Monday, April 12, 2010

The NUT CASE TEA BAGGER BACKED Candidates in the 2010 Elections

It's unbelievable to thinking people that certain candidates for high offices in these United States actually have a chance to win an election or two in the coming 2010 elections. But some of these 'nut' cases actually do. Here are just a few of them.

1. Michele Backmann .... a true 'nut' in a congressional race which she'll probably win. She is the incumbant. See her statements, her positions on the issues. Even with the question that 'michele' was once a 'michael' does not seem to phase the ignorant tea bag crowd. She/He is their favorite.

2. J.D. Hayworth is running to unseat 4 term Senator John Mc Cain. And he just may do it....Hayworth is a 'tea bag' darling and is now running neck-in-neck with Mc Cain as the GOP senatorial standard bearer for 2010.

3. Carl Paladino is running for the GOP nom for Governor of New York. Although he is probably not a card carrying KKK member, he certainly looks like one and 'quacks' like one .... just look at his obscene pornography which he openly supports and condones and his 'hate' email which is amply published on the internet, and we rest our case. Big Carl is the Big choice of the tea baggers.....go figure.

These are just a few of the true 'nuts' running for high office in 2010. We predict only one of these listed will be elected. Bachmann.


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