Thursday, April 29, 2010

The QUEEN of SCAM Strikes Again! 'Death Panel Sarah Palin' Critcizes President Obama!

YES! Death-Panel Sarah is at it again! Again twisting fact in her scamful rhetoric. This time she criticizes The President for perpetuating the Myth that Arizona's new unconstitutional immigration law saying "Obama is perpetuating THE MYTH that racial profiling is part of Arizona's immigration law.

Well, DEATH PANEL SARAH certainly knows something about perpetuating myths given her history. Confusion is the scammers best friend. And DP Sarah is the Queen of confusion and SCAM. Or is that SCUM.

And speaking of scams and confusion, a cottage industry of sorts grew up when Death Panel Sarah confused some of those at the lower end of the social Darwinism continuum about Health Care reform. It seems a group of Scammers got together and sold 'DEATH PANEL INSURANCE' to little old ladies who actually believed what DP Sarah was preaching at the time. Oh well, there is a sucker born every second.

And for the record. After reading Arizona's recent immigration law, there is no question that it not only perpetuates racial profiling, it encourages it. Of course our Scam Queen from the Klondike has obviously not read the law.


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