Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HEY! PALIN-ite TEA BAGGERS! Have You Heard the News?

In keeping with our policy of reporting to Sarah Palin's TEA BAGGER misinformed-sheep about our little 'money grubber', now comes more NEWS!

Guess what? Through your donations and her 'speaking(?)' fees (which went directly to HER bank accounts), our Sarah has pocketed over $12 million since leaving her half time governor's job. Not bad. But we suspect God ordained it. Yes?

And now we learn that a University Foundation at a public school in California is paying our Sarah (in June) an undisclosed fee for a 'talk'. So, we don't know how much (we're of the understanding ms. money grub charges 100k per vitriol) nasty mouth will get in The Golden State. What we DO KNOW is that she demands first class travel for herself and staff and a minimum of 3 luxury hotel suites along with ample bottled water and bendable straws. She's just like you and me, by gosh! Right? Just a soccer 'mom' doing the work of the lord in her spare time.

Just want to keep our TEA BAGGER readers informed.


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