Friday, April 30, 2010

...and what was The Dick (Chenny) Involvement in The Big Slick (OIL) Disaster? Could it Be De-Regulation? More? Read on......

The essence of this abbreviated information is about de-regulation of The Oil Companies. Another heading to this title could be 'REGULATE BIG BUSINESS OR DIE'.

Unfortunately too many people have already died due to our government's hell-bent motivation to de-regulate Big Business. Also, the lack of regulation on Big Business has ruined financial lives, livelihoods, economies and the ecology of our world. Especially near US shores.

To the point! FACT! In 2003, then Vice President of these United States Dick Cheney met with the oil barons of this world at which time THE DICK promised and pushed through a series of deregulatory measures for oil companies drilling in off-shore US waters. One concession THE DICK made was that oil companies (drilling in US territory) would NOT have to spend 500k per drilling operation to install a fail-safe mechanism that would have averted the disaster our country now experiences in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, THE DICK's favorite 'big business', Haliburton, was also involved.

Because of these deregulatory measures life has been lost, the livelihoods of thousands are gone, the economy of an already depressed area is at a standstill and it will take more than 50 years for the ecology to return to some kind of normalcy.

From 1994 through 2006, a 'lobbyist' US Government hacked away at, mangled and otherwise repealed regulations meant to protect the citizenry under the banner of 'reducing government size'. From big oil to mining to Wall Street and the food industry, insurance companies and on an on.....these Big Businesses have been deregulated to the benefit of these businesses bottom line profits.

In 2008, the people voted for changing all this. But little has happened so far. The assassins of change now recite the huge deficit that they caused in the first place as reason to leave things alone and to NOT REGULATE.

What difference does a big government deficit make if you're the wild life in the Gulf and on it's coasts.

We have still another chance to send a message to Washington next November, which means a message completely the opposite of what the so-called tea baggers are about...The Assassins of Change.


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