Friday, April 30, 2010

...and what was The Dick (Chenny) Involvement in The Big Slick (OIL) Disaster? Could it Be De-Regulation? More? Read on......

The essence of this abbreviated information is about de-regulation of The Oil Companies. Another heading to this title could be 'REGULATE BIG BUSINESS OR DIE'.

Unfortunately too many people have already died due to our government's hell-bent motivation to de-regulate Big Business. Also, the lack of regulation on Big Business has ruined financial lives, livelihoods, economies and the ecology of our world. Especially near US shores.

To the point! FACT! In 2003, then Vice President of these United States Dick Cheney met with the oil barons of this world at which time THE DICK promised and pushed through a series of deregulatory measures for oil companies drilling in off-shore US waters. One concession THE DICK made was that oil companies (drilling in US territory) would NOT have to spend 500k per drilling operation to install a fail-safe mechanism that would have averted the disaster our country now experiences in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, THE DICK's favorite 'big business', Haliburton, was also involved.

Because of these deregulatory measures life has been lost, the livelihoods of thousands are gone, the economy of an already depressed area is at a standstill and it will take more than 50 years for the ecology to return to some kind of normalcy.

From 1994 through 2006, a 'lobbyist' US Government hacked away at, mangled and otherwise repealed regulations meant to protect the citizenry under the banner of 'reducing government size'. From big oil to mining to Wall Street and the food industry, insurance companies and on an on.....these Big Businesses have been deregulated to the benefit of these businesses bottom line profits.

In 2008, the people voted for changing all this. But little has happened so far. The assassins of change now recite the huge deficit that they caused in the first place as reason to leave things alone and to NOT REGULATE.

What difference does a big government deficit make if you're the wild life in the Gulf and on it's coasts.

We have still another chance to send a message to Washington next November, which means a message completely the opposite of what the so-called tea baggers are about...The Assassins of Change.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drill Baby Drill-Spill Baby Spill-The Big Slick and The Queen of Scam and De-Regulation Dances off to Her Bank!

Once again, The Queen of Scam and De-regulation, Death Panel Sarah Palin is confusing her possum pie eating, god fearing, patriot retards with one syllable rhetoric about her unresolved ethics issues as she dances to her bank to deposit another mil. Fox News just paid her a million dollars 'to contribute'. This must be eating away at some of Pat Robertson's income.

We wonder what ideas DP Sarah has to clean up the oil spill near the coast of Louisiana. She has certainly been a champion of de-regulating virtually all of Big Business including Big Oil and the mining companies. By the way, another mine collapsed today in Kentucky with more deaths reported. What plan does Death Panel Sarah have for the rescue of survivors, if any.

These are just thoughts from one who thinks. How about you? Any thoughts?


FACEBOOK Members Praying for President Obama's Death Pass the 1 Million Mark! Disconnect!

The media is reporting today that the number of members signed up to pray for a presidents death has surpassed 1 million subscribers. If this is a fact, and we suspect it is, then it is testimony to a sick society. A very sick one million people, anyway. About the total audience of Fox News.

This revelation is also a recipe for violence. Violence fanned by our so-called patriots and God-Fearing scammers of dubious causes. The Limbaugh's, Beck's Palin's, Robertsons, Shafelys, tea-baggers and others fan these violence producing fires. If such should happen, like Daisy, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's book The Great Gatsby, after she has caused violence and deaths and ruined the lives of so many around her, takes absolutely no responsibility for her direct involvement in that carnage, so too would these assassins of change behave.

We also wonder what GOD is being prayed to here. Does any real Christian actually believe Christ would condone such a prayer? Has the DEVIL of HATE finally outlasted and overcome the Love of Christ? As an agnostic myself, it's up to our religious leaders to figure this one out.

Let us encourage and hope more reasonable minds and behaviour will prevail in our future in what is now a 'sick' political system, if not a sick society.


The QUEEN of SCAM Strikes Again! 'Death Panel Sarah Palin' Critcizes President Obama!

YES! Death-Panel Sarah is at it again! Again twisting fact in her scamful rhetoric. This time she criticizes The President for perpetuating the Myth that Arizona's new unconstitutional immigration law saying "Obama is perpetuating THE MYTH that racial profiling is part of Arizona's immigration law.

Well, DEATH PANEL SARAH certainly knows something about perpetuating myths given her history. Confusion is the scammers best friend. And DP Sarah is the Queen of confusion and SCAM. Or is that SCUM.

And speaking of scams and confusion, a cottage industry of sorts grew up when Death Panel Sarah confused some of those at the lower end of the social Darwinism continuum about Health Care reform. It seems a group of Scammers got together and sold 'DEATH PANEL INSURANCE' to little old ladies who actually believed what DP Sarah was preaching at the time. Oh well, there is a sucker born every second.

And for the record. After reading Arizona's recent immigration law, there is no question that it not only perpetuates racial profiling, it encourages it. Of course our Scam Queen from the Klondike has obviously not read the law.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Second in a Series..........

So, have you drank the kool-aide? Read the TEA BAGGER Contract From America? A contract those 'pure' patriots demand their politicians sign?

Just a cursory read of 'the contract' provides nothing new from this slack-jaw group other than giving proof that special interests and corporations wrote it. 'The Contract' itself is nebulous and gives open territory for 'their' elected politicians to do what the special interests and corporations tell them to do.

The poison in this contract is not in the ink. It is on the hands and in the hearts of those who push it. There is more poison in what 'this contract' does not provide.

One reason the majority of Americans, no matter how they identify themselves in terms of party affiliation and/or philosophy, distrusts the political system is because most voters recognize this system has been poisoned by special interests, lobbyists and those who hire those lobbyists. Accordingly, most voters understand their government does not and is not working for them.

Not so incidentally, The Contract From America provides nothing for the fundamental change necessary to restore a modicum amount of trust in our government. In fact, through it's wording it promotes the same old 'government business as usual' with even more lobbyists and big business interests at it's heart.

If you want to continue this 'business as usual' in Washington, go on, vote for those politicians who are weak enough to sign 'the contract'. And should those candidates actually win their elections, get ready to re-live our most recent history of debacle, duplicitousness, corruption and governmental/personal financial ruin. Go ahead, vote with this 'contract'. Be an assassin of change!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The ASSASSINS of CHANGE: The Tea Bagger/Palin/Beck Mentality and The Ignorant Contributors to IT--Disconnect

First in a Series........

In 2008, the voters of this great country voted overwhelmingly for sustained CHANGE at the top of our government. But any CHANGE in our government has been slow in coming and that which has changed is wanting for a lot of reasons.

P.T. Barnum said a long time ago, "there is a sucker born every second". Certainly Barnum's statement holds true today in the political realm. Later, one of our country's ultimate scam artists told a group of 'followers' that, "confusion is the scammers best friend". Less than 80 years ago, the madam, sometimes prostitute and later celebrated entertainer, Texas Guynan as an older woman opened her night club act with "HELLO SUCKERS! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY" to thunderous applause. And she did. And so it is today in the 'religious' world and especially the political world. Seemingly millions of those 'suckers' Barnum spoke about and the 'confused' ignorant, stupid folks in our midst have their check books open to the hucksters of what some might call social 'darwinism', the survival of the fittest..... socially, politically and economically. There seems to be a willing audience for the Barnums and Guynans of this world both in past generations and now.

The way our government does business needs CHANGE! Big time CHANGE. But there are the ASSASSINS OF CHANGE in our world thwarting that CHANGE and doing a fairly good job of doing so.

Consider the Palin-esque model. Less than a year ago this sometimes Governor of Alaska with a population about the size of Kern County California, was earning about 150k a year, in debt and facing legal bills of nearly a million dollars for corruption charges. Today, Ms. Palin has 12 mil in the bank with no end in sight. Glenn Beck, a shoddy radio personality a few years back is now worth about 14 mil at last count. Beck recently said, "I don't give a rats ass about politics, this is just entertainment". Add in the Limbaughs, Coulters, some dupped-out lobbyist paid elected politicians and on and on and we have the ASSASSINS of CHANGE. There is BIG money in political assassination.

And then there are THE TEA BAGGERS. To be correct, they want to be called The Tea Party Patriots. These poor folks are simply singing a new verse to an old tired song as they become the political soldiers of corporations. They are without a clue of what they're doing.

A generation ago then congressman Newt Gingrich gave us The Contract For America. And in 1994, the electorate bought it and from 1994 through 2006, the U.S. Congress was dominated and controlled by the Republican Party. Fromm 2001, through 2006, the White House was also GOP controlled. During this time, certain financial regulations were chipped at, dismantled or repealed and the result is the greatest recession, if not economical Depression since the 1930's which we all experience right now.

Now comes the Tea Party Patriot Contract From America! Read it for yourself. Go to their omnipresent website and read it. Same song. New verse. When we read 'lets take back America', this means taking America back for the corporations that pays the bulk of 'tea bag' expenditure. This means once again ripping off the 'suckers' born every second. These are The ASSASSINS of CHANGE at work.

More to come.


SPILL, BABY, SPILL ...........from the DRILL, BABY, DRILL OIL GANG.....

What is now arguably the worst OIL ecological disaster on record (over 1800 square miles of fertile water is now infected with oil) with the recent Gulf oil rig explosion it is now a matter of record that BIG OIL COMPANIES fought back new safety regulations that would have prevented this tragedy.'s just the free-enterprise system at work. Yes?

This is also another example of what the U.S. Congress has done with 'de-regulating' BIG BUSINESSES from Wall Street to the waters of The Gulf of Mexico during the past 10 years. So there is no mistake, OUR U.S. CONGRESS (most of it anyway) is owned by BIG BUSINESS LOBBYISTS with only one purpose. Bottom Line Profits!

In these coming 2010 mid-term elections, voters may want to take a look at their incumbent congress people and especially the 'tea bag' candidates and see where their election contributions are coming from....and then, you may want to vote for them anyway if you like dead-oiled-up fish, high credit card interest rates, losing a good part of your own wealth and income and, of course, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann and FOX NEWS.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

TEA BAGGERS! To Cut into the U.S. Deficit, You Must Cut the Defense Budget! Are You Willing to do THAT?

Pure and simple FACT: To cut the U.S. Deficit, the U.S. Defense Budget MUST be cut.

We hear a lot from our ultra-conservative wing nut right, and the ultra-left wing nuts too about cutting waste and duplication from the U.S. Budget and thereby reduce the deficit. We rarely hear anything about where in the Federal budget such things would be cut and how these things would be accomplished. Candidates for congressional offices often use these 'buzz words' on both sides of the fence, but when elected nothing seems to happen. In fact, in recent history and for almost a generation nothing has happened to cut into the the U.S. deficit.

Our country has some socialistic 'Entitlement' programs.....Social Security, Medicare and others. Can those programs be reduced? Any politician voting to do so would be cast out of office in a heart beat. So, such is not going to happen.

How about recasting the tax code to a straight across the board percentage TAX that everyone pays? A fair and equal tax on everyone and the corporations. With what congress has done for the corporations and the wealthy over the past 10 years one can bet not much will happen in this area. But imagine the billions of dollars saved by reducing IRS staff by 90% alone!

So, what's left. The Defense Budget which accounts for a significant amount of what tax payers are strapped with annually.

The games played by Washington and the Pentagon make it difficult to even find half way accurate figures as to how much is really being spent on 'defense'. This has some interest to us as are we not charted to have a government (INCLUDING DEFENSE) for and of the PEOPLE?

How many American citizens know that our military CAN NOT fight the wars it's fighting now with the so-called voluntary military. The war in Afghanistan could not have been prosecuted without the States National Guards. When our government decided to invade Iraq our National Guard numbers became exhausted. Accordingly, 'private contractors' were enlisted to fight these wars along side our fundamental troop contingency. The U.S. based Blackwater and the international Carlisle Group were initially the primary players in this 'enlistment' of soldiers to fight our wars. For the record, each of these 'mercenaries' are paid 100k plus a year for their work. And today the best numbers available tell us there are more private contractors in both Afghanistan and Iraq than the combined total of our military enlisted men and women in the same places.

Whats wrong with this picture? A lot is wrong. Why are we fighting these wars in the first place? That's another topic. The bottom line to this is to withdraw our troops now from two wars that can not be won under any definition of winning. Doing this would mean over one trillion dollars will be cut from the defense budget now.

But what politician will even broach this incontrovertible fact? Is there a Tea Bagger out there who will respond? We suspect not!


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan -- Disgusting Disconnect

PBS's Frontline is presenting a special program by the above title. It is both a disturbing piece of work and a 'disconnecting' message about what our U.S. troops are defending and what U.S. taxpayers are funding in Afghanistan. The 'Frontline' website presents considerable information about 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan' and youtube also has some clips of this program.

Essentially, the 'dancing boys' are taken from families and sometimes sold by their families into a kind of sexual slavery. The boys are trained to dance and wear women's clothing and are again sold or rented to warlords and their henchmen for their 'pleasure'.

Not only is this cultural practice disgusting and against any form of reasonable human rights and western cultural values, it is a practice that has grown significantly in recent years.

The reason for mentioning this here is to bring attention to what the U.S. Government and NATO are supporting in a war that has no compass, no exit strategy or moral reason to execute. And, with their lives and treasure, the free world public is paying to do it!

We also question 'this' Islamic culture that seems to base everything they on the teachings of their Prophet Mohamed. Did HE teach and condone this stuff? Where are the so called moderate, good faith Muslims in all this? They must condone it because we've heard not a word of repudiation of this open practice in Afghanistan and perhaps throughout the 'Muslim world'.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'HAS BEEN', Sometimes Democrat/Sometimes Republican Conservative Bottom Feeder Dick Morris is Pimping His New Book!

Remember Dick Morris? He was once a part of the Clinton White House for a period of time and now he does some work for Fox News (?) and is catering to the tea baggers and other possum pie eaters right now as he pimps his new book which we won't 'title' here for a lot of reasons.

It seems 'the Dick' is another of the 'hate' mongers trying to savage the needed changes to US Law relating to Wall Street Financial Reform and Health Care Reform while trying to save some of the riches of the top 2% in this country.

In an interview today on KGO Radio in San Francisco 'the dick' literally called for indignacious 'tea bagger' response demonstrations to demand Government NOT raise the Medicare tax to those who make over $250k a year by 1%, after 'deductions' and not to put any inheritance tax on those with estates over $10 million.

BUT! Some readers here may feel the need to support these ideas. To do so, just 'google' "contract from america" and you will be directed on how to contribute your money to these concepts and even carry a 'take back our country' (for the previous crooks in office) sign to a rally.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun Rights Activists Descend in DC to Excercise Their RIGHTS!

FIRST! No one in D.C. is thinking about curbing the 'right' to carry fire arms, under present law. So any any demonstration at the Capitol is ....well....a question at this particular time in history.

Still, today, a rather small contingency of 'gun rights activists' along with the NRA descended on D.C. with some kind of tired and rancid rhetoric and then drifted into the landscape of nut cases who do such things.

Dressed in their 48 to 60 inch waist Eddie Bauer khaki pants and over sized Izod polo shirts, with guns strapped on every part of their bodies, these intrepid 'activists' shouted their 'over-my-dead-body' Charleton Heston Alzheimer words to their choir. There was a transvestite who also admonished gay, lesbian and transgendered people to 'arm' themselves. We wonder how this 'sat' with the NRA crowd. But, so be it. Then they all left.

Here's an idea for these patriot, tea baggers......why don't you take your 'protest' against nothing to Detroit, East Los Angeles or any where in Oakland, California and exercise your 'rights' there?


How Much Federal Income Tax Did GE Pay for 2009?

ANSWER: ZERO! That's $0.00! NADA, not a Dime!

Was GE profitable in 2009? YUP! They were. So, why were no Federal Income Taxes paid?

Here's some of the story. It is a matter of record that GE made profits worldwide of more than $10 Billion last year. Their executives got a few billion in bonuses, their lobbyists in D.C. were paid handsomely who in turn paid "their politicians" handsomely, their Board of Directors took some cream off the top and share holders got a dividend. How do we know this? GE is a public trading entity, a 'blue-chip' stock, a happy Wall Street Camper. Such financial matters are public record.

It is also a matter of record that GE posted a loss of $400 million in these United States. So after about 7,000 separate US tax returns from GE, their tax burden was ZERO!

What's wrong with this picture? There doesn't seem to be any illegal activity. Some years back a republican controlled congress and White House provided 4, count them 4, tax breaks and GE is not the only major US company that paid no taxes in 2009.

So, lets leave this story here for now. Stay tuned for more to come.


CELEBRITY CHEATERS: A New TV Reality Show Hosted by Michelle Bombshell Mc Gee and Jamie Jungers (NSFW)


Again. We can't make this stuff up.

Today TMZ reports that Tiger Woods and Jesse James mistresses Michelle Bombshell Mc Gee and Jamie Jungers will host a new reality show, CELEBRITY CHEATERS. According to reports, Jamie and Bombshell will be on the hunt for celebrities who cheat on their loved ones, catch them in 'the act', and then put it on TV for us all to see.

Given what seems to be today's American 'entertainment' standards, CELEBRITY CHEATERS should be a runaway hit series.


Iranian Islamic Clerics: Recent Earthquakes Caused By Scantily Clad Women!

True report! We can't make this stuff up.

No comment necessary.

Will these guys have nuclear weapons at their disposal soon?


Friday, April 16, 2010


Today, there's a lot of banter, mostly political, about SOCIALISM. NO SOCIALISM! The banners read and the demagogues pontificate. Given the recent passage of Health Care Reform, SOCIALISM and it's concepts are in the news. So, lets take a brief look at what SOCIALISM is.

First, take a look at the definitions of SOCIALISM. There are many. In this small, light discussion, we'll take a rather simplistic, general definition on which most people agree: "A Social SYSTEM or THEORY in which the producers possess political power and the means of producing goods and services".

Right now the United States IS a Socialistic nation. And it's been such for a long time. Social Security, MediCare and other programs are universal to the American public. AND, so are Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, The Education System, Transportation Systems, The Parks-Federal, State and Local, The Libraries and on and on and on....

Which of theses 'socialistic' systems do you want to give up?

So! Socialism? ANYONE? Everyone!


Senator Mitch Mc Connell--What are you Thinking? You're Against WALL STREET Regulation?

What in the world is tired old U.S. Senator Mitch Mc Connell thinking with his filibuster attempts to destroy new Wall Street regulations? Has the Wall Street 'lobby' paid him so much that he is destroying his career? Even his own party is telling him to 'SHUT UP'.

Given what we now know as the greedy corruption of Wall Street and how it helped put this country in it's current fiscally tenuous position, 'Good ol' Mitch' tried to come to it's rescue so 'the corrupt' could continue to do it. He has failed, of course.

Surely, you're not running for re-election anytime soon, are you Mitch?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mel Gibson Splits from so-and-so....... The Mother of His 5-Month Old Daughter! reads the TOP Yahoo 'news' story today!

Does any body care?

So much for 'old Mel', the staunch Roman Catholic who gave new meaning to 'the GAG response' when referring to his comments about his wife and their 'herd' of children in years past. There is no contraception for devout Catholics, you know, other than the nutsola 'rhythm' system. Now good Mel has 'split' from some 23 year old bimbo no one ever heard about and now THIS is LEAD NEWS? Natasha whats-her-name, is the mother of his 'newborn' and is referred to as his 'girlfriend'. Still, does anyone care?

The reason we give it only brief mention here is because this story represents the cancer and ultimate demise of OUR so-called mainstream media. And, in Mel's case, so much for his 'religion' when it comes to just plain SEX.

Next? What did the Dick Cheney have for lunch at his assisted care living care living facility!


Michelle 'BOMBSHELL' Mc Gee Adores/Endorses Sarah Palin for President in 2012! (NSFW?)

Media phenom Michelle 'BOMBSHELL' Mc Gee, best known as one of 'the other women' in the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James marriage break-up and a sometimes porn star, has launched her night club act wherein she shows off her almost full body tapestry of tattoos and teases audiences with her trademark swastika tattoo which is located so far 'down under' that to reveal it all would bring an an arrest in most venues, has given another interview to the tabloids. This time 'BOMBSHELL' went political.

'Bombshell' gushed about how much she adores and endorses Sarah Palin for President in 2012. "She's a role model for me, I think Sarah as a young woman faced the same kind of obstacles most women like us go through", Bombshell said. "And look at her now, making all that money and caring for her retard kid, she's an inspiration to us 'real people'......". "I certainly can see Sarah as President. I'll vote for her", Bombshell averred.

Will Bombshell McGee be on the campaign trail for Sarah Palin soon?


Democrat Trounces Tea Bagger in First Congressional Election Since the Passage of Health Care Reform!

Boca Raton Florida: Yesterday a little known Democrat State Senator, Ted Deutch, crushed his Sarah Palin backed Republican Tea Bagger opponent, Ed Lynch, to replace the retiring Rob Wexler in the U.S. House of Representatives. Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Florida are not recognized as 'liberal' in nature. This, in times past was 'Anita Bryant country'. Still, Deutch beat the tea bagger 62% to 35%.

This was the first match-up of it's kind since the passage of the controversial Health Care Reform legislation and was billed as a referendum on it and the Obama Administration. Well? We have the results!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To: The Pope/The Vatican---All Moral Authority IS GONE!

The evidence of the current Pope's cover-up of Child Sexual Abuse for decades is now incontrovertible! The ancillary statements from some nut-case arch bishop in Italy that the 'attacks' upon the CHURCH and THE POPE are driven by Zionists and Jews is a joke from decades past.

The so-called Universal 'Church' has lost ALL CREDIBILITY!

In order to retrieve ANY credibility at all.....RESIGN Mr.POPE, NOW! And...VATICAN: If YOU do not rewrite the rules of your church very soon, you will be delegated to the resting place of the dinosaurs as you already have been by most educated, thinking people.


HEY! PALIN-ite TEA BAGGERS! Have You Heard the News?

In keeping with our policy of reporting to Sarah Palin's TEA BAGGER misinformed-sheep about our little 'money grubber', now comes more NEWS!

Guess what? Through your donations and her 'speaking(?)' fees (which went directly to HER bank accounts), our Sarah has pocketed over $12 million since leaving her half time governor's job. Not bad. But we suspect God ordained it. Yes?

And now we learn that a University Foundation at a public school in California is paying our Sarah (in June) an undisclosed fee for a 'talk'. So, we don't know how much (we're of the understanding ms. money grub charges 100k per vitriol) nasty mouth will get in The Golden State. What we DO KNOW is that she demands first class travel for herself and staff and a minimum of 3 luxury hotel suites along with ample bottled water and bendable straws. She's just like you and me, by gosh! Right? Just a soccer 'mom' doing the work of the lord in her spare time.

Just want to keep our TEA BAGGER readers informed.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The NUT CASE TEA BAGGER BACKED Candidates in the 2010 Elections

It's unbelievable to thinking people that certain candidates for high offices in these United States actually have a chance to win an election or two in the coming 2010 elections. But some of these 'nut' cases actually do. Here are just a few of them.

1. Michele Backmann .... a true 'nut' in a congressional race which she'll probably win. She is the incumbant. See her statements, her positions on the issues. Even with the question that 'michele' was once a 'michael' does not seem to phase the ignorant tea bag crowd. She/He is their favorite.

2. J.D. Hayworth is running to unseat 4 term Senator John Mc Cain. And he just may do it....Hayworth is a 'tea bag' darling and is now running neck-in-neck with Mc Cain as the GOP senatorial standard bearer for 2010.

3. Carl Paladino is running for the GOP nom for Governor of New York. Although he is probably not a card carrying KKK member, he certainly looks like one and 'quacks' like one .... just look at his obscene pornography which he openly supports and condones and his 'hate' email which is amply published on the internet, and we rest our case. Big Carl is the Big choice of the tea baggers.....go figure.

These are just a few of the true 'nuts' running for high office in 2010. We predict only one of these listed will be elected. Bachmann.


What Do Sarah Palin and Lolene the 9" Hooker Have in Common?


Tina Fey is arguably the very best comedy talent in the world today.

Once upon a time we had other comedic political commentators. Will Rogers in the 1930's, Bob Hope in the 40's and 50's. Today we have Letterman, Leno and a few other notables. But it's Tina Fey who captures the biggest spotlight in the genre.

Never has a comedian so captured a political character so perfectly as Tina Fey's interpretation of Sarah Palin. She has rewritten the book on these interpretations in that when the real Palin appears publicly, the real Palin seems to be doing an interpretation of Tina Fey! This is how masterful Tina Fey is in presenting the on-going JOKE that IS SARAH PALIN.

Last Saturday night Tina Fey returned to SNL with new Palin material and a new character, Lolene, the 9" hooker who longs to be the best prostitute in all Paris.

Fey took her audience to 'Palin's' next career moves in such shows as "Are You Smarter Than a Half-Term Governor" on the new 'Palin Network'. Fey's Palin Character has no redeeming value or virtues. 'She's' just there in your face with that 'screeched out' voice.

Fey then took the audience to a brand new character. Lolene, an off the wall, floundering, funny-sad 9" hooker who is trying hard to become the best hooker in all of Paris in a raucous introduction of what may become Tina Fey's signature sketch character in years to come. It is here we see Fey's true genius. What may have been missed through the laughter is that Fey took her 'Palin', turned it inside-out, and 'Lolene' was born....a tiny, ignorant, dumb person trying to accomplish the 'impossible' in her simple world in which she can never really perform with any kind of competency. This struggle brings 'Lolene' some sympathy and an arc of pathos which gives this character substance. Only a great talent in the form of Tina Fey can reach this kind of brilliant comedy.

When Sarah Palin is long gone and in the trash heap of other colorful politicians, Tina Fey's 'Palin' and now 'Lolene' will still be with us. See these things on YOUTUBE, you'll love it.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is Michele Bachmann a Transvestite? Did She/He have a Sex Change?

So, OK...we typically don't report on anything here in the gossip world. We base our 'hits' on real, validated information and fact. BUT, seeing 'Michele Bachmann' on Fox News today we need to question if the rumors are true that HE/SHE may have had a gender exchange (we're not sure of the politically correct terminology). To be sure, if HE/SHE did, HE/She is not taking the proper doses of hormones attendant to such surgeries. Just take a look at 'her' this really a female? Take a real close look at her pictures and you be the judge.......

Michele? You may want to check out Sarah Palin's and Newt Gingrich's medical teams before you move forward with your political may also want to check out Gillette's website for that 'mustache' that appears on your upper lip.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meg Whitman's Dirty Little Secret.............

As all Californians know, Meg Whitman has been saturating the media with her commercials for months now in her quest to be Governor of California. It is also well known Meg has spent upwards of $50 million of her own money and is prepared to spend at least $50 million more to get the job. At the same time Meg has not been accessible to the questioning media (or any body else) and has not answered some basic questions about how she intends to "bring California back from 'worst' to first". Basically, all we know about her is that she's rich, knows very little about how State Government works and has a phony appearing web-site without substance.

There has been an on-going question as to why Meg is running in the first place and why she would spend over $100 million of HER MONEY to be governor of what looks like a bankrupt State. Altruistic reasons were ruled out a long time ago in Meg's case. And she is not known for her philanthropy or any causes for justice, social, financial or otherwise. So why? For what purpose would she be in any governor's race?

And now some of Meg's reasons are beginning to emerge. No one with any sense ever saw Meg's campaign spending to be anything but some kind of investment in the future (for herself and 'friends').

Our Meg has a DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that has recently surfaced and will certainly become a campaign issue in the very near future.

Meg's camp has let it slip that OUR MEG wants to repeal all of California's capital gains taxes. ALL OF THEM. That would be a removal of 22% of California's State revenue. Money that would be returned to just a few. How would this revenue be recaptured? Get ready Joe 6-pack and about 90% of we voters to pay higher sales taxes and across the board income tax increases.

California is the only State in the union without an oil severance tax. Wyoming pays for it's State government almost entirely from natural resource severance taxes.

California needs an oil severance tax. It is unlikely California will ever have one, however. With 'a Meg Whitman' in office it is certain California will not have such a tax. When asked about the idea of this tax, Meg's office dismisses it saying, "the oil companies pay enough taxes already".

So, one of Meg's Dirty Little Secrets is out. Might there be more? Probably. But for now we wonder what kind of 'board room, back room back door deals' our Meg has made with the oil companies.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Is that a great headline or what? I wish it was my quote, but it's not. These words belong to Barbara Mikkelson, one of the founders of

In our somewhat crazy, playful way, this blog tries to present information that is truthful and with validated accuracy even when we satirize and somewhat convolute the stories in the political arena and 'news' we are fed from the mainstream media.

One of the places we go for truth and accuracy is it out, this site has no bias or agenda. They only report FACT based upon EVIDENCE and are open to change if the facts change about anything.

Too bad our political representatives don't have the integrity and honesty to do likewise. is a universal treasure.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jerry Brown-Meg Whitman: The California Race for Governor Disconnect

Although California's Primary elections are still 3 months away, the race for Governor has been heated for months and has heated up more in just the last month. There are 7 or so Governor wannabees with 2 noticeable front runners. Jerry Brown on the Democrat side and Meg Whitman who looks to be miles ahead of her Republican counterparts.

Today's LA Times Poll shows that if the election were held today front runners Whitman and Brown would command 44% and 42%, respectively of the vote.

There is a huge DISCONNECT to all this. First, a brief look at California's financial mess.

Depending on what figures one accepts, California has a $22 to $25 billion deficit with a bleak outlook toward 'fixing' it in the foreseeable future. State workers are being furloughed 3 to 4 days a month without compensation, teachers are being laid off with classroom sizes growing and California's infrastructure has been deteriorating at a rapid rate for years with little money to correct it. At the same time, a steriodal-partisan legislature is paralyzed in partisan politics with seemingly no real interest in dealing with what the voters put them in office to do in the first place.

Today, the current Governor released a study commissioned to Stanford University that shows the State's public retirement systems are underfunded by $500. to $550. billion!

And these are just very 'big tips' to very big 'financial icebergs' in California's present and future.

So, we have a question: Who with any substance would want to be Governor of California?

Former toy marketeer and billionairess Meg Whitman wants to be Governor of California and so far has spent over $50 million of her personal fortune to do it. She says she is prepared to spend over $100 million in her quest. It doesn't seem to matter to the 44% of the recently polled electorate who say they would vote for Meg that she has absolutely no government experience, is a relatively recent resident of the State and has made virtually no public appearances or put forth a 'fiscal plan' in behalf of the State. She has not even voted in most elections herself.

Meg has gotten her 44% with blanket TV, radio and print media ads saying the inocuous non-substantive things most 'sound-bite' ads say. Meg has a good track record on selling toys. And now she's selling herself in the same way.

Jerry Brown, a former Governor of California and California's current Attorney General has his 42% from name ID alone. He has not spent a dime on his campaign yet. And, he only has $16 million in his war chest anyway. Brown has a track record of fiscal conservatism and it shows with how he's treated his campaign funds. Still, venerable Jerry has not presented one concrete statement of how he would 'fix' California's financial woes.

And these are California's top gubernatorial candidates!

We will comment more on these California politics in weeks to come. The essense of what we want to communicate here is simply that it seems the electorate can be and is swayed into voting for a candidate who presents herself only in cartoon-like and toy-like commercials or another candidate with name ID only with absolutely no substantive plans to ameliorate the incredible problems facing the most populous State in these United States and the worlds 8th largest economy.

Are voters just plain stupid or just gullible or do they care? Take your pick.

But right now we predict in California's November Governor election the choice will be between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.


Friday, April 2, 2010

The Popes Preacher: Accusations (against the Pope) Akin to Anti-Semitism---DISCONNECT: The Vatican-Corrupt to it's CORE!


WHAT?!!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!!

Before the current media frenzy and now escalated hyper coverage of the Pope's involvement in covering up 10's of thousands of child sexual abuse events (WORLDWIDE) in 'the church', this blog reported them and called for this corrupt POPE to step down to allow 'the church' to re-establish itself. Accordingly, we will not re-visit the incontrovertible evidence which is now available every where.

But the idea the POPE's PREACHER now speaks of the POPE's 'persecution' being 'like' anti-semitism is an outrage given the church's dubious history on anti-semitism and the Jewish community. THE HYPOCRISY IS BEYOND BELIEF to any half-knowledgeable human on the planet!

FACT: When the Nazi's were slaughtering Jews by the millions during the 1930's and 40's, THE CHURCH not only DID NOT RESPOND to this holocaust, but gave it's TACIT APPROVAL!

So, in today's world when a hierarchy Vatican 'preacher' utters these words they only provide further evidence that THE VATICAN IS CORRUPT to it's CORE!

This entire political and stupid mess which IS the definition of corruption makes one wonder if Sarah Palin wrote the script!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are Male Republicans Losing Their Masculinity? A Study: Sarah Palin and the Testosterone Connection Says "YES "!

It seems our 'gun tottin' Alaska Barbie (Sarah Palin) has another notch on her holster that won't be discussed much in conservative political circles or in Sunday schools along the possum pie eating Bible hiway.

A recent empirically controlled standardized medical study of 2000 Republican males between the ages of 24 and 59 (and who support Sarah Palin) determined their testosterone levels registered 300 points below the testosterone levels of men who support President Obama and Mitt Romney. Accordingly, medical standards in such tests provide these men are losing their masculinity in substantial numbers.

"This is not particularly surprising", Dr. Morton Seaman, chief medical officer of Johns-Hopkins and head of the study said. "There are direct connections between brain chemistry and sexual virility and activity, and when a male begins to consciously or subconsciously believe he is being emasculated, especially by a female, testosterone levels fall as does frequency of sexual enjoyment and accomplishment", he continued. "There is not much research in this area when a specific 'study-antagonist' is identified" he said. "...once in the 1970's when Phyliss Schafely and her gay sons were studied and a later study when Rosie O'Donnell volunteered to participate in a similar study giving a series of taped speeches designed to denigrate males. The 'Palin' affect, as Dr. Seaman calls it is particularly curious given sperm counts and velocity of the sperm itself. In normal males, sperm travel forward at racing speeds; but in the men suffering from the 'Palin Affect', their sperm was not only listless, but traveling backward and upside down....quite a phenomenon", according to Dr. Seaman.

Dr. Seaman also provided that because of this recent study a new sub-section will be added to The DSMR V when it's published next year: 'SEXUAL STOCKHOLM SYNDROME/INSIDIOUS PALIN AFFECT' will be a new diagnosable mental condition treated by therapy and medication.

When Sarah Palin was asked her thoughts about 'Sexual Stockholm Syndrome/insidious Palin Affect, she chirped, "God gives me direction in all foreign policy matters and those 'commies' over there in the Middle East better understand that when I'm president God will have them in her gun sights".

Meanwhile, men stricken with loss of their masculinity are leaving the 'Palin Camp' in droves. Some are in traditional therapy and others have enlisted in Christian Militias. A few 'men' remain with venerable Sarah, resigned to their fate.... docile, listless, doing the upside-down backstroke and giving Palin their money.

APRIL 1, 2010