Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PIT BULL DOGS---Where are The Laws Banning the Breeding and Owning of these Animals?

For many years Pit Bull Dogs have grown in popularity across these United States. Also, for many years the reports of Pit Bull Dogs mauling and killing people, usually children and domestic pets have also grown. Unfortunately, as these 'dog attacks' have become more commonplace in our communities, the mainstream media reports them less and less, unless there is a particularly bloody attack. That's when the media may report it using their "if it bleeds, it leads" principle. And when this stuff is reported there are never any calls for what might be done to ameliorate these attacks.

Usually, a vicious, attacking Pit Bull is ordered euthanized (after it's second attack on a human being, unless the attack is deadly). When there is a deadly attack, the ideologue animal rights groups come out in protest in favor of the dog. (The picture to the left is of a 7 year old girl attacked by a Pit Bull dog in 2007).

The bottom line is that Pit Bulls have been bred over the years to kill. Pit Bull dogs are 'hard-wired' to kill. And who would want one of these animals?  You can answer this question.

This past weekend in Richmond, California, a particularly ugly Pit Bull attack occurred. A young woman was in her backyard preparing for a bar-b-cue. Her two children, a 4 year old boy and a 22-day old infant, were in an upstairs bedroom napping.  A neighbor's 2 Pit Bulls escaped their yard, went into the woman's house and attacked the 4 year old boy. The mother ran to the bedroom and tried to fight the dogs off with a cooking utensil with no success when her small dog entered the fray. The Pit Bulls then went after the woman's dog, ran from the house with it and tore it apart in the woman's front yard.  Both the mother and the 4 year old required medical treatment. The infant was not harmed. 

This is just another tragic, ugly event in a long series of incidents with attacking Pit Bull dogs. Some Pit Bulls are bred and trained for the 'security' of property. The picture on the right depicts an African country 'dog training security farm' where Pit Bulls  are trained to 24/7 viciousness and sold.

So, after all these years   where are the laws preventing breeding and ownership of these dangerous animals?  Outside of offering their condolence's to victims, where are the politicians? 

Let us call for local and State legislation to make Pit Bulls illegal for ownership and breeding in California and perhaps the Country. Let us support any politician who pens such legislation.  But, try to find one who will!


Oakland, CA---The Crime Capitol of the WEST! Some Reponses to The Ignorant, The Stupid.......

In our previous article, it seems we've created a local 'firestorm' of sorts with our comments about Oakland, California being  labeled 'THE CRIME CAPITOL OF THE WEST'. Well? Statistically and physically it is. The information is incontrovertible.    

Some of our critics have called us 'racist'. And those were the 'nice' comments. 

First!  Our position is NOT RACIST. Our position is to point out the 'disconnects' between and among certain 'things' in our country and world that were once different. Better. 'Disconnects' that are widening. 'Disconnects' in our governments, religions, business institutions and societal issues.

The Oakland, California 'crime capitol' and those responsible for it IS one of those issues. The 'neo-jungle' anarchist mentality' that paralyzes a once great  city compromises the safety of it's citizens. Especially in the black community itself.  Businesses, black owned businesses among others, are periodically destroyed,  innocent by-standing people are maimed and killed, black people among them, and when fires are set in the various 'Oakland War Zones', those coming to help--police and fire people and even the National Guard, black people among them, are shot at just for 'keeping the peace'. This remarkable history is not small. These activities have become expectations. Not speculations.  

And so it is in the expectation that Oakland, California will become a 'War Zone' AGAIN, and very soon, when the Mehserly trial concludes, probably this week. 

It is time to speak up and out with some truth and reality about what some call 'race blights' across this country. And some bloggers are doing it because the politicians won't. The media won't, in the interests of political correctness. Accordingly, some parts of our country 'burn' as the 'political crowd' play their fiddles.

What has been reported here is the 'nature' of Oakland, California. The 'good' citizens here are simply outnumbered and out-gunned by the criminal 'citizens' in Oakland. And the vast majority of these criminals are black. FACT!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

OAKLAND, CAILIFORNIA---Crime Capitol of The West!

According to FBI and California Department of Justice records and statistics, Oakland, California is and has been for a long while the CRIME CAPITOL of the WEST.  With it's out-of-control murder and violent crime rates, it's about to get worse. Here's why:

On the morning of January 1, 2009, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) District police officer Johannes Mehserly shot and killed Oscar Grant in a chaotic crime scene on the platform at the Fruitvale BART station. The incident was caught on video tape from many angles.  Mehserly contends the incident was accidental; that he meant to use his taser, and others believe it was premeditated murder.  Given public outrage from Oakland's black community, Grant was black and Mehserly is white, and after an investigation, Mehserly is charged with First Degree Murder and his trial will probably be decided this coming week. 

Should Mehserly's trial end in anything other than a full out conviction, the black community is threatening full out riots in the streets and to burn Oakland down.  Right now, Oakland police are preparing for an all-out assault on their city and have issued a number of public statements and precautionary measures for business owners and law-abiding citizens to consider. Police have also given advisories for people from nearby cities to stay out of Oakland if they possibly can as the 'community situation is tense and volatile'.

The fact is that it's  a good idea to stay out of Oakland all the time because the 'community situation there is always tense and volatile'. Being there is taking ones life, limb and property into harms way which crime statistics show. 

Riots and mayhem occur in Oakland periodically and many innocent people have found themselves in muggings, carjackings and other physical threatening circumstances all the time, even without a celebrated case going on. Going there would be a fools errand.

So, look out people, and look for Oakland to possibly go up in flames again very soon.

For the record, Blacks are 34% of Oakland's 400, 000 population and account for upwards of 80% of all violent crime, with Black-on-Black crime being most of it. 

And, also for the record, Oscar Grant was not a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He was no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Does this tell a story?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Politically Incorrect (TEA BAGGER) Solution to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Our Country has had 'illegal immigrants' almost since it's beginnings. When the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, we suspect the native Americans saw them as being 'illegal' under some definition. 

Later, as the Europeans were adapting the U.S. landscape and building 'America', cheap labor was needed. So when the 'native' Americans would not or could not do it, Africans were imported as slaves to do that work. Still, later,  Asians were illegally imported (introduced)  to the U.S. to build buildings, railroads and bridges.  Much later, when we needed 'stoop labor' and people to do the really hard work Latinos were illegally brought into the country to do that work.

Is it any surprise that most of these 'illegal imports' stayed in the country and that more have exported themselves and their families  "IN" illegally?

So now the U.S. has an Illegal (immigrant) Immigration problem and some people and special interest politicians are screaming, yelling and passing dubious discriminatory laws in an effort to solve 'the problem'.  And the truth is we need viable solutions to this and a myriad of other problems that are squandering the lives of our young and our treasure.

Before we begin with our comprehensive and coherent (tea bag) solution, we want to take the Mexicans and other Latins off the table. Why? Because as a culture, that population contains the best workers, pure and simple. All Mexicans would be exempt if they pay taxes.

But all the rest are subject to 'the tea bag'  ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION solution process'. Take a look at the statistics vis-a-vie the minority-diverse cultures. 

The U.S. African population represents about 10% of the total U.S. population which translates to about 30 million people. And how many of them are working at legitimate jobs and paying taxes? Not many. About 10 million are under 18 years, and about 4 million of those are in juvenile institutions around the country. Another million are 'special needs children' requiring enormous amounts of tax payer dollars to support them. Of the 20 million adults, more than 10 million are single parents (usually women on some kind of welfare program) and collecting more tax payer money. Of the 8 million or so black adult males, more than 3 million are behind bars, and another 2 or so million have no visible means of support. They don't pay taxes. Accordingly, with a 30 million population, far less than 10% are paying any taxes, and most of those are menial at best. Of course, our president and a few others are notable exceptions. But facts are FACTS.

Next, lets look at the middle eastern illegal immigrant populations. Collectively, this population amounts to about 10 million people in the U.S., albeit, this count is not reliable given the unreliable nature of the population itself. So, there is question as to how many 'illegals' there are. There are some reliable statistics, however, that provide almost half of this population take some kind of public assistance paid by taxpayers. Accordingly, about 5 million do pay some kind of menial taxes. 

The Asian populations for the most part have co-opted the U.S. System and 90% of that population pay taxes. Those who don't  are usually supported by family members who do pay taxes.

As politically incorrect as this 'tea bag' solution to illegal immigration is, there is some sense to it and it resolves some problems as well.  There are other populations that could have been examined here, such as the obese, alcoholic, retarded and  smoker populations, but those hit too close to the tea bag core, so those are left out of 'the plan', a kind of 'contract from America', to solve 'illegal immigration' as we know it today.

The 'TEA BAG' Plan is not meant to be discriminatory to any population. It is meant to restore justice and financial relief to overburdened tax payers, end the 2 wars our nation is now fighting, and to reduce the National Debt and size of government from the national levels to the State and local levels.

Here's the plan. TAX paying people are at the core of the 'tea bag' concept as a solution to 'illegal immigration'. The idea here is that one is either a productive citizen or they are not. This means they either PAY TAXES or COLLECT from TAX PAYERS.  By removing those who don't pay taxes and who collect tax payer dollars, from our country,  a new paradigm of action is required.  

This new paradigm provides that when a person or family is on the 'public take', those people are EMPLOYEES of THE STATE. Accordingly, to continue receiving their "PAY" they must follow their employers directions, including re-location  to where ever that might take them.  And here's the brilliance  of the plan. 

Relocate these people to Afghanistan and to Pakistan territories. No!  These people are not asked or required to fight  the WAR. They are just placed there to fend for themselves with some financial stipend  from the U.S. government for their support. Such is far cheaper than the Section 8 housing monies spent now.

Have you experienced a section 8 housing participant moving into YOUR community?  Maybe next door?  We have. So this plan from the 'tea bags' is not an unwelcome proposition.

To accomplish this plan new law is required.  But there should be no problem in establishing it. Look at the Arizona 'immigration law' just established, the Nebraska local law recently put into place about  NOT hiring or renting to 'illegals' and the Mormon financially backed proposition 8 in 2008. Most recently in California Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina bought  their nominations to  governor

This 'tea bag' idea goes beyond  the the left or right of the political spectrum. It resonates with the majority of people who are fed up with what;s become the American way!

What do you think?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General Stanley Mc Crystal--FIRED IN DISGRACE!

Today, after a brief morning meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama, 'The Runaway General', Stanley Mc Crystal, was righteously fired in disgrace and is no longer the top military commander in Afghanistan. 

General David Petraeus, Mc Crystal's immediate superior was appointed to replace 'The Runaway General' who's future is unknown.

Bye-Bye Stan,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General Stanley Mc Crystal--FIRE Him IN DISGRACE NOW!

U.S. General Stanley Mc Crystal, the  failed  'supreme commander' of the failed Afghanistan war based upon his failed 'counter insurgency' policies,  is the mega-subject of considerable media attention as we write. WHY? Because of his egoistic, megalomaniac discourse in Rolling Stone Magazine in which he trashes the President and Vice President of the United States, The Secretary of Defense and most disgracefully,   trashes the good and viable soldiers of OUR MILITARY. 

Mc Crystal uses 'his' troops as some kind of lab-rat experiments to prove  his dubious 'counter insurgency' policy which is not working. Essentially, troops are told 'not to fire' even when they are threatened and under fire themselves if Afghan civilians are near a battle scene. Mc Crystal 'hamstrings' our troops in order to 'endear' and 'show' Afghan citizens 'we are their friends'. Meanwhile, Taliban and others use 'their citizens' as fronts and shills and are killing our soldiers. This IS POLICY, folks.  Accordingly, U.S. Troop and NATO Troop morale is at an all time low. Add to this that 'counter insurgency' policy also includes paying Afghanistan 'warlords' significant amounts of U.S. tax dollars to 'not fight' and we have the mess that is the Afghanistan War. Troops are also well aware that Mc Crystal was the architect of the Pat Tillman battle field killing cover-up which turned out to be a death by 'friendly fire'.

But worse! The Obama Administration has accepted The Mc Crystal 'counter insurgency' policy!

With some kind of   self- believed grandiosity,  Mc Crystal has dug his career grave. Now, we hope the President will bury him in it.  We also hope the President will completely re-evaluate any need to be in Afghanistan at all.

We will not repeat here all that  the media has been reporting. The Rolling Stone article is all over the Internet and we suggest you read it in it's entirety.  Mc Crystal has indicated the article is correct in substance and in what it presents and has issued an apology for a 'lapse in good judgment'. 

President Obama!  Fire Mc Crystal NOW!



8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION --- An Explosive Documentary Now in Theaters

Since THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION was written and signed and became 'THE LAW OF THE LAND', our country has been  based upon the principles of free speech, equality for it's citizens and 'THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE', among others.

However, during the last generation or so, the lines between 'CHURCH AND STATE' have become blurred with politicians from all parties being elected to office on the bases of religious doctrines. Additionally, certain 'law' has been voted into STATE'S LAW and certain U.S. Representatives and Senators have been voted into office and have introduced legislation based on religious doctrine and idolatry's (of their constituencies)  with political funding coming from certain religious organizations and churches. 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, a film documentary, exemplifies this fact. 

8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, of course, deals  with California's same-sex marriage law  and it's passage changed the California Constitution to reverse that law and constitutionally  defined 'marriage' to be between a man and a woman only. Right now the conditionality of this law is being examined in the higher courts with final decisions months away.

The purpose of this article is not to argue either for against same-sex marriage. The purpose here is to briefly examine what has become   our country's SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE axiom and the rules around it. 

This is an article in progress........come back later for more......


Monday, June 21, 2010

Mitch Mc Connell: "I couldn't disagree with Joe Barton more"! Yeah! Sure Mitch! And the Golden Gate Bridge is For Sale Too.....

Yesterday,  GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc Connell had the temerity to utter these above captioned words on one of the Sunday morning talking 'head' shows. What a pile of rhetoric crap! All ol' Mitch is doing here is PR damage control that just doesn't work with any half-knowledgeable political junkie. But, never has FOX NEWS (?) ever been accused of being even half-knowledgeable about anything.

The facts are....... like  U.S. House of Representatives member JOE BARTON, MITCH Mc CONNELL is also well 'oiled' with Big Oil and BP money. Mitch, however, just didn't 'get' what ol' Joe did last week in his apology to BP for our government's 'mean and nasty' treatment of that glutinous oil company. 

Joe Barton was insuring his re-election campaign money from 'big oil' to the tune of more than another million dollars. 

Joe Barton comes from a bible-belt-gun-toten district in Texas who must really like whore-stooge politicians. After all, they've re-elected Joe Barton on a number of occasions. But it still takes $$$$$$$ to do it. 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Republican Leader Rep. Joe Barton-Texas Apologizes to BP! Says He's Ashamed of OUR Government!

WHAT? Unbelievable! A United States Congressman, a ranking member of the US Energy Commission APOLOGIZED today to OIL Magnate Tony Hayward, CEO of BP .... the company responsible for  possibly the worst ecological and economic 'man-made' disaster in US History and perhaps the world during Hayward's appearance before a congressional committee at which time he, Hayward, apologized for his company's abject failure to control the disaster that 'on paper' it said it could control and, of course, could not. 

Take a real good look at this pudgy, little man, JOE BARTON, the REAL FACE of the 'established' Republican Party. Is there any wonder the tea baggers are co-opting these wimp-types and pushing our once great country into a 3rd world?

JOE BARTON, get this name right, went on to say that HE WAS ASHAMED of the Whitehouse and IT'S "shakedown" tactics of "Mr. Hayward's" company to pay the victims of this 'incident' for their losses !  


JOE BARTON has not been ASHAMED to take over $1.5 million in campaign contributions from BP! BARTON has not been ASHAMED to vote for DEREGULATION of THE OIL INDUSTRY at every step of the way. JOE BARTON is a bought and paid for politician of the oil industry. JOE BARTON does not represent the people of this country in any sense of that meaning. 

A few hours after Barton's remarks, the Republican Party Leaders took him to the woodshed.... not because of what he said (because most agree with him --- THEY  too are the whores of the oil industry), BUT, rather, because of the 'bad PR' created by BARTON'S remarks.

Essentially, BARTON was told to withdraw his 'remarks' or he would be stripped of his 'seniority' in The United States House of Representatives!  Accordingly, BARTON apologized for his 'apology' several hours later.  And this IS supposed to make everything OK? 

But wait!  JOE BARTON is up for re-election this November.....and well funded by the OIL INDUSTRY. Will he be re-elected? Probably so, because he is well-oiled financially. But just around the corner is something else. And it's not from the left side of politics.  The conservative 'right' is there waiting to devour him. 


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GOD is Really Mad at Those EVANGELICALS! "Touchdown" Jesus Statue Struck by Lightning-Burns to the Ground!

The BP Oil disaster was NOT an Act of GOD!  The 2008, economic disaster complete with the Wall Street meltdown, loss of wealth and loss of jobs was NOT an ACT of GOD!  The impossible Wars we're fighting now are NOT  ACTS of GOD!  When little Johnny hit a home run at a little league game the other day, this was NOT an ACT of GOD! These events are the ACTS of MAN!

Last week, when a group of evangelicals went camping (and to worship) in Arkansas and a flash flood killed 20 of them, this was an ACT of GOD!  When an evangelical church bus went over a cliff in Tennessee a couple months ago, killing  a number of it's passengers, this was an ACT of GOD!  And very recently, GOD acted again and struck down The "Touchdown" Jesus Statue with a bolt of lightning and burned it to the ground!

Monroe, Ohio:  This past week, the 6-story JESUS statue (often called the "Touchdown" Jesus because of how the arms of the statue are raised) was erected in 2004, on Interstate Highway 75 by the SOLID ROCK CHURCH, a 4,000 member evangelical Christian group founded by a horse-trader  and his wife (fact checked). Now, GOD has reduced this iconic statue to charcoal and rubble.

In Christian Evangelical Logic and belief systems, the above thoughts must be true.  So, why is the GOOD and GREAT GOD doing these terrible things to HIS people? GOD must really be mad at them. If so, they  may want to examine why. Could it be bad behavior?  A convoluted 'Love'  that translates to a meanness of spirit? Could it be that GOD just doesn't want HIS people to be ignorant and stupid anymore? Does GOD not want the United States to be a theocracy? Pat Robertson?  Did these evangelicals make a deal with the Devil and now GOD is in a punishment mode as HE is punishing those Haitians?  Are HIS PEOPLE using faulty logic and thought processing? 

Of course, we here don't subscribe to the 'christian fairy tale'  or  it's controlling 'logic'. We believe that the terrible events here are tragic accidents and  non-discriminatory acts of  'nature'.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Nevada Republican/Tea Party---Too Small for a Country/Too Big for an INSANE ASYLUM! Meet Their 2010 U.S. Senate Candidate!

Meet Sharron Angle, the U.S. Senate standard bearer for the Republican/Tea Party in the late-great State of Nevada. 

Sharron Angle is 60 years old, a devout Southern Baptist who was a substitute teacher for 25 years, ran a small Christian School in Nevada, and in 1998, was elected to the Nevada State Assembly. She ran for the U.S. Congress in 2006, but failed in the primary elections. Most recently she came from behind in her current run to win the Republican nomination to the U.S Senate and will face U.S. Senator Harry Reid in the November 2010 general election.

In a word or more, Sharon Angle is a 'sack of nuts'!

Here are her positions on a number of issues:

- It is unacceptable and 'wrong' for a married couple for both  to have full time jobs simultaneously.

- A pro-life advocate, Sharron wants those seeking abortions to be counseled that 'abortion increases the risk of breast cancer'. (There is no scientific evidence to support this claim).

-  Pushes for a Scientology-based sauna and message program in prisons for the purpose of breaking drug addictions.

- Wants to reinstate across the board 'alcohol prohibition'.

- Seeks to abolish regulations on oil companies, abolish Social Security, the Departments of Education and Energy and the IRS Code. 

In the past Angle has said that putting fluoride in drinking water is a communist plot.

We can't make this stuff up, people. (Above information has been 'fact checked' for accuracy.)

Go get them votes, Sharron!  And pray, pray, pray....because only an act of God on steroids could ever put you in any real position of power. 


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Sarah Palin FART! She Opens Her Mouth....and.....well......It's a FART! PLUS..Sarah's BOOBS....Read on......

With the BP Oil Disaster we've been a bit 'heavy' recently......so we thought some light stuff for comic relief is in order. And where else to turn?  Sarah Palin, of course, because no one with any sense can take the 'drill-baby' seriously.

It seems that every time death-panel Sarah opens her mouth the result is a FART. Yes! A FART with it's smell and uselessness Today, Sarah twittered and put on her 'facebook' that because the president has little 'executive' experience  the BP Oil Spill  continues. And then implored the president to give her a call.  Huh? Well this is what she said.  FART!

Sarah endorsed Carly Fiorina in California for the U.S. Senate nomination. FART! She also endorsed numbers of 'tea bag' nominees for various offices across this nation who failed at the polls....FART! FART! And FART!

At the same time it looks like 'barbie sarah' is sporting a BOOB  job. Here are the pictures. You be the judge..... on the left.....Sarah in November 2009. On the right.....Sarah in June 2010.

We suspect Sarah's new look works well at the Nascar, but we're not so sure the evangelicals are all that happy about it. It would bring new meaning to the 'holy-rollin' we guess. Can she still fire an oozy? 

So why is it the 'lamestream' media reports such things? We don't know. But along with Palin they also see Linsay Lohan's possible probation violation for drinking alcohol as TOP NEWS.  FART! You can be the judge of this too.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

The DRILL-KILL SPILL ...... The Hypocrits and The STUPID!

Today, Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour appeared on FOX NEWS (where else?) and said, "OIL? WHAT OIL? The press should stop scaring the public". He went on to say, "tar balls are no big thing, they just walk along the beaches and put'em in sacks".

More to come..................


Thursday, June 3, 2010

The BP Gulf Oil Disaster Goes Beyond Catastrophic!

Take a look at this poor animal! The one on the left. A real good LOOK! Click on it for amplification.

This animal is representative of millions of dying creatures because of the BP OIL CRIME AGAINST NATURE! It is a representation of the destruction of our fragile eco balance and system. It is representative of what government DE-REGULATION from 1994 to 2006 has done. It is representative of unbridled greed. It is representative of ignorance and stupidity!

Catastrophe? Think well beyond Catastrophic! Think about the interruption and possible destruction of the 'food chain' and the end of life on earth as we know it. THINK!

So? OK! We are passionate about what we see as a devastation of not just our way of life, but LIFE itself.

Here is what SCIENCE provides....

Right now, the oil has reached every shore on the Gulf Coast. Accordingly, the 'life' in the eco-systems in those areas is destroyed for years and decades and maybe millenniums to come. Human lives have been destroyed (along with animal and plant life) and some livlihoods and ways of life are gone forever.

As the oil, now gushing at over one million gallons a day with no end in sight, travels through the Florida Keys and destroys the life on the barrier reefs there and then travels UP the Atlantic coast in similar destruction and ultimately moves across the Atlantic to the shores of Western Europe, science provides such is NOT possibility and not even probability. It is inevitable!

Science? Accept it or die! This is the choice that will go unheeded for sure. Because? Because the tracks were greased a long time ago by an unwitting electorate and the 'god is great' crowd who were duped by corrupt greedy political machinery.

What can a citizen do right now to make things better? Not much. The damage is done.

A step in the right direction, however, might be taking the 'drill, baby drillers', starting with Sarah Palin, followed by every elected official in the U.S. Congress (who accepted 'oil money' and continue to support the oil industry) by dunking them in the 'gunk' that poor animal at the beginning of this article has experienced. We question how much credibility these people would have with their constituencies while dripping in god's oil bounty.


The BP Oil Disaster AND The Dying ECO-SYSTEM!

As 'politics' continue to get in the way of ameliorating the greatest 'man-caused' environmental disaster in U.S. history, and perhaps world history, a credible scientist has spoken up about the gravity and nature this event.

This past week, Phillipe Cousteau, world-renowned oceanographer, made this analogy: "I suppose that if I had both my eyes poked out, 3 limbs amputated and open heart surgery, I would survive. But not very well. This is what has happened to the oceans BEFORE this latest disaster."

The ECO-SYSTEM is dying!

Meanwhile, the politicians and corporations are putting blame every where they can with no solutions to what is referred to as a "leak". A leak that's pushing out 150,000 barrels of oil a day into the wounded eco-system. A 'leak' that could continue until December!

As snow-billy Sarah Palin blames 'environmentalists' for this catastrophe and dour Britt Hume can't seem to 'see' any oil, Democrat and Republican elected officials are supporting of BP for obvious reasons.

A Disgusting Disconnect!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What? The Annointed Hand-Picked Tea-Bag Republican Governor Candidate In South Carolina ---Vikki Haley in Another Sex Scandal?

GOOD GRIEF! Poor Vikki Haley! Another man has stepped up and announced he had an assignation with Vikki in a 'one night stand' not all that long ago. His name is Larry Marchant, a lobbyist and political staple in South Carolina politics. Although there is scant evidence that such an encounter ever happened as in the 'hard' evidence (no pun intended) of Vikki's encounter with Mr. Folks, some credibility is present just the same with some motel reciepts and on and on......

Here's the 'skinny' from our point of view: Here in the liberal West, we don't care who is having 'sex' with who as long as it's consenting. So, we don't particularly care how many people come forth about Vikki Haley's sexual proclivities and needs. In fact, we here want our leaders sexually satisfied so they can be better administrators.

Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Clinton are well documented as having extra-marital activities which were to the benefit of the country because they were essentially sexually satisfied.

Our concern is HOW these people govern and not who or what they're in bed with from time to time. So, what if any candidate for public office is a nymphomaniac with insatiable sexual needs matter in the scheme of politics?

BUT, apparently in the deep-south Bible-belted South Carolina politic, people DO care.

So, in just a few days, the Republicans will have the choice of voting for 'something' or a slut in their primary election.

We anxiously await the outcome of this very interesting election year.


"GOD" Hijacked Again by 4 San Diego Attorneys Running as a Slate for Judgeships: A MISSION FROM GOD!


Just as the KKK and others have hijacked 'God and Christ' to force people into their particular brands of belief systems, so too have 4 San Diego County attorneys running for the bench. These conservative 'attorneys' say they are on a "mission from God" to unseat four sitting California judges and vow to be 'God's ambassadors on the bench. They are backed by pastors, gun enthusiasts, and opponents of abortion and same-sex marriages.

"We believe our country is under assault and needs Christian values", according to Craig Candelore, a family law attorney who is one of 'God's candidates'.

Never-minding existing 'law' and the separation of 'church and state' doctrine, these 4 candidates look forward to next Tuesday's election that can bring 'God's Word' to the judiciary.

Although these candidates have been less than clear as to how they would decide legal matters, we wonder if adulterers in divorce proceedings appearing before 'god's judges' will be 'stoned'. Would children be selected for 'sacrifices' to God? If so, which ones? And would there be written selection procedures? Will the Pope, Pat Robertson or Sarah Palin be consulted as to how to execute 'God's Word of Law'?

Meanwhile, Ron Nehring, California Chair of the Republican Party spoke well of these judicial candidates on KGO AM radio yesterday.

As we become an emerging Third-World Nation, whats next? An Ayatollah dictating to the U.S. President?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There IS Good Reason The San Francisco Bay Area IS Seen As The "NUT" Capitol Of The US And Perhaps The World!

Welcome to The Nut Capitol of the United States! The San Francisco Bay Area!

Over the last few days the Israel military boarded a Turkish flotilla ostensibly carrying 'humanitarian aid' to the Palestinians in Gaza and killed 9 people ..... the result of which has been almost universal condemnation of world powers.

So? Who knows if the 'flotilla' carried fire arms or not. You don't know. We don't know and clearly the governments involved in this international incident don't know either.

What is known IS that THIS flotilla also carried a number of U.S. 'activists' along with anything else. Many of these 'activists' being from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why were 'activists' aboard the flotilla in the first place? Can anyone answer this question? Whether one falls on the sides of either the Israelis or the Palestinians, why were 'activists' of any variety present?

Now, some of these 'activists' are in the custody of Israeli authorities and will probably be dispatched back to the U.S. post haste. So?

Meanwhile, the S.F. Bay Area media has been interviewing relatives of these 'activists' with some kind of 'concern and care' for those currently in so-called captivity. We've been hearing from the 'spaced-out' spouses and friends of these 'nuts' as if these true 'jokes' of our culture had some importance.

Lets reverse the situation and look at these 'nut' activists' as if they were on the side of the Israeli logic and were in the custody of the Palestinian-Muslims. And there are some of these 'nuts' as well. They would be sent to Iran and held there forever, which in this scenario would be appropriate. And good riddance from here.

Unfortunately, for the SF Bay Area there seems to be a high number of these 'nuts' regardless of the sides there on and somehow this junk is celebrated. Accordingly, there IS good reason the San Francisco Bay Area is seen as the NUT CAPITOL of the U.S.

At the same time, the U.N. has gone ballistic over the current Israeli confrontation with the Muslim world. Why has not the U.N. and other nations made a similar response to North Korea when it torpedoed a South Korean ship a while back killing 45 people?