Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Second in a Series..........

So, have you drank the kool-aide? Read the TEA BAGGER Contract From America? A contract those 'pure' patriots demand their politicians sign?

Just a cursory read of 'the contract' provides nothing new from this slack-jaw group other than giving proof that special interests and corporations wrote it. 'The Contract' itself is nebulous and gives open territory for 'their' elected politicians to do what the special interests and corporations tell them to do.

The poison in this contract is not in the ink. It is on the hands and in the hearts of those who push it. There is more poison in what 'this contract' does not provide.

One reason the majority of Americans, no matter how they identify themselves in terms of party affiliation and/or philosophy, distrusts the political system is because most voters recognize this system has been poisoned by special interests, lobbyists and those who hire those lobbyists. Accordingly, most voters understand their government does not and is not working for them.

Not so incidentally, The Contract From America provides nothing for the fundamental change necessary to restore a modicum amount of trust in our government. In fact, through it's wording it promotes the same old 'government business as usual' with even more lobbyists and big business interests at it's heart.

If you want to continue this 'business as usual' in Washington, go on, vote for those politicians who are weak enough to sign 'the contract'. And should those candidates actually win their elections, get ready to re-live our most recent history of debacle, duplicitousness, corruption and governmental/personal financial ruin. Go ahead, vote with this 'contract'. Be an assassin of change!


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