Friday, May 28, 2010

HATE 'News' Televangelist Glenn Beck Trashes Malia Obama, the 11 year old Daughter of President Obama!

Last night, on his Right Wing Idiolect right-wing/tea bag Evangelical 'news sho', Glenn Beck reached a new LOW with his "ABUSIVE TRASHING" of the Presidents daughter, 11 year old Malia Obama. About the only thing Beck didn't do was to roll out the watermelons. Only a few days earlier Beck had spoken of the 'moral' responsibility of 'news casters' to not bring politicians children into the political fire pit.

For the record, these idiolect 'news people' have a gimmick often used when they want to spread their hate to a hate-loving audience. Essentially, they script the particular 'hate message', do it, and then in the next day or so they 'apologize' for their 'zeal' saying they were trying to make a different point. Meanwhile, they've spread the hatefulness they intended to their audiences who love it.

Today, Beck apologized.

And by the way, Glenn, how about those ugly little slack jaw slob kids of yours? Too many carbs? Are they retarded? The glassy look in their eyes suggest drugs of some sort. You may also want to check out their testosterone levels too. And what about your role modeling....your duplicitous, hate and lies must be an inspiration to those tiny limited minds.

Oh! We apologize for bringing Glenn's children into this dialog. We got carried away in our zeal to expose hypocrisy.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Lucy Ricardo/Ethel Mertz Style, Sarah and Todd Palin are in a Fence-Fight with Neighbors!

The mainstream media is reporting this silly story and we thought we would make a comment about it too.......

It seems that Sarah and Todd Palin are in a neighborhood dispute with their next door neighbor. The kind of dispute law enforcement is usually involved in which usually results in double binding restraining orders.

Here's the story in brevity.

The owner of the house next door to the Palins was apparently owed some money for renovations she had done at the Palin home and was never compensated for the work. The neighbor knew that author Joe McGinniss is writing a book about the Palins and offered him the house as a rental. McGinniss accepted to the chagrin of the Palins. In response 'the Lucy Ricardo/Ethel Mertz' of the political world have erected a 14' cedar fence around their property so the 'evil' McGinniss can't 'stalk' them.

Is this story worth reporting? Not really, unless one considers these 'snow-billys' have their eyes on the White House. And some folks actually take these people seriously!

We also wonder if Sarah can still see Russia from her front porch given the high fence......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Libertarian, Tea Bag, Republican Catastrophe: Rand Paul!

What a mess! A modern day political catastrophe. Not since Julius Caesar was assassinated by his own senators has a political figure been so (figuratively) massacred by his own people.

In his current, but brief national fame, Rand Paul, a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky, has categorically lost the enormous support he once enjoyed, however briefly, with virtually everyone on the political map. To top it all off Randy just got the endorsement of the remnants of an organized KKK group in the backwoods of Kentucky. Way to go! RAND!

Last week Randy demonstrated his incredible ignorance and stupidity by appearing on several national TV "news" programs by decrying the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and disparaging not only President Obama, but also the office of the presidency while supporting the oil industry and it's handling of the oil spill disaster. He then went on to make it worse by trying to spin what he said into somethings he didn't say. In the aftermath of his meltdown, here's what some conservative political heavyweights had to say about Rand Paul:

-Former VP Dick Cheney: "This guy scares me".

-Current Senate Minority Leader and Senior Senator (R-Kentucky) Mitch Mc Connell: "Your 15 minutes are over! Stay out of the national spotlight!".

-National RNC Chairman Michael Steele: "Rand Paul is ignorant about Civil Rights".

-The National Libertarian Party Chairman: "Rand Paul betrayed us! He went from Libertarian to 'tea bagger' to mainstream politician in 6 months". The Libertarians in Kentucky are considering running there own candidate after withdrawing support from Randy.

Rand Paul's primary endorser's, Senator Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin have been almost silent about Randy's fiasco with DeMint saying nothing and Palin blaming Paul's interviewers as being "biased". Suffice to say virtually all political conservatives are 'distancing' themselves from this newest political leper.

See you in November, Rand!


So now,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CALIFORNIA! Retire Barbara Boxer! Elect TOM CAMPBELL U.S. Senator!

It's time for thrice elected current California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer to be retired from office this coming November. She's done about all she can do for her special interest groups in 18 Senate years anyway.

The only reasonable choice for replacing her is TOM CAMPBELL. Campbell is a fiscal conservative-social moderate with a proven substantive and respectable record in both State and Federal governments.

Tom Campbell is running for the Republican Senatorial nomination against nut-case Carly Fiorina (a Palin favorite) and ultra-conservative Tea Bagger Chuck DeVore (who wants to 'drill, baby, drill up and down the California Coast line among other special interest group corporate edicts).

We don't agree with Tom Campbell's positions on everything. He is not, however, an ideologue under the control of party bosses as Boxer, Fiorina, DeVore and so many others are. We believe he is a thoughtful conservative independent as his track record demonstrates. Please consider a VOTE FOR TOM CAMPBELL!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Tea Bag Palin Pick in Still Another Sex Scandal!

This time it's GOP/tea bagger candidate Nikki Haley, DP Sarah Palin's pick for Governor of South Carolina. It seems a former Haley aide, Will Folks, a younger man and supporter of Nikki's current run for office has admitted to a 'sexual-fling' with her prior to his marriage a couple years ago. Haley is a married woman with 2 children and has denied the affair. Her political opponents say there is more to come with 'proof' very soon.

Do we on this blog care who is having 'sex' with who? Nope! We don't. But it seems those with higher moral standards than ours in this department, i.e. the Bible-Belt South Carolina voters do. So, Nikki is in a bit of trouble there. There is also some 'devine-retribution' for poor ol' Sarah in this scenario as it shows some of her own faulty decisions within her own constituency as she pimps for Nikki Haley and other candidates of dubious quality.


Meanwhile, current Governor Mark Sanford from South Carolina (the office Haley wants) who destroyed his marriage and political career a few months back, today also admitted he'd spent this past weekend in Florida with his Argentinian former paramour in an effort to re-kindle their relationship.

We can't make this stuff up, folks.


GOP-Tea Party Congressional Candidate Said "UNFIT to HOLD OFFICE at ANY LEVEL by Own Party!

GOP/Tea Party congressional candidate for North Carolina's 8th District, Tim D'Annunzio, is a self proclaimed 'religious zealot', has called the U.S. Government the 'Anti-Christ' and says he's found the 'Ark of the Covenant'. Earlier this year he made the national spotlight by holding a 'machine-gun social' fundraiser at Jim's Indoor Gun Range in Fayetteville, NC where for a $25. donation one could shoot all manner of assault guns to their hearts content and eat ribs. In his campaign literature, Tim wants to 'take America back' and to 'Restore the American Dream'.

We could stop here and the message would be clear without commentary. However, today the Chair of South Carolina's Republican Party, Tom Fetzer, told the Charlotte Observer: "My personal observation and by acquaintance, 'Tim D'Annunzio' is unfit for public office at any level".

D'Annunzio won the Republican 8th District primary race on May 4, 2010.

Enough said?


Sunday, May 23, 2010

CALIFORNIANS! Vote "NO" On Proposition 16 in the June 8, 2010 Primary Elections!

We have examined Proposition 16 from a number of directions and find it to be an 'albatross' around the necks of local governments, a financial disaster for consumers and a windfall to special interests for the citizens of California.

Here are the facts: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is the primary provider of gas and electricity to most Californians. In some local government jurisdictions other power sources have been found to deliver the same power with better service and results and lower costs to the people within those jurisdictions of California; PG&E has spent $35 million in 'ads'(money coming from revenue many of us sent in power costs to them) calling Proposition 16 some kind of 'right to vote' legislation. This is one pile of crap!

Essentially, PG&E wants a monopoly in California and this so-called 'right to vote' requires a 2-thirds majority electorate vote to change from PG&E service to any other provider for the same services.

And where is the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in all this? Nowhere in sight! As they were nowhere in sight when PG&E recently installed their so-called 'smart meters' with no testing of accuracy to 10's of thousands of PG&E customers who now find their power bills anywhere from 20 to 40% higher than prior to 'smart meter' installations.

Accordingly we urge a "NO" vote on Prop 16. But, even if you don't agree with this message, we urge you to vote! As the old axiom has it, Vote early and Vote often!


The POOP Does Not Fall Far From The BUTT....The New Faces of The Tea Party! Meet Ron Paul! AGAIN...............

So, OK. We got our silly Headline. Unfortunately, there are some very serious truths and parallels to times past that are happening in a segment of America's body politic that need to be addressed. Certainly, the flaccid mainstream media is not going to do it. Some blogs, like this one will.

This is Ron Paul, an ultra conservative U.S.Congressman from Texas who flies under the republican banner and who is also the front runner for the U.S. Presidency as 'the face' of the so-called tea bag party. Paul is an ultra Southern Baptist fundamentalist with a belief system coming from the late 1800's and espouses these tenants to the point of wanting to place these suppressions upon the citizens of our country. Does he believe black people do not have souls? We don't know. But the Southern Baptists and other Christian fundamentalists of a bygone era did.

Paul also tries to say he is Libertarian in philosophy. He isn't. Unless it is Libertarian to support the sub-cultures of physical force and fire-power to keep a population under 'God's Law' under the guise of freedom. Check out Paul's ties to the mercenary magazines, including his own (which he recently disavowed). We don't ask anyone to take these words as fact. We do ask people to check out these easily found facts for themselves. There is more. A lot more. But this will get you started.

And then there is The Son. Randall Paul. The 'poop' that hasn't fallen far from Ron's butt. Take a look at our previous articles about him.....'The New(er)' Face of The Tea Baggers and Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Kentucky in the 2010 November election.

If we the People of this Great Country do not take control of our politicians, those politicians and the special interests that control them will take control of US.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Move Over Death Panel Sarah Palin, Theres's a NEW FACE to the Tea Baggers.....and his Name is......


Last Tuesday evening upon his stunning GOP victory over the established hand-picked Republican Party candidate for Senator in Kentucky, Randy-Rand proclaimed that HE is the new face of the TEA BAG Party.

So, OK, sometimes Randy takes a bad picture. But, the fact remains that he IS the Republican Senate nominee in Kentucky and will probably win in November. And he's scaring old guard rank and file GOP'ers, including former VP Dick Cheney according to several reports.

Fresh from his victory last Tuesday, Rand went on the Rachel Maddow show and proclaimed his belief that businesses should have the right to 'discriminate' against people in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Article 10). A few hours later (on Good Morning America) he said President Obama was "unamerican' because of the Presidents' treatment of BP Oil and the oil disaster. Rand was scheduled to appear on Meet the Press tomorrow but has canceled that appearance saying he's 'tired'. It must be noted that 'Meet the Press' has had just two other cancellations in it's entire history, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farakhan and Prince Bandar of Saudi, Arabia.

Now we have reports from the GOP that Rand Paul has been 'urged' by Republican leaders to 'avoid the National Spotlight'. Will he take that advice? We hope not because we really enjoy these political nut cases.

There is good reason that American Politics IS the Great American pass time. Rand Paul proves it.

Meanwhile, DP Sarah Palin is said to be really angry that she is being displaced as the 'tea bag' face of America. So watch for her to do something very crazy real soon.

Is our country headed into a neo-McCarthy era? Maybe. But we don't think so.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GOP U.S. House of Representatives Member Mark Souder Resigns in the Wake of Still Another Sex Scandal on Capitol Hill--Disconnect!

....and another 'holier than thou', "God is Great-Family Values" congressman bites the dust in the wake of still another sex scandal.

This time it's Mark Souder from Indiana who has championed the 'Abstinence for You' message for years and rode to electoral success because of it. Apparently he left out the 'mistress for me' part of his diatribe.

Yesterday, to his credit, philandering Mark resigned his seat in congress to repair his life and his marriage and possibly enter some kind of 'sex rehab' program in the Tiger Woods tradition.

Are we rubbing Mark's nose in the dirt because of his so-called 'fall from grace'?

NO! Not in a million years. People are human and must be accepted as such with their faults, foibles, warts and improprieties. And Mark is one of them.

Why we comment here is because of the abject hypocrisy and dishonesty so prevalent in today's world. Especially in the so-called 'family values' community of deceit. And within the convoluted political schemata of those duping the Pat Robertson crowd into their support and money.

Not so incidentally, Mark Souder's most recent paramour was the woman with whom he gave the Public Service announcements with about 'abstinence'.

At least Mark Souder did not say he was hiking the Appalachian Trail as GOP Governor Mark Sanford did a few months back.

Mitt? Are you paying attention to this?


Death Panel Sarah Palin U.S. Supreme Court Pick!

DP Sarah Palin and her Tea Baggers are urging President Obama to reconsider his current U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, and to replace her with Infectus Crump (pictured on the left).

On behalf of Infectus, Sarah says, "he's a real american with real american values. A God 'fearin' man. He's a family guy with lots of court room experience, he's got 14 children, by gosh". A smiling Infectus was short and to the point when asked about his judicial philosophy, "YUP", he said.

More on this development later.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

POLITICIANS Are Like Diapers ---They Need to be Changed Regularly!

Meet the New Diapers!

Today, Rand Paul (pictured on the left), handily won the 'Republican' Senatorial nomination in Kentucky after a bloody political primary season between the Republican establishment and the Tea Baggers. Chalk one up for the 'baggers' with this one. Paul won with 60% of the vote and is a virtual shoo-in in November.

Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania kicked Senator Arlen Specter's 5 term Republican turned Democrat butt out of office to be the Democrat standard bearer in November. Sestak is already the projected winner and will keep this senate seat on the Democrats side of the aisle.

More to come.....


Drug Addict Rush Limbaugh Speaks Out on the Gulf Oil Disaster---Disconnect!

Drug addict and talk show entertainer Rush Limpaw has finally spoken out on the Gulf Oil Spill.....yesterday, a drugged out 'Rush' (no pun intended) asked "When do we ask the Sierra Club to pick up the tab for this leak?". WHAT?

No meaningful commentary on this 'logic' is necessary as there is no sense to it. Suffice to say that 'rush's' drugs of choice can also be hallucinogens.

Oxycontin and Vicodin work that way, you know.....


FOX NEWS(?) Brit Hume Asks: Where's the OIL?

In keeping with his image as a stupid newscaster(?), yesterday, Fox News host Brit Hume (while 'reporting' on the Gulf Oil catastrophe) asked, "where's the oil? All I can see are a few specks of it and it hasn't reached the shore". A guest tried to explain plumes to a slack jawed Hume. But poor Hume just couldn't manage the concept.

We suspect little bitty brain Brit will find out where the oil is when he finds a tar ball in his next shrimp cocktail.


What Does a Parent Do with an Uneducated, Ignorant Unwed Teen Mother?

What does a parent do with an uneducated, ignorant, unwed teen mother? Ask Sarah and Todd Palin. They have some experience in this department.

After several misfires at pimping out their 19 year old unwed-mother daughter, Bristol, to a number of media enterprises, we now have "SPOKESPERSON BRISTOL".

It seems Bristol has signed up with 'Single Source Speakers' to speak on such topics as 'parenting' and her 'outlook on life' for fees ranging from 15-30k per speech.

We need no commentary on this DISCONNECT. Still, we just can't wait to hear Bristol's words of wisdom.

Has anyone in this scenario thought of college?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

GULF OIL SPILL: Economic Disaster/Ecological Catastrophe As DP Sarah Croons 'DRILL BABY DRILL'!

As the Gulf oil spill waxes on to be one of the biggest economic disasters of all-time in these United States along with one of the worst, if not the worst 'man-caused' ecological catastrophe's the world has ever known, OUR 'Chanteause' DEATH PANEL Sarah Palin croons on to her hit signature song, 'DRILL BABY DRILL'.

While in Chicago today, singing to her tea bagger constituency and pocketing another 100k in 'fees', Sarah appeared in her S&M leathers, complete with zippers and her always present American flag which must be pierced into her insignificant bosom. She tantalized her audience with the tattoos she may have covered with the leather. A swastika? Maybe a KKK tribute?

Sarah is certainly a crowd pleaser (within her range) and opened with a few Obama-basher numbers and then whipped her audience into a frenzy with renditions of 'you betcha', 'pistol packin mama' and '[brother can you spare a dime'.

We must comment that whipping up the tea bagger audience is not difficult. Just give it the aroma of fresh roadkill boiling and that will do it. We understand that possum is the cuisine of choice because of it's lard-fat based content and special aromatic texture.

But it was her closing number that brought the crowd to it's feet....'DRILL BABY DRILL'............

Meanwhile, along the Gulf Coast the Oil Spill just gets worse. 10's of thousands are out of their jobs and not in our lifetimes will the ecological balance ever be normal. And, there is no end in sight as to when, if ever, this disaster to humankind will ever be contained.

But hey! DP Sarah will be running for the presidency in 2012. Her announcement will come just after the results of the 2010 mid-year elections. So why do any of us need worry or care about the future of our country when DP Sarah really has it all together?

Did GW have it wrong when he constantly referred to Sarah Palin as "THAT DUMB-SHIT"?



Today, the Vatican's INSIDIOUS and DANGEROUS POPE said that Gay Marriage was Insidious and Dangerous. These are odd words coming from a church leader who has proven himself to be Insidious and Dangerous.

Are you trying to divert your own well documented insidious and dangerous behaviour in the forms of covering up sexual child abuse and physical abuse within YOUR CHURCH for years and your repeated pontifications about NOT using condoms during sexual intercourse which has caused continued HIV infections and subsequent death to sky rocket across the continent of Africa? POPE? Is this what you are doing?

POPE! No thinking person takes anything you say about anything seriously because you have lost any moral authority you may have once had through your ongoing course of conduct. You are the INSIDIOUS and DANGEROUS culprit in any scenario you present, POPE!

RESIGN POPE! And let the Church move forward with what few good things it still does.

Where is Mother Teresa when we need her?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Betty White-FACEBOOK-SNL- The Power of The Internet!

Betty White is a national treasure!

For more than 60 years this petite, attractive woman has been entertaining audiences and making those audiences laugh. Laughter is food for the soul and Betty White has been manufacturing it for decades. See her opposite Sandra Bullock in last year's hit comedy, The Proposal, and we rest our case.

A couple decades ago she starred in The Golden Girls and before that other television iconic roles as well as movies. Name it in the entertainment world and Betty White has been there. Her career has never faltered. Not once. She is one great unique woman and deserving of the accolades now given her.

Last Saturday night, Betty White at age 88 proved she remains at the top of her game on a much anticipated appearance as host on Saturday Night Live.

Here's some of the back story prior to the show business history that was made on SNL last Saturday.

Betty White had turned down hosting appearances on SNL 3 times in the past year. Yes, SNL knew the ratings power of Betty White. However, when FACEBOOK accounts went viral with a thumbs-up Betty White SNL appearance, she finally succumbed to millions of peoples encouragements and did it. And in the process history was made.

And now, the request for Betty White to host next years OSCAR Show is now another Internet viral sensation. In just a few days, 10's of thousands have already signed up with no end in sight as to how many people will join the parade. The Academy has issued a statement saying THEY will choose next years host when the time comes and won't be influenced by the Internet.

Give us a break! BETTY WHITE translates to BIG RATINGS and we predict right now that if not the host of the Oscars, Betty White will have some prominence at the 2011 Academy Award telecast. Count on it.

The enormous power of the Internet in anything about today's world is incontrovertible. Big TV ratings equals more advertising money. Count on Betty White at next years Oscar ceremonies in some capacity.

Any celebrity....entertainment, sports or political, needs to take a lesson in the Betty White phenom..... THE INTERNET HAS ENORMOUS POWER!

Lesson learned? If so, be sure you have the substance of a Betty White in your area of expertise before you move forward. Because if you don't, the Internet has the power to also eat you up and spit you out.

And why this entertainment-type review of a great comedic talent? In our troubled world 'Laughter' is 'connecting'. Laughter heals. We need these things more than ever right now. Betty White provides it. Like few others can.


Monday, May 10, 2010

What Part of Separation of Church and State Does Sarah Palin and Her Ilk NOT UNDERSTAND?

In the nooks and cranny's of our great country, Christian fundamentalists continue to try to combine U.S. Law with their Bible. If these people truly care about this country, and they wrap themselves in 'the flag' at every juncture, then why do they try to make law counter to the basic premises of the U.S. Constitution?

Today, Death Panel Sarah Palin said, "U.S. Law should be based on the God of the Bible and the 10 Commandments". And a lot of people agree with her, neverminding the basis of this country's legal foundation.

A question: Upon who's biblical interpretation should U.S. Law be based? Pat Robertson? The Shafley's new 'American Bible' who claim the current Bible translations are too liberal? Lou Dobson? Sarah Palin? The Jeffersonian Bible? The Pope?

Our founding fathers were quite clear about The Separation Between Church and State (Including Law).

What part of this Constitutional Rule do not these fundamentalist nut cases understand?


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is The Tea Bag Party the Best Thing That's Happened to The Democratic Party This Year?

We think so!

Yesterday, the tea baggers bagged a major target.

GOP CONSERVATIVE thrice time elected Utah U.S. Senator Bob Bennett was ousted from re-election contention by his own party. Reason? Senator Bennett is NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH! According to records, the tea baggers spent 200k to get the job done.

Next week, GOP CONSERVATIVES Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, the son of CONSERVATIVE former presidential contender Ron Paul, will face off in Kentucky's primary election for that State's U.S. Senate nomination. And the battle lines between the CONSERVATIVE mainstream Republican Party have been drawn with the Ultra-CONSERVATIVE tea baggers. Rand Paul has the tea bagger support that also includes Sarah Palin and the ultra religious right which includes James Dobson of the Family Research Council now embroiled in the current 'rentboy' scandal. And Trey Grayson is endorsed by the CONSERVATIVE mainstream BIG Names.

Who wins in Kentucky will be a harbinger of things to come for the GOP. This is a battle royale for control of the Republican Party. This battle will be fought out in the next 8 weeks all over the country and political junkies like we here at 'the disconnect' are watching the outcome closely.

Right now, what we see in all this is very good news to the faltering Democrats and even better news to independents who would run for political office. With the republicans moving so far to the right to get nominations, how can they win in general elections? General elections are won from 'swing' moderate and independent voters, not from conservative or liberal political 'base voters'.

There is nothing moderate about what's happening in the Republican Party right now and given that these ultra-CONSERVATIVE stances which includes some kind of litmus test requiring a candidate to sign some kind of oath, 'independents' are not likely to vote in that corral.

So, who wins in all this? You guessed it! The Democrat Party because in the end IT may be the only game in town.


California GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Tom Cambell, Chuck DeVore and Carly Fiorina and Allowing Suspected Terrorists to Buy Guns---'Strange' Positions

The GOP race for the U.S. Senate nomination just gets stranger and stranger.

In a debate last Thursday night, when asked if suspected terrorists who were on the 'no fly' list should be allowed to buy guns, tea bag conservative Carly Fiornia and ultra-tea bag conservative Chuck DeVore said "YES", "YES", 'buying guns is a 'Constitutional Right'! To his credit, conservative Tom Campbell gave a 'common sense' "NO" to the question.

We could rest our case here, but lets take this matter just a bit further.......

Both DeVore and Fiorina are champions of torturing suspected terrorists, wire tapping anyone who is suspect of government subversion, and the 'patriot act' giving government the right to suspend 'constitutional' rights to anyone suspected of terrorism. But when it comes to suspected terrorists buying guns and flying on a plane, and these 'candidates' saying "YES", do we not see some 'forked tongue' here? The NRA is certainly a very powerful lobby! Yes?

Devore comes off better than Fiorina, however. He is more even and deliberate in his persona. Poor grotesque Carly, however, should probably be somewhere else taking care of her cancer instead of dealing with a strenuous senatorial campaign, looking like an extra on the movie set of 'Night of the Living Dead' and trying to come off as a female 'Dirty Harry'. We suspect Carly's handlers will be out of work very soon as the primary is just about a month away and poor/rich Carly doesn't have a chance to go to D.C., unless it's on a commercial flight with a suspected terrorist exercising his 'constitutional right' to buy and carry a gun.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

GOP California Governor Hopeful NUT-MEG WHITMAN and The GOLDMAN SACHS STINK!

For months now, NUT-MEG Whitman has been campaigning for the GOP nomination for California's Governorship. At the same time there has been curiosity and speculation about why NUT-MEG has spent almost $100 million of her own money (she says) to get the job.

Now, about a month before California's primary elections, some interesting information, if not revelations, begin to answer these questions and cause even more speculation about NUT-MEG's 'run' for office.

It seems our billionaire eBay baby has strong ties to Goldman-Sachs and the Wall Street gang that toppled the U.S. economy and all but destroyed Capitalism. Yes! NUT-MEG and 'rent-a-boy' have some fundamental things in common. Was NUT-MEG on the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs when 'GS' took the billions of dollars of tax payers money for their 'bail-out? Did NUT-MEG openly lobby for this bail-out along with Dem. Senator Barbara Boxer? Yes to the second question. Check out (GOOGLE) to the first question and surprise. Surprise!

Unlike New York and Texas governors, California's governor has enormous power and control over State money and finances. Imagine what NUT-MEG could do for the Wall Street Wizzards with the world's 8th largest economy and the 2 largest pension funds in the world (CalPers and CalStrs) and those billions upon billions of dollars.

Right now it seems NUT-MEG is ahead in the polls against her two conservative opponents. But Steve Poisner is surging and getting very close in the numbers.

It does seem to be true that NUT-MEG does not want to take your money with higher taxes. She just wants to take your money in the old fashioned Goldman Sachs way.

So, we'll just wait and see how this all plays out and see what 'STINK' and surprises Wall Street will pull out of their hats for our NUT-MEG Whitman who would be Governor of California.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christian Right Leader and Anti-Gay Activist George Rekers and His "RentBoy" Scandal--Another Hypocritical Disconnect of the First Magnitude!

We're NOT going into the seedy details of yet another anti-gay religious Southern Baptist minister and co-founder of the conservative "FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL" (FRC) along with James Dobson. Those details can be found at Miami New Times website from which this story breaks........

....we simply want to reinforce our continued efforts to point out the colossal hypocrisy existent in these so called 'GOOD RELIGIOUS CAUSES'. How many people contributed to 'FRC' for honorable reasons and how much of those donations were used by good old George's extra curricular activities and how much of your money went into 'rentboys' pockets.

And why is it these scandals seem to be almost wholly a right-wing conservative phenom?

When will good common sense and logic prevail over ignorance and stupidity?


Why GOP Senators Defend Terrorists Buying Guns!

The answer is clear and simple. The GOP does not want to offend the NRA and lose their significant financial and 'poll' support......never mind what is in the best interests of the people of this country for it's safety. Lets all support the NRA and when innocent citizens are shot down in our own streets from terrorists and other criminals who now can easily buy guns and other artillery we can blame the current administration for their lack of attention to duty.

RIGHT NOW, the Republican Senators in OUR CONGRESS are blocking gun control regulations in behest of the NRA Lobbyists and gun manufacturers.



YES! It's true. There was a Magnificent AIR SPILL at the wind farm in the Mogan Gulf today. No damage has been reported as yet. Some coastal residents are saying they enjoy the increase of clean air while others consider political motivations to be at the core of this 'spill'.

Meanwhile, the 'drill, baby, drill' babies are lining up against the 'blow, baby, blow' buddies in what is becoming another campaign issue in the off-year elections. Ralph Nader is taking another of his frequent presidential runs to the 'blow' side of the issue while Death Panel Sarah Palin stays firmly in the 'drill' camp. As usual, DP Sarah is showing her expertise in the quotable sound-bite department by saying she thought 'blow, baby, blow' was a form of birth control.

At the same time, Larry King, Glenn Beck, The Schafley family and former U.S. Senator Larry Craig seem to be on both sides of the issue.

So, OK. We took this bit of humor from the Huffington Post this morning and embellished it just a bit.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death Panel Sarah Palin: 'The Oil Industry knows What's Best for America "TRUST THE OIL INDUSTRY" (and Drill Baby Drill)'

This latest revelation from the scam queen does not come as a surprise. In the last two days, while picking up another few 100k from her 'speaking' engagements, DP Sarah repeatedly told her bible belt audiences to "trust the oil industry".

No further comment is necessary on this one.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oil Slick Dick (Cheney), Haliburton, BP Oil and The (Preliminary) Lawsuit!

It seems 'OIL SLICK DICK' is involved in yet another lawsuit against him, his company- Haliburton, and British Petroleum Oil. And it's a very interesting, thought provoking lawsuit as a kind of 'preliminary' to other forthcoming litigation. Sort of a pre-emptive legal strike, so to speak.

THIS lawsuit has been filed by some of the survivors of the oil rig that blew up almost 2 weeks ago in The Gulf of Mexico that has subsequently created the greatest water pollution disaster in history.

What gives THIS lawsuit it's curiosity and scrutiny is that it places a restraining order on the above mentioned 'TO NOT DESTROY EVIDENCE' from the blown up oil rig, suggesting a lot of things.

What do these litigants already know about the safety violations stemming from this event?

By the way, Oil Slick Dick's company, Haliburton, built the rig in question.

More to come on this.......



GOD must be mad at the Bible Belt. REALLY MAD!

Otherwise, why would HE be bringing such wrath upon it in the forms of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, disease and all manner of man-made disasters. From Katrina to the recent mining disasters to the current devastation of the million plus gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and all things in between, GOD must really be mad at something insidious in the Bible Belt.

Could Pat Robertson and others gotten it wrong by blaming these disasters on 'women's right to choice' and 'gays in the military' and the election of President Obama? Has the Devil entered into the hearts of these heretofore God fearing people? We think so!

We believe GOD is MAD at the Robertson's and other notorious 'sooth Sayers' AND their 'flocks' for being mean, ignorant and stupid people.

Of course, Death Panel Sarah Palin is blaming these disasters on good old Mother Nature. Just like a politician to put the blame somewhere else, right?