Saturday, April 24, 2010

TEA BAGGERS! To Cut into the U.S. Deficit, You Must Cut the Defense Budget! Are You Willing to do THAT?

Pure and simple FACT: To cut the U.S. Deficit, the U.S. Defense Budget MUST be cut.

We hear a lot from our ultra-conservative wing nut right, and the ultra-left wing nuts too about cutting waste and duplication from the U.S. Budget and thereby reduce the deficit. We rarely hear anything about where in the Federal budget such things would be cut and how these things would be accomplished. Candidates for congressional offices often use these 'buzz words' on both sides of the fence, but when elected nothing seems to happen. In fact, in recent history and for almost a generation nothing has happened to cut into the the U.S. deficit.

Our country has some socialistic 'Entitlement' programs.....Social Security, Medicare and others. Can those programs be reduced? Any politician voting to do so would be cast out of office in a heart beat. So, such is not going to happen.

How about recasting the tax code to a straight across the board percentage TAX that everyone pays? A fair and equal tax on everyone and the corporations. With what congress has done for the corporations and the wealthy over the past 10 years one can bet not much will happen in this area. But imagine the billions of dollars saved by reducing IRS staff by 90% alone!

So, what's left. The Defense Budget which accounts for a significant amount of what tax payers are strapped with annually.

The games played by Washington and the Pentagon make it difficult to even find half way accurate figures as to how much is really being spent on 'defense'. This has some interest to us as are we not charted to have a government (INCLUDING DEFENSE) for and of the PEOPLE?

How many American citizens know that our military CAN NOT fight the wars it's fighting now with the so-called voluntary military. The war in Afghanistan could not have been prosecuted without the States National Guards. When our government decided to invade Iraq our National Guard numbers became exhausted. Accordingly, 'private contractors' were enlisted to fight these wars along side our fundamental troop contingency. The U.S. based Blackwater and the international Carlisle Group were initially the primary players in this 'enlistment' of soldiers to fight our wars. For the record, each of these 'mercenaries' are paid 100k plus a year for their work. And today the best numbers available tell us there are more private contractors in both Afghanistan and Iraq than the combined total of our military enlisted men and women in the same places.

Whats wrong with this picture? A lot is wrong. Why are we fighting these wars in the first place? That's another topic. The bottom line to this is to withdraw our troops now from two wars that can not be won under any definition of winning. Doing this would mean over one trillion dollars will be cut from the defense budget now.

But what politician will even broach this incontrovertible fact? Is there a Tea Bagger out there who will respond? We suspect not!


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