Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah Palin etal. vs. The Family Guy

Question: When is it alright to call a Retard a 'Retard'?
Answer: When Sarah Palin says it is.

Question: When is it NOT alright to call a Retard a 'Retard'?
Answer: When Sarah Palin says it is.

Somewhere in this great universe of ours, the venerable menopausal Sarah thinks she has been somehow anointed to be the keeper of the word and concept of "retard" and to say who and who is not allowed to use the word in any context.

For example, when Rahm Emmanuel used the term, Sarah rose up in righteous indignation and called for his firing. But a day or so later when Rush 'Limpaw' used the term in the exact same way, our Sarah said it was just fine.

When it comes to Sarah's son or grandson, as the case may be, it has been validly reported that she calls him "The Retard". Examples: "There's going to be a lot of cameras out there, dress 'the retard' in red so he shows out in the pictures".... "The retard needs to be out of sight for this one....".

Now comes a recent FAMILY GUY TV episode in which a Down syndrome teenage girl was the love interest to one of it's primary characters, Chris. In a direct reference to Palin, the girl says: "my father is an accountant and my mother is the former Governor of Alaska".

FAMILY GUY is an over-the-top, push the limits cartoon. A great and funny show. Check out this mentioned episode and the musical skit 'the girl with Down's' is a knock-out piece of work.

Apparently our Sarah didn't think so. Today she wrote on her Facebook account, in response to FAMILY GUY, that THIS episode was another 'kick in the gut'. She then turned the writing over to Bristol, her promiscuous daughter, to continue the tirade and indignation. Blah, blah, blah.

What the ignorant Palin's did not understand was that FAMILY GUY targeted Bristol, not Trig. And they did it well.


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