Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drill Baby Drill-Spill Baby Spill-The Big Slick and The Queen of Scam and De-Regulation Dances off to Her Bank!

Once again, The Queen of Scam and De-regulation, Death Panel Sarah Palin is confusing her possum pie eating, god fearing, patriot retards with one syllable rhetoric about her unresolved ethics issues as she dances to her bank to deposit another mil. Fox News just paid her a million dollars 'to contribute'. This must be eating away at some of Pat Robertson's income.

We wonder what ideas DP Sarah has to clean up the oil spill near the coast of Louisiana. She has certainly been a champion of de-regulating virtually all of Big Business including Big Oil and the mining companies. By the way, another mine collapsed today in Kentucky with more deaths reported. What plan does Death Panel Sarah have for the rescue of survivors, if any.

These are just thoughts from one who thinks. How about you? Any thoughts?


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