Monday, April 19, 2010

Gun Rights Activists Descend in DC to Excercise Their RIGHTS!

FIRST! No one in D.C. is thinking about curbing the 'right' to carry fire arms, under present law. So any any demonstration at the Capitol is ....well....a question at this particular time in history.

Still, today, a rather small contingency of 'gun rights activists' along with the NRA descended on D.C. with some kind of tired and rancid rhetoric and then drifted into the landscape of nut cases who do such things.

Dressed in their 48 to 60 inch waist Eddie Bauer khaki pants and over sized Izod polo shirts, with guns strapped on every part of their bodies, these intrepid 'activists' shouted their 'over-my-dead-body' Charleton Heston Alzheimer words to their choir. There was a transvestite who also admonished gay, lesbian and transgendered people to 'arm' themselves. We wonder how this 'sat' with the NRA crowd. But, so be it. Then they all left.

Here's an idea for these patriot, tea baggers......why don't you take your 'protest' against nothing to Detroit, East Los Angeles or any where in Oakland, California and exercise your 'rights' there?


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