Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is Michele Bachmann a Transvestite? Did She/He have a Sex Change?

So, OK...we typically don't report on anything here in the gossip world. We base our 'hits' on real, validated information and fact. BUT, seeing 'Michele Bachmann' on Fox News today we need to question if the rumors are true that HE/SHE may have had a gender exchange (we're not sure of the politically correct terminology). To be sure, if HE/SHE did, HE/She is not taking the proper doses of hormones attendant to such surgeries. Just take a look at 'her' this really a female? Take a real close look at her pictures and you be the judge.......

Michele? You may want to check out Sarah Palin's and Newt Gingrich's medical teams before you move forward with your political may also want to check out Gillette's website for that 'mustache' that appears on your upper lip.


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