Monday, February 8, 2010

The Systemic Rot in the U.S. Congress--Some Statistics

For more than 40 years a 'Systemic Rot' has been growing at the roots of U.S. politics. And in recent years The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have clearly demonstrated and give testimony to just how insidious and infectious this disease is.

Now, the American electorate finally begins to understand it and repudiate it at the ballot box. Recent elections, beginning in 2006, have shown not just a restless public, but rather a dissatisfied, angry public who want alternatives and change to the 'business as usual' which has unfortunately continued as usual. This anger runs deep and is directed at both political partys.

The last time the U.S. Congress passed any significant social legislation was 1965! In that year both Medicare and the Voting Rights Act became law.

What happened? Why is our congress NOT doing the work of the people who voted them into office?

Some where along the way OUR government became a Government by The Special Interests, Unions and Corporations for The Special Interests, Unions and Corporations. The 'people' are second priority in the U.S. Congress if they have any priority at all. If this is not so, why can't a citizen make an appointment to meet with their elected representatives? At the same time the lobbyists of special interests have monthly, weekly and sometimes daily meetings with these same representatives. Why?

The primary (FIRST) purpose for most, if not all these politicians, is once elected to stay in office. This takes money. Lots of it. And the special interests/lobbyists have it and buy off their politicians. Take a look at biggest financial contributors to any politician and we can accurately predict how that politician will vote on just about any legislation. Democrat? Republican? It makes no difference. Most all take the money and feed out of the public trough and we pay for it as the special interests gain more money and power. And we pay for that too. We have a Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum political system. The American public are sick of it on all fronts.

For a long while, in poll after poll after poll and in recent polls, the majority of Americans want a National Health Care Program with A PUBLIC OPTION. The majority of Americans want our troops withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan. The majority of Americans want fiscal responsibility. The majority of Americans want their public servants held to some accountability. The majority of Americans want a clean, clear economic recovery plan.

Why have Americans NOT received what they want from their elected politicians? None of the above things Americans want and deserve have happened or are happening now. Accordingly, Americans are frustrated and angry.

A very recent and carefully accomplished poll from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News reveals how Americans are thinking right now.

-President Obama's approval rating is at 52%.

-Congressional Democrat approval rating is at 38%.

-Congressional Republican approval rating is at 30%.

These are striking repudiating figures, especially for the U.S Congress.

Just a little over 9 months from now one-third of the U.S. Senate and all of the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election. And the American electorate can unleash their frustration and anger upon a congress that does not work for them.

We can VOTE OUT any elected politician who does not represent US. But we must be careful. Voting out Tweedle Dee and replacing him or her with Tweedle Dum just won't do it. Check out their voting records and financial contributors first. We just may find some decent, possibly independent representatives and start to cure the Systemic Rot in our U.S. Congress.


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