Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SPILL, BABY, SPILL ...........from the DRILL, BABY, DRILL OIL GANG.....

What is now arguably the worst OIL ecological disaster on record (over 1800 square miles of fertile water is now infected with oil) with the recent Gulf oil rig explosion it is now a matter of record that BIG OIL COMPANIES fought back new safety regulations that would have prevented this tragedy.

Well....it's just the free-enterprise system at work. Yes?

This is also another example of what the U.S. Congress has done with 'de-regulating' BIG BUSINESSES from Wall Street to the waters of The Gulf of Mexico during the past 10 years. So there is no mistake, OUR U.S. CONGRESS (most of it anyway) is owned by BIG BUSINESS LOBBYISTS with only one purpose. Bottom Line Profits!

In these coming 2010 mid-term elections, voters may want to take a look at their incumbent congress people and especially the 'tea bag' candidates and see where their election contributions are coming from....and then, you may want to vote for them anyway if you like dead-oiled-up fish, high credit card interest rates, losing a good part of your own wealth and income and, of course, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann and FOX NEWS.


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