Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Desire to Ejaculate Drives Scores into the Ranks of 'Tea Baggers' and Christian Militias---Study Shows....

A recent study provided by Gulup Research, a division of The Pew Corporation from Tulsa, Oklahoma found that dozens of retarded Republican men were joining the ranks of 'The Tea Baggers' and Christian Militia organizations in their desire to ejaculate.

The study, conducted over a one month time frame determined the average Democrat male ejaculated 17.4 times over a 30-day period while the average Republican male ejaculated only 1.6 times during the same period. Using control groups in various locations in the 'bible belt' research also found that 'tea bag' males ejaculated 8.6 times a month and 'Christian Militia' members topped that amount with 12.7 ejaculations, although medical records showed the 'militia men' had serious testosterone hormonal deficiencies, with high levels of estrogen being the norm.

Given these findings and hearing them first reviewed at the Ozark Messiah Southern Baptist Church in Arkansas, a number of intellectually marginal men who identify themselves as Republican began seeking out and joining 'tea bag' and 'Christian Militias'. We have now learned that scores of these 'men' are now a part of these movements and perhaps enjoying more ejaculations.

In an ancillary study to the one reported here, it will soon be reported that 'men' who support Sarah Palin found their ejaculatory events decreasing by a whopping 55% for months after just one of her speeches. At the same time, the same men who enjoy a Paris Hilton movie saw their ejaculations increase by 11%.

You can draw your own conclusions from these studies.

(Does all this sound ridiculous? Of course it is. This is our recent contribution to The Onion).


A Reminder to ALL Fellow CHRISTIANS --Including Fundamentalist , Cult and Militia CHRISTIANS.......

President Obama is NOT a Socialist Activist Liberal who gives away food, free Health Care and preaches equality and giving dignity to ALL mankind. That would be JESUS!


Monday, March 29, 2010

At War with Ourselves---The FBI/ATF Raid Christian Militias

On Sunday, March 28, 2010, Federal agents from the FBI and ATF, with search warrants and warrants of arrest raided several 'citizen militias' in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. The Hutaree Christian Militia was one of those raided. Bombs, artillery and and other illegal weapons were confiscated and arrests were accomplished.

The Hutaree is one of several hundred armed militias located throughout these United States. A cursory review of the subject matter provides that armed right wing militias have been growing in recent years and their number has doubled in the last 2 years.

The Hutaree website says, "protect yourselves against the anti-Christ" and that government and law enforcement are their enemy. (See The current raids came after intelligence information providing the Hutaree was planning the murder of a law enforcement officer and then later planting the road with bombs on the funeral route. These events were scheduled to happen in early April 2010.

There is nothing new about militia groups in the United States. What is new about this phenomenon is that mainstream politicians and media are either wittingly or unwittingly stoking the fires of discontent and ultimately violence, thereby emboldening these splinter groups.

U.S. House of Representatives member Michelle Bachmann, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and failed Vice Presidential Republican candidate Sarah Palin, among others, have repeatedly fired up 'tea bagger' and militia types for the last several years. Their omnipresent ranting appearances in the mainstream media is testimony to and for the HATE organizations that support them and whose support they court. These politicians, wing-nut talk show hosts and media are sowing the seeds of HATE, all under the disguise of CHRISTIAN VALUES, God and the flag and playing to a widening, unstable audience.

We question how Christ himself would respond to these people and situations.

Look out America. It will probably get worse before it gets better. But then again, before Nazi Germany became Nazi Germany, these same seeds of division and HATE were also sown. Accordingly, it could just get worse.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pope-The Scandal-The Criminal Cover-UP -The Hypocrisy

In several prior articles here, we noted Pope Benedict was being circled by the 'scandal-mongers' over the child abuse revelations in both Germany and Ireland and elsewhere and that he was remaining silent while his media people were saying HE had no direct knowledge of any of it. We later reported that his older brother was directly involved in some of the reported abuses. Still, nothing from the Pope. HE, we speculate, was above it all in his mind. After all, HE is GOD on Earth, is he not? However, as the COVER-UPS began to crumble, The Vatican got mean and nasty about the whole mess, saying it was an internal matter and not the business of 'the media'. AND THEN.....

.....Today The New York Times (NYT) published their crushing blow to The Pope and HIS image. It seems that, according to 25 'church documents' in their possession the good pope has been more than a little bit involved and had more than a little bit of knowledge about all the abuse cases which is now incontrovertible fact. It seems that in 1996 when Ratzinger (later to be crowned Pope) was the Vatican's top doctrinal official that he ordered an internal investigation (occurring in Wisconsin) involving Rev. Laurence Murphy's molestation of 100's of boys STOPPED. He reinstated Murphy to another jurisdiction and ordered a cover-up of the whole matter. The NYT has the documents, hard evidence where in no uncertain terms the Pope clearly ordered a cover-up of the entire Murphy matter and even instructed on how to do it. (Check out the NYT web page for their complete story).

We are not going to repeat the NYT information here. It's all over the media anyway. The point of this blog is to point out the blatant hypocrisy, arrogance and possible criminal charges that could be levied against against a sitting Pope. Just as most U.S. politicians put their parties and keeping their jobs ABOVE the welfare and well being of their country, the Pope himself delivers this same message to any thinking person.

The tragedy here is that their are many good, honorable people on all levels in the Catholic Church. But with this Pope's history of 'church management' methodology he disgraces all of them.

We wonder how God or Christ would have responded to these revelations of worldwide abuses against children.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

President Obama---The Anti-Christ? See the Recent Harris Poll

Tomorrow, The Harris Poll will release it's full (stunning, thought provoking) detailed survey of 2230 American voters taken during the height of the Health Care Reform debate. Here is a preview of those findings which focus on President Obama.

-67% of Republicans (40% overall) believe President Obama is a Socialist.

-57% of Republicans (32% overall) believe President Obama is Muslim.

-45% of Republicans (25% overall) agree with 'the birthers' and believe President Obama was not born in The U.S. and thereby not legally qualified to be President.

-24% of Republicans believe President Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Pollsters also said their findings suggested that people without college educations have more extreme views than those with Bachelors Degrees and higher.

Take these figures as you will.

Now, our brief commentary:

Scholar and educator Horace Mann once said, "Ignorance breeds monsters to fill-up vacancies of the soul that are unoccupied by the verities of knowledge".

This recent Harris Poll certainly presents 'ignorance' and lack of knowledge from a large percent of our population. But there is more we read into this recent poll. There seems to be a pathological hatred molded into the mix of the belief system of many of those polled.

For example, President Obama is not a Muslim. He is a Christian. President Obama was born in the U.S. and he is not a Socialist. The Anti-Christ is based Judeo-Christian mythology that somehow translates to Hate in today's world which is fanned by 'hatriot' politicians and wing-nut "news casters" and talk-show hosts. The 'demonizing' of our president may be good for sound-bites and ratings, but it's very bad for our country. Certain voices-of-reason and incontrovertible facts seem not to change this growing number of 'believers' found in this most recent Harris Poll.

The media will be buzzing tomorrow when the full Harris Poll is presented and we'll probably write more later on this subject.

For now, we might consider that other countries and civilizations have 'lived' this history before to devastating results. Thinking U.S. citizens have some serious issues here. So, stay tuned.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Last night, The U.S. House of Representatives passed LANDMARK Health Care Reform legislation that is a BIG WIN for consumers, patients, those who directly deliver health care services--the practitioners and hospitals--some big businesses and all small businesses.

Here are 10 immediate benefits coming from this legislation:

1. Provides immediate access to insurance for ALL uninsured Americans who are not insured because of pre-existing conditions;

2. Prohibits pre-existing exclusions for ALL children in all new insurance plans;

3. Prohibits insurance companies from dropping people from coverage when they get sick in ALL individual health care plans;

4. Lowers senior citizens prescription drug prices and provides an immediate $250. benefit increase for calendar year 2010;

5. Offers Tax Credits to ALL small businesses of 35% to purchase employee coverage;

6. Eliminates lifetime limits and restrictive annual limits on benefits in ALL plans;

7. Requires plans to cover enrollees dependent children until the age of 26;

8. Requires ALL new plans to cover preventive services and immunizations without cost sharing;

9. Ensures consumers have access to internal and external appeals to insurance plan decisions; and,

10. Requires premium rebates to enrollees from insurers with high administrative expenditures and requires public disclosure of the percent of premiums applied to overhead costs.

Contrary to the smoke and mirror detractors from this legislation, Medicare has NO CHANGES in benefits. Also, Wall Street is immediately benefiting this morning in some health care stocks because there will be 32 million additional consumers into certain health care needs.

(Sources: The (non-partisan) Congressional Budget Office and


Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Non-Partisan Political Facts:

We've often spoke of OUR U.S. GOVERNMENT as being the best GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY. We've sometimes, with 'mean-spirit', identified certain elected congress people as the recipients of large amounts of money to vote a certain way. We've identified some special interests who buy votes and influence our lawmakers.

We know we've sounded partisan, one way or another, in our attempts to cast shame, doubt and corruption to where it belongs. Although we've been tongue-n-cheek some of the time, and serious some of the time, and satirically outrageous some of the time, we've always based the substance of what we present upon verified facts.

In our process at this blog-site, we use many sources for our facts. And one of the best non-partisan, factual places one can go to see certain political FACTS is to check in to the website is a non-partisan watchdog of sorts that 'follows the money', so to speak. It shows links between politicians votes and their campaign contributions. MAPLight illuminates how 'the dollars' align with individual congressional votes. Your Senators and Congresspeople will be on this site and their financial contributors will also be there. Take a may not want to vote for any incumbent politician in the next elections. And then again, you may want to vote for those special interests and the corruption that prevails in THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY.

Your pick.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sarah [the cretin] Palin Advises President Obama on Foriegn Policy!

Polishing up her credentials on 'foreign policy' before her 'run' for the presidency in 2012, Sarah-the cretin-Palin is advising President Obama in middle-east affairs. This week, Palin, on her 'facebook' page said: " Obama---Israel is our friend, not our enemy, pal!"

Profound stuff!

We suspect this statement is referencing the current strain in diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Israel after Israel decided to build a settlement in what is considered Palestinian territory after promising Washington they wouldn't.

Of course Palin can't find Israel on the map and somehow thinks the country is surrounded by the Soviet Union that no longer exists.....but, then again, what can we expect from this empty vessel 'tea bag' fungus passing her self off as the Phyliss Schafaly of the 21st Century.

Way to go, Sarah!

Your Pal,

"Demons, yes, DEMONS have invaded The Capitol", Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Declares!

Earlier this week, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R. Texas), revved up a small audience at a Tea Party meeting by declaring "DEMONS HAVE INVADED THE CAPITOL!".

Is this a case of 'monkey see, monkey do'? It seems so as just last week the Pope's Vatican exorcist declared the same thing about his 'workplace'. (See our 3/11/2010 blog The Vatican....).

Is the U.S. becoming the 'nut-case' nation of the free world? Maybe. Or maybe some of our more conservative politicians are just continuing their support of CHURCH and HATE.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Texas Chainsaw TEXTBOOK MASSACRE - A Disconnect to the U.S. Constitution

The State of Texas School Board this past week decided to rewrite U.S. History by changing certain parts of it to fit into their ideologue of Judeo-Christian narrow view of our great country. This desecration of our history will soon be found in Texas text books (and doubtless other States textbooks) with teachers ordered to teach it.

We are in the process of determining the full extent of what has been 'done' to our history from an ultra-conservative, fundamentalist group of cretins designated as "The Texas School Board", and will give further information about it soon.

More to come.........

.....and here is some of it. Update: March 15,2010.

Remember Thomas Jefferson? Well, 20 or so years hence any student in the Texas public school system probably won't know much about him as his prominence in U.S. History is reduced to almost a footnote in U.S. history. However, John Calvin, the father of fundamentalist protestant theology and the evangelicals gets major treatment in the new Texas text books as does Phylis Shafaly, Newt Gingrich and the NRA. At the same time, 'evolution' is downplayed to denunciation and 'creationism is featured as 'fact'. This is not a joke folks.

Does any of this make us question the 'history' WE learned? How about the Bible? Did a group of people get together in the 3rd, 9th, 12th and 16th centuries to rewrite the Bible to their perception of what 'people needed to learn'?

Thinking people might wonder about these things.

How about you?


Saturday, March 13, 2010

EVANGELICALS: What Happens to Your Pets After THE RAPTURE?

In a recent poll of American citizens, about 40% of the population believe THE RAPTURE will occur in their lifetimes. This is down from about 65% in the early 1900's.

As those who 'believe' know, their pets will not be going with them. So? What happens after 'the raptured' have ascended?

We've done some considerable research on this subject and will present more information soon. Suffice to know, however, there are certified atheists who have come together and are willing to offer good homes to your pets when you need them. For a price of course.

More to come......


Friday, March 12, 2010

Safeway Grocery Stores Customer I.D. Instrusion --- ALERT!

Yesterday I went into a Safeway grocery store in Rohnert Park, California to buy some small items consisting of some blueberry muffins and a $5.00 bottle of cooking wine. I have a 'club member' card to take advantage of their club discount prices, which really aren't 'discounts' at all since one can usually find the same items at lower prices almost anywhere else.

For example, a box of Lipton Iced Tea Brew-24 family size tea bags cost $5.99 at Safeway while the same product is $1.78 at Wallmart and has a similar price at Target Stores. These are not temporary prices at Wallmart and Target. I've been purchasing this item for years at these prices at Wallmart. Yes, a $4.21 price difference per box of Lipton Tea Bags.

At the register of Safeway, my club card was swiped and then I was asked to swipe my drivers license into their computer..... why? I asked. "For the wine", was the cashiers' reply. Is it a new law?, I inquired, or some kind of 'store policy'? "It's for the wine", was the robot response. I told the cashier to remove the wine from my bill and bought the muffins. Then went next door to a CVS Pharmacy and purchased the same brand of wine for $1.00 less than Safeway and was not asked to put my drivers license into their computer.

I took this event as an intrusion into personal information Safeway didn't need to have. Since I'm 72 years old I don't think there was any question about the age requirement to purchase alcohol in California.

I hope you find this information instructive.

Also, I'm no longer a Safeway Club member.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pope's Chief Exorcist: "The Devil is in The Vatican" (as Church Scandal Moves Closer to The Pope)

(Note: All statements and points of fact reported in this article have been fact checked through at least two reputable sources. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.)

Most, if not all, Vatican Popes have died in office. The current Pope should resign from his office now in order to salvage what is left of any credibility The Church may have left.

A few days ago we reported on a prostitution business going on in The Vatican by Church hierarchy. The Pope has continued to remain silent about it. Now it is clear Vatican corruption investigations are moving closer to the Pope himself.

It seems the Popes older brother, Georg Ratzinger, 86, and a high Church official himself is now embroiled in an 'abuse against children' investigation and has admitted to slapping young boys under Church jurisdiction some years ago. It has also been confirmed that Georg was also in charge of The Elite Vatican Choir prior to when the current prostitution revelations stemming from that organization surfaced. The procurement of young men for Vatican hierarchy members has gone on for years according to police statements.

Spokesmen for The Pope have spoken out and said Pope Benedict, 84, had no knowledge of anything untoward going on at the Vatican. With the revelations about the 'sex scandals' not only occurring in The United States in past years, but more recently in Germany and Ireland, one would expect The Pope would have been 'informed' to some degree about such serious matters. But, NO! According to Vatican spokesmen, "the subject never came up".

As abuse investigations in the Church continue and creep closer to The Papacy, out of 'left field' come revelations from Father Gabriele Amorth, 85, The Pope's CHIEF EXORCIST, in his recently published book, Memoirs of an Exorcist. Father Amorth proclaims, "The Devil IS in the Vatican!", and goes on to recite incident after incident of intrigue, cover-ups and even murder both in and coming from the Vatican over the years. Father Amorth says he's presided over more than 70,000 exorcisms of "demonic possession" in his tenure and has been privileged to the most sensitive of 'inside' information within the Church. He also says, "there are cardinals that don't believe in Jesus and Bishops linked to the demons". "The Devil is at work in The Vatican", he states.

And The Pope remains silent!

Meanwhile, the Pope continues his ignorant 15th Century rhetoric in a 21st Century world. To thinking people, The Pope's disingenuous behavior is only eclipsed by the Islamic Clerics.

Either The Pope is covering up the current and past scandals or he truly is unconscious about what's going on in 'his kingdom'. Either way, to salvage any credibility The Church once experienced, new leadership his apparent and the Pope should resign.

What do you think?


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"WE ARE NOT CROOKS"--Last Words from The Health Care Insurance INDUSTRY!

It seems strange that any industry would claim it 'IS NOT A CROOK' as American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the industry's major lobbying organization, has recently done.

AHIP chief administrative officer Karen Ignagni and Robert Zirkelback, AHIP spokesman, are currently putting on their final push to defeat health care reform in the U.S. Congress.

Prefacing their last ditch assault on health care reform with the statement, "WE ARE NOT CROOKS", Zirkelback continued by saying health insurance companies see less than one penny for every health care insurance dollar collected. Almost in the same breath he went on to say 'the industry is spending millions of dollars in ad campaigns to contradict the vilification his industry has experienced.

What? Less than a penny of the dollar in industry profit per dollar?

First, with 8 health care lobbyists for every member of congress in D.C. right now*, the millions to be spent on ads*, the multi-millions spent on congressional campaign contributions* and administrative costs*, we question Mr. Zirkelback's accounting practices. All this adds up to a lot of pennies to do all this and still make a profit. Accordingly, if 'they are not crooks', they certainly qualify as liars.

Several recent non-partisan, non-profit watchdog groups have determined Health Insurance Companies keep $0.30 or more from every dollar collected*.

The facts are that health care in America under the present system is unsustainable and the great majority of the public wants health care reform with a PUBLIC OPTION.

A Public Health Care Option would be the death blow to most insurance companies, so in a way this becomes a fight for a corporate life. Even with the enormous amounts of cash contributed to current politicians, those same politicians are jumping ship to get on the right side of history because they too are in fights for their political lives.

With 90+% of those who receive Medicare in approval of it*, which IS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE under definition, private insurance companies would only have the supplemental insurances to sell allowed under the system.

Let us make our wishes known to to our congressional representatives and get the health care mess under control.


(*Fact Check Verified)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Klondyke Barbie Bimbo Sarah Palin Goes to Hollywood!

Hollywood, CA: Last week failed Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was in town shopping her TV reality series, REAL PEOPLE, to the Hollywood power brokers. It seems the 'you betcha, by golly' girl has an idea to film the 'real life' of some of the people in Wasilla, Alaska. Wasilla?

During her moves around town, Sarah and her Ma Kettle bevy of cacklers were invited to visit 'The Oscar Gift Suite' as guests of the Academy.

"Like locusts on a corn husk" was how one of the hostesses put it. "They took everything!". "After they left we had to close and bring in more gifts for the stars", a gawking group of press members were told.

And we thought those 'hollywood' people have no class.

Meanwhile, venerable Sarah, oblivious to her cackling cohorts, responded to a reporters question that "God wrote on his hand too!", which made no sense to the question asked.

And none of this makes any sense to us. But then again, Sarah makes no sense.

For the record, "REAL PEOPLE" hasn't sold. Yet!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here's Why the Mainstream Media Has Lost it's Credibility with a Thinking, Intelligent Audience!

The following 'headlines' appeared this week on the major media 'news' outlets. We present them here with little or no comment and rest our case that Mainstream Media has lost all credibility with a thinking, intelligent audience.

-2 of the 4 Pussey Cat Dolls Call it Quits!

-Kate Goslin's new hairdo and her new reality show.

-Sarah Palin shops a new reality show set in Wasilla, Alaska.

-Mickey Rourke had 14 women in one night! Now 57, Rourke is happy with his 24 year old Russian model.

Case rested!


The Vatican and California State Government GAY Scandals -Disconnects!

In our continuing efforts to expose the 'disconnects and hypocrisies' of once trusted institutions, we cannot overlook the 'gay' scandals coming to light this past week at The Vatican and in California's State Senate.

First, The Pope got his butt singed this past week when Rome police arrested one of his 'Gentlemen of Holiness', Angelo Bolducci (a Cardinal), and a member of the elite Vatican choir, Thomas Eheim, in a homosexual prostitution ring that threatens the entire Papal hierarchy.

It seems Bolducci likes his street boys and pays 2,000 euros a pop for his bedroom pleasures. And it seems Bolducci is not the only inner circle Vatican 'holy person' involved, although no other names were reported.

The Vatican and the Pope have so far remained silent on the issue. But one can bet this story will go away much like the priest/alter boy scandals went away until hundreds of victims came forth. Some money here, some money there, a special dispensation to errant Catholics in the government and the story goes away. Easy stuff.

Bolducci, however, is no longer a 'gentleman of holiness', we understand.

And then, this past week found anti-gay conservative California State Senator Roy Ashburn arrested for DUI, driving a State vehicle, while leaving a gay nightclub with his 'find' of the evening. Senator Ashburn has a lot of explaining to do with his constituents. Yes?

We understand that Senator Ashburn's paramour of the evening left the scene at the time of arrest. Walking, of course.

Do we care here about who's doing who anywhere? Not a bit. What we do care about is the bold faced hypocrisy of these people and institutions that try to present their beliefs and virtues as sancrosanct and then behave differently.

We also hope Senator Ashburn read our recent story about condom size and that he was equipt with the proper condom sizes. Inside sources say Senator Ashburn is the 'bottom' guy in his propensities and we would hope he engages in safe sex.

(March 8, 2010, Update: In a rare and succinct statement from a politician, Senator Roy Ashburn said today in a radio interview, his first since his DUI arrest last week, said: "I'm Gay! I've voted against gay issues simply because that's how my constituents would want me to.")


From the Boardroom to the Ballot Box---Rich-Kid Wannabe Politicians

Most political pundits and other talking heads are predicting the coming 2010 election year to be a usual off-year election with the controlling party losing a few seats and the minority party gaining a few and that's about it. We think this election year will be far more interesting and complex.

With tea-party type candidates all over the map, promulgating militia's, voter anger, ideologue TV entertainment calling themselves 'news', the economy, two unpopular wars and State and Federal deficits in the stratosphere, get ready for some very interesting politics over the next 8 months.

One new factor in the political equation is the growing number of super rich candidates running for high office. Making their billions of dollars in the private sector, some of these boardroom sharks are now going to the ballot box and financing their campaigns with their own money. Lots of it.

Here's a partial list of these rich-kid political wannabes and what they've spent or are prepared to spend in order to get positive results at the ballot box.

-Billionaire Meg Whitman from the Silicon Valley has already spent $39 million of her own money in California for the Republican nomination for Governor and says she's prepared to spend $150 million to capture the office. Why?

-Billionaire Steve Poizner also from the Silicon Valley in California has spent $20 million of his money running for the same office as Whitman. And this is just the primary season. Why?

-Billionaire Carly Fiorina, another Silicon Valley alumnus has spent $20 million of her money so far in trying to capture the republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Why?

-Billionaire Linda McMahon, a republican says she's prepared to spend $50 million of her money to win the U.S. Senate seat left vacant in Connecticut by retiring Senator Chris Dodd. As a point of interest, Ms. McMahon is the wife of Vince McMahon, the founder of the WWE. Also, Connecticut has a population of about 3.5 million people. Accordingly, if Ms. McMahon wants to buy votes, her $50 million would send a check of about $14. to every resident in the State.

All are Republican billionaires. With the exception of Steve Poizner, none of these candidates have any government experience and have never held a public office.

So, we have the question: Why are these people running for elected, high profile offices? As the clock ticks down to the primaries and then to the general elections, we will try to answer these questions here.


Friday, March 5, 2010

CONDOMS---Size Matters

We recently witnessed a medical program wherein the topic of condoms was the primary subject. We thought there was some humorous value to it because one of the studies reported that 95+% of all condoms are purchased by men and that no one would buy condoms with medium or small written on the box. At the same time medical experts reported that CONDOM SIZE was very important for a lot of reasons.

So, we googled 'condom size' and found 10's of thousands of websites relating to the issue. When it comes to condoms, apparently SIZE MATTERS. Here are some of our findings.......

First! Condoms are a necessity in today's world. Live with it!

Before condoms are manufactured, penis size must be considered.

According to a clinical study from 'Lifestyles' condom manufacturer, the average erect male penis is 5.1 inches in length with a girth of about 4.5 inches at it's greatest thickness. Accordingly, 'Lifestyles' manufactures their condoms to meet their findings. BUT, a later, 'professional' study was done among male college students which found the average penis, when erect, measured 5.9 inches with a girth of 5 inches at it's thickest point. These studies were taken 10 years apart with a greater sample of men in the latter study. So, what to do?

Virtually all major condom companies decided to use certain 'codes' when selling their products because men won't buy 'medium' or 'small' when it comes to condom size.

Here they are: Regular means 'average', meaning a penis between the sizes of 5.1 to 5.9 inches in length. Extra large is up to 7 inches while magnum is 7 inches plus. Closefit means 'small', that also is a penis in the average category with average girth or less.

Asian men and East Indian men apparently have smaller penises than western and european men according to limited studies. So, right now we recommend 'closefit' for these populations. But check out the charts to be safe.

Confused? So were we....there is a correct way to measure the size of ones penis and an incorrect way. We'll not go into those details here. But 'google' will show you how to do it in the category of 'penis measurement'. Also,, has a downloadable 'kit' for your convenience and 'an order by size' form one can use online.

Enough said? We think so.

Take your best shot. BUT, use condoms!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


YES! Groups of 'gun rights' activists have been walking into Starbucks Coffee Houses and a few other public places across the nation openly sporting their unloaded side arms because they legally can. These demonstrations are organized with small groups of people, usually 'endowment challenged' men, being 'seen' in middle to up-scale venues, setting their 'pieces' on tables with smirking facial expressions. Why?

We suspect these people are some kind of extension of the wing-nut Tea Baggers who feel some kind of threat from that mean nasty, albeit incompetent, government of ours. But we really don't know and we suspect those carrying weapons into public places don't know either.

We've personally observed two incidents of our mini-minded compatriots at a Starbucks in Montclair, California and at the Galleria in San Francisco. The wimps strapped on to these guns seemed somewhat uneasy in a kind of self conscious way, giving some question to their mental stability. The guns came in all sizes and varieties. The wimps were dressed nicely, however, and the gun holsters probably cost more than my yearly health insurance premium. In a way, these small cadres looked a bit like clowns.

We suspect these small cults are making some kind of 'statement' about their 'right' to carry and bare firearms. So?

We have a suggestion. To really make a statement, how about these 'machos' going down to East Oakland below East 14th Street and make their presence known there. Brownies Bar might be a good place to start. Or, how about the Hunters Point area of San Francisco. Or anyplace in East Los Angeles. We can then see how many of them will leave these places with their side arms and how many will be carried out on stretchers.

Go ahead! Make our Day!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Majority of Americans Want a PUBLIC OPTION in Health Care REFORM!

Poll after poll after poll after poll demonstrate the great majority of Americans want a PUBLIC OPTION to this country's health care reform. So, why isn't it happening? What part of the Will of the People do the politicians NOT UNDERSTAND?

The fact is these politicians DO UNDERSTAND it and still aren't doing anything about it. And any half-educated observer knows why. The Health Care Insurance Industry has purchased our representatives to do their bidding, which is to derail any public option in Health Care Reform. But the dam seems to be crumbling some because of the public outcry.

Let us all remember this reality when we vote in our primary elections and in November when all of the U.S. House of Representatives face re-election along with one-third of our U.S. Senators.

Let us also remember what these obstructionists are now saying: "lets start over". At the same time let us remember the Health Care Insurance companies are NOT starting over. Let us remember they continue to raise their rates to obscene levels! And we're paying the bill.


Ronald Reagan, Mount Rushmore and the $50. Bill Disconnect

How do Mount Rushmore, the $50. Bill and Ronald Reagan connect?

Not long after former President Ronald Reagan died, a group of conservative Republicans pushed for his image to be carved into Mount Rushmore alongside our countries greatest presidents. The idea failed. Now, the same group of right wing nuts are pushing for Ronald Reagan's image to adorn the $50. Bill, replacing Ulysses Grant.

After Reagan's death, airports, schools, streets and on and on were given his namesake. We believe this is enough.

Somehow there is some revisionist history going on when it comes to President Reagan along with some acute memory disorders. Reagan has been given credit for the collapse of the Soviet Union when such was not the case. The primary reason The Soviet Union collapsed from within due to it's financial ruin.

For some reason, history seems to have forgotten the Iran-Contra scandal that threatened Reagan's removal from office. Oliver North took the 'fall' for that one and Reagan's direct involvement was buried.

In most of Reagan's second term he suffered from Alzheimer's disease and Nancy was the defacto head of State. At the same time, Nancy was consulting Hollywood astrologers from everything including foreign policy and domestic economic matters.

So, lets forget Mount Rushmore and the $50. Bill and let our former president rest in peace.

Do you agree?