Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The ASSASSINS of CHANGE: The Tea Bagger/Palin/Beck Mentality and The Ignorant Contributors to IT--Disconnect

First in a Series........

In 2008, the voters of this great country voted overwhelmingly for sustained CHANGE at the top of our government. But any CHANGE in our government has been slow in coming and that which has changed is wanting for a lot of reasons.

P.T. Barnum said a long time ago, "there is a sucker born every second". Certainly Barnum's statement holds true today in the political realm. Later, one of our country's ultimate scam artists told a group of 'followers' that, "confusion is the scammers best friend". Less than 80 years ago, the madam, sometimes prostitute and later celebrated entertainer, Texas Guynan as an older woman opened her night club act with "HELLO SUCKERS! I'M GOING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY" to thunderous applause. And she did. And so it is today in the 'religious' world and especially the political world. Seemingly millions of those 'suckers' Barnum spoke about and the 'confused' ignorant, stupid folks in our midst have their check books open to the hucksters of what some might call social 'darwinism', the survival of the fittest..... socially, politically and economically. There seems to be a willing audience for the Barnums and Guynans of this world both in past generations and now.

The way our government does business needs CHANGE! Big time CHANGE. But there are the ASSASSINS OF CHANGE in our world thwarting that CHANGE and doing a fairly good job of doing so.

Consider the Palin-esque model. Less than a year ago this sometimes Governor of Alaska with a population about the size of Kern County California, was earning about 150k a year, in debt and facing legal bills of nearly a million dollars for corruption charges. Today, Ms. Palin has 12 mil in the bank with no end in sight. Glenn Beck, a shoddy radio personality a few years back is now worth about 14 mil at last count. Beck recently said, "I don't give a rats ass about politics, this is just entertainment". Add in the Limbaughs, Coulters, some dupped-out lobbyist paid elected politicians and on and on and we have the ASSASSINS of CHANGE. There is BIG money in political assassination.

And then there are THE TEA BAGGERS. To be correct, they want to be called The Tea Party Patriots. These poor folks are simply singing a new verse to an old tired song as they become the political soldiers of corporations. They are without a clue of what they're doing.

A generation ago then congressman Newt Gingrich gave us The Contract For America. And in 1994, the electorate bought it and from 1994 through 2006, the U.S. Congress was dominated and controlled by the Republican Party. Fromm 2001, through 2006, the White House was also GOP controlled. During this time, certain financial regulations were chipped at, dismantled or repealed and the result is the greatest recession, if not economical Depression since the 1930's which we all experience right now.

Now comes the Tea Party Patriot Contract From America! Read it for yourself. Go to their omnipresent website and read it. Same song. New verse. When we read 'lets take back America', this means taking America back for the corporations that pays the bulk of 'tea bag' expenditure. This means once again ripping off the 'suckers' born every second. These are The ASSASSINS of CHANGE at work.

More to come.


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