Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scott Brown is Sworn into the U.S. Senate--Will there be any Changes?

The newest elected U.S. Senator was sworn in today in the nations Capitol. The news media, mainstream and otherwise, is shouting the Democrats have lost their 'filibuster proof' Senate.

Congratulations Scott Brown!

There has been a lot written about this turn of events and the talking heads and pundits have been digging the grave of the Democrat party because Scott Brown is number 41. The 41st Republican Senator who ostensibly breaks up the so-called Democrat controlled Senate.

What has not been said by those who feed us 'their' news is that the Democrats never did have a filibuster proof Senate.

Just as the Republican Party has their RINO's (Republican In Name Only) in the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arlen Spectre traditions, the Democrat Party has their DINO's (Democrats In Name Only) in those called 'blue dog' Democrats. Dino's should not be confused with dinosaurs although a case could be made about the similarities between blue dog Democrats and dinosaurs.

The blue dogs have been voting on the Republican side for a long time and continued to do so when the Democrats had their so-called majority. So, the idea that much has changed with Scott Brown's seating in the U.S. Senate is bogus. And given Scott Brown's platform and voting record as a State legislator in Massachusetts, the Democrats may have gained an ally in certain issues such as abortion matters, Gays serving in the military and Gay marriage along with the critical issues surrounding health care reform. The Democrat agenda, in fact, may have been pushed forward a bit with Scott Brown.

Blue dog Democrats have been saying "NO" to health care reform since the beginning of the debates. This is not surprising when one looks at their biggest financial contributors. Yes! The insurance companies through their lobbyists buy and pay for blue dogs and have gotten their moneys worth again and again.

So, what has changed with Scott Brown joining the U.S. Senate?

Not much.


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