Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mel Gibson Splits from so-and-so....... The Mother of His 5-Month Old Daughter! reads the TOP Yahoo 'news' story today!

Does any body care?

So much for 'old Mel', the staunch Roman Catholic who gave new meaning to 'the GAG response' when referring to his comments about his wife and their 'herd' of children in years past. There is no contraception for devout Catholics, you know, other than the nutsola 'rhythm' system. Now good Mel has 'split' from some 23 year old bimbo no one ever heard about and now THIS is LEAD NEWS? Natasha whats-her-name, is the mother of his 'newborn' and is referred to as his 'girlfriend'. Still, does anyone care?

The reason we give it only brief mention here is because this story represents the cancer and ultimate demise of OUR so-called mainstream media. And, in Mel's case, so much for his 'religion' when it comes to just plain SEX.

Next? What did the Dick Cheney have for lunch at his assisted care living care living facility!


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