Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan -- Disgusting Disconnect

PBS's Frontline is presenting a special program by the above title. It is both a disturbing piece of work and a 'disconnecting' message about what our U.S. troops are defending and what U.S. taxpayers are funding in Afghanistan. The 'Frontline' website presents considerable information about 'The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan' and youtube also has some clips of this program.

Essentially, the 'dancing boys' are taken from families and sometimes sold by their families into a kind of sexual slavery. The boys are trained to dance and wear women's clothing and are again sold or rented to warlords and their henchmen for their 'pleasure'.

Not only is this cultural practice disgusting and against any form of reasonable human rights and western cultural values, it is a practice that has grown significantly in recent years.

The reason for mentioning this here is to bring attention to what the U.S. Government and NATO are supporting in a war that has no compass, no exit strategy or moral reason to execute. And, with their lives and treasure, the free world public is paying to do it!

We also question 'this' Islamic culture that seems to base everything they on the teachings of their Prophet Mohamed. Did HE teach and condone this stuff? Where are the so called moderate, good faith Muslims in all this? They must condone it because we've heard not a word of repudiation of this open practice in Afghanistan and perhaps throughout the 'Muslim world'.


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