. Accordingly, Retard Sarah gets a second Intellectual Honesty Retard badge.

3. Retard Sarah gets her third Intellectual Honesty Retardation badge because she constantly refers to her Retard son or grandson(depending one's belief about which Palin female is the birth mother), Trig, as "THE RETARD" according to two reliable, validated sources.

.....and we rest our Retarded Case.


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