Monday, February 1, 2010

Some 'WHY IS IT VOTERS VOTE AGAINST THEIR BASIC INTERESTS' Questions to be Examined Here in coming Articles

We have been aware of and in awe for sometime of the fact that some voters vote against their best and fundamental interests when selecting their representatives in local, State and Federal Government positions.

These planned, sequential articles will only represent incontrovertible fact, not speculation, and present those facts and ask why anyone could and does support those office holders and would-be office holders who continue their obligations to special corporate/union interests, those who wrote the last big checks and in the process set aside and don't represent the voters who put them into office in the first place.

Here are some of these questions to be examined in future articles from this blogger and some guest writers:

-Why is it that religious 'right' voters vote for candidates who send their children into harms way to be be killed in wholesale lots for corporate interests and profit?

-Why is it from 1994 through 2006 the electorate allowed a Republican Congress to deregulate corporate controls to the extent that a worldwide disintegration of treasure was experienced? A loss of one-third of the worlds and your worth?

-Why is it a Democratic controlled Congress from 2006 to the present has not affirmatively responded to the critical needs of an economy in big trouble?

-Why is it certain religious organizations involved in political issues have not lost their tax exempt status when functioning in the political arena?

-Why is it some senior citizens protest and vote against the concepts and values of medicare in the so-called tea party movement?

-On the State level, why is it the democratic controlled cash strapped California legislature has not implemented a mineral severance tax on oil when every other State in the Union has done so?

Those who don't know or disregard history has a destiny to 'relive' that history. So?

-Why are US taxpayers footing the bill in Afghanistan with life and treasure when Pakistan, India and China have more at stake in that region?

-After Afghanistan was decimated from the air in 2001, why is it the US put 'boots on the ground' there?

-Why is it the US invaded Iraq and put 'boots on the ground' there?

These and other questions will be examined soon. So, stay tuned and please contribute your thoughts as you see fit to these issues.

For a very long time voters have returned 'their' representatives to these dicision making offices and we wonder why such happens when the result is against the people who voted.

Is it not time for a change? A personal reality check? Some education to truth and fact? Some intellectual honesty and integrity?


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