Friday, April 16, 2010


Today, there's a lot of banter, mostly political, about SOCIALISM. NO SOCIALISM! The banners read and the demagogues pontificate. Given the recent passage of Health Care Reform, SOCIALISM and it's concepts are in the news. So, lets take a brief look at what SOCIALISM is.

First, take a look at the definitions of SOCIALISM. There are many. In this small, light discussion, we'll take a rather simplistic, general definition on which most people agree: "A Social SYSTEM or THEORY in which the producers possess political power and the means of producing goods and services".

Right now the United States IS a Socialistic nation. And it's been such for a long time. Social Security, MediCare and other programs are universal to the American public. AND, so are Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, The Education System, Transportation Systems, The Parks-Federal, State and Local, The Libraries and on and on and on....

Which of theses 'socialistic' systems do you want to give up?

So! Socialism? ANYONE? Everyone!


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