Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meg Whitman's Dirty Little Secret.............

As all Californians know, Meg Whitman has been saturating the media with her commercials for months now in her quest to be Governor of California. It is also well known Meg has spent upwards of $50 million of her own money and is prepared to spend at least $50 million more to get the job. At the same time Meg has not been accessible to the questioning media (or any body else) and has not answered some basic questions about how she intends to "bring California back from 'worst' to first". Basically, all we know about her is that she's rich, knows very little about how State Government works and has a phony appearing web-site without substance.

There has been an on-going question as to why Meg is running in the first place and why she would spend over $100 million of HER MONEY to be governor of what looks like a bankrupt State. Altruistic reasons were ruled out a long time ago in Meg's case. And she is not known for her philanthropy or any causes for justice, social, financial or otherwise. So why? For what purpose would she be in any governor's race?

And now some of Meg's reasons are beginning to emerge. No one with any sense ever saw Meg's campaign spending to be anything but some kind of investment in the future (for herself and 'friends').

Our Meg has a DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that has recently surfaced and will certainly become a campaign issue in the very near future.

Meg's camp has let it slip that OUR MEG wants to repeal all of California's capital gains taxes. ALL OF THEM. That would be a removal of 22% of California's State revenue. Money that would be returned to just a few. How would this revenue be recaptured? Get ready Joe 6-pack and about 90% of we voters to pay higher sales taxes and across the board income tax increases.

California is the only State in the union without an oil severance tax. Wyoming pays for it's State government almost entirely from natural resource severance taxes.

California needs an oil severance tax. It is unlikely California will ever have one, however. With 'a Meg Whitman' in office it is certain California will not have such a tax. When asked about the idea of this tax, Meg's office dismisses it saying, "the oil companies pay enough taxes already".

So, one of Meg's Dirty Little Secrets is out. Might there be more? Probably. But for now we wonder what kind of 'board room, back room back door deals' our Meg has made with the oil companies.


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