Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'HAS BEEN', Sometimes Democrat/Sometimes Republican Conservative Bottom Feeder Dick Morris is Pimping His New Book!

Remember Dick Morris? He was once a part of the Clinton White House for a period of time and now he does some work for Fox News (?) and is catering to the tea baggers and other possum pie eaters right now as he pimps his new book which we won't 'title' here for a lot of reasons.

It seems 'the Dick' is another of the 'hate' mongers trying to savage the needed changes to US Law relating to Wall Street Financial Reform and Health Care Reform while trying to save some of the riches of the top 2% in this country.

In an interview today on KGO Radio in San Francisco 'the dick' literally called for indignacious 'tea bagger' response demonstrations to demand Government NOT raise the Medicare tax to those who make over $250k a year by 1%, after 'deductions' and not to put any inheritance tax on those with estates over $10 million.

BUT! Some readers here may feel the need to support these ideas. To do so, just 'google' "contract from america" and you will be directed on how to contribute your money to these concepts and even carry a 'take back our country' (for the previous crooks in office) sign to a rally.


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