Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pit Bull Terriers---Dog to Human Fatal Attack Statistics

It's easy to find dog to human fatal attack statistics by specific breed. Both the State Government and Federal Government keep them. Some counties and cities keep them as well.

It is more difficult to find reliable dog attack/bite figures because many are not reported to authorities. However, many of these are reported to insurance companies and the payouts from homeowners insurance policies are enormous according to one insurance adjuster. In the billions of dollars a year, he said.

Our focus here is simply to report  a few more Pit Bull Terrier (and their mixes) dog to human 'fatal attack' statistics.

So far in 2010, Pit Bulls account for 80% of all dog to human fatalities.

In California, over a 5-year period, 60% of dog to human fatals were from Pit Bulls.

In San Benito County, California, 100% of dog to human fatals were from Pit Bulls.

Consider these figures along with the statistics we've previously reported and we rest our case.

Is it not time our State and municipal politicians passed legislation to regulate these killer dogs? We think so.

(Above statistics come from and an interview with it's founder)

Friday, July 30, 2010

What Does Meg Whitman Offer California Should She Become Governor of the 8TH Largest Economy in the World?

Now it's back to a serious topic.

With the California Gubernatorial Election still more than 2 months away, Meg Whitman, the political money face of California, is well into her 2nd $100 million media advertising campaign. Still, she trails in the polls. What has gone wrong with her campaign?

One thing that's gone wrong is what she offers to California. Here is one of those things.


Meg supports off-shore AND on-shore oil drilling in California. She also supports the deregulation of emission standards for pollution producing corporations.


Is it Splitsville for Bristol and Levi? Did Levi Impregnate his ex Who is Pregnant with Child? Does this mean There will be NO Bristol-Levi Reality Show?

Good Grief! What is this world coming to? Just when we thought Sarah Palin's  daughter Bristol and her political star crossed lover, Levi Johnston and the father of her child, would be in 'BLISSVILLE' on their much ballyhoo-ed TV reality show that hasn't sold yet, we learn that Levi MAY be the father of Lanesia Garcia's unborn child!  Does this mean 'SPLITSVILLE' for these media children? Does this mean they won't be doing their much anticipated reality show on parenting?

Does this even mean Bristol and Levi won't be getting married?

Only time will tell as this saga continues.

Hey folks! We can't make this stuff up. And even if we did, no one would believe it.

Say tuned.....


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meg Whitman and PORKY PIG.......some commonalities........

As Meg Whitman continues her 100 million dollar blitz in the electronic media for her race for governor of California, some of us are struck by the commonality between 'wall street whitman' and PORKY PIG.

FIRST, the voices of PORKY and MEG are are almost unidentifiable one from the other.When Meg speaks, check it out!

Additionally, the nature, the persona  of PORKY, his character,  his need to horde, to collect all the 'goodies' around him absent any comprehension of those about him in a kind of greedy ignorance  somehow represents the nature of MEG WHITMAN in her quest to be Governor of California.  Of course we'll write more on THIS later. Suffice to say now that MEG IS GRUBBING. And we know what it is she wants for her WALL STREET buddies and ultimately herself.

In the few TV and radio ads MEG presents that aren't attack ads, she says she HAS A PLAN for CALIFORNIA and then we're told to go to her website for that plan. In the political world this means NO PLAN because a bunch of innocuous junk has been written by those without a clue as to how to put a government plan together in the first place.

More later.....


Sunday, July 25, 2010

ANOTHER PIT BULL ATTACK---This Time a 7 year Girl......

July 25, 2010: Oakland, California:  This morning a 7 year old girl was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull dog. Fortunately, the girl was not killed, but remains in the hospital and is expected to recover after the 'pit' attacked and  tore off one of her cheeks and upper lip. Her face is half gone. She will be permanently  disfigured the rest of her life and will experience a number of surgeries in years to come.

A Pit Bull dog 'bite' is like no other. There are  usually no growls or barks or other indications from the animal prior to attack. They just attack. The attack is a hyper-vicious jaw 'lock' with a grinding, shaking motion that does not 'unlock' until pryed  off.

Oakland, California is the crime capitol of The West (see our previous articles under this heading) and there are probably more Pit Bull dogs in this city percapita than in any other. Pit Bulls are used for protection here. Accordingly, Pit Bull attacks are more prevalent in this area. At the same time the 'politicians' in this municipality do little, if anything to control these killer animals.

Meanwhile, another child is maimed for life and laying in a hospital bed today recovering from a 'Pit Bull' attack.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Pit Bull "Terriers"---Bred to KILL! Make Possession, Breeding and Ownership a Felony NOW!

Since our article yesterday, we've done some research on Pit Bull Terriers and their propensity TO KILL.  We have found the following information:  

-Pit Bull dogs and their mixes are less than 2% of the canine population and account for one-third of the dog-to-human fatalities.

-In the U.S.,  a Pit Bull kills a human being every 22 days, usually a  child family member. These statistics are taken over a 10-year period!

-While there are no reliable non-fatal dog bite/attack statistics, insurance records show that billions of dollars are paid out from homeowners insurance policies each year, most of which are Pit Bull attacks and bites. These costs are passed on to all homeowners in their policies.

-Most Pit Bull bites/attacks on humans result in hospital stays while other breed bites/attacks do not.

-The Pit Bull dog breed was originally bred in England as 'bear-bait', to fight and wear bears physically down before a human killed the bear.

Why are these killer animals allowed to continue to kill and disfigure children, other humans and other animals?  Where are our politicians on this matter?   

Pit Bull Terriers are unpredictable animals. They are 'hard wired' through years of refined breeding to viciously attack their prey, crush bones with a superior developed-muscular jaw and neck and to not let go of their victims until that victim is dead! Just as a rattle snake is 'hard-wired' to bite and release it's venom into their prey, so too are Pit Bull dogs designed in like manner. 

Why are these animals allowed to exist in a civilized society? And why are there no controls over their possession, breeding and ownership? 

For the record, we love our small mixed breed dog like there's no tomorrow. She is a family member. But no 'dog' is worth the disfigurement of a child or that child's life. Pit Bulls have proved they disfigure and kill children. Between now and the end of the year, count on at least 10 more deaths as the results of Pit Bull attacks.  Is it not time to remove these animals from society and their ability to do what they were 'designed' to do? 

Write your politicians! Meanwhile, avoid Pit Bull Dogs when you can. This is a dangerous animal!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 PIT BULL DOGS + 1 TWO Year-Old Boy = Another Child Massacre! Law Makers! OUTLAW THESE KILLERS! NOW!

Today! In Concord, California, a 2 year old boy wondered into his garage where his family housed their 5 Pit Bull Dogs. YES! 5 Pit Bull dogs. The child was massacred.

Pit Bull Dogs are 'hard-wired' to kill. And these 5 killers did what they were intended to do today.

We hope the authorities charge the owner(s) of these animals with first degree murder.

And where are California's law makers? Are they afraid of the animal rights activists as they are of the gun rights activists?

Ownership, possession and breeding of these animals must be made illegal in California! NOW!


Officer WILSONS? Are You There? GOP California Gubernorial Candidate "WALL STREET" Meg WHITMAN Wants to Know

Argentina: Yesterday, all major news media reported this sad, but true story coming from our South American neighbor. 

(If one looks closely at the picture to the left, one can see an 'Officer Wilsons' in the tower doing his job.)
We can't make this stuff up folks.

Argentina has fallen on hard economic times in recent years and government funding for public safety has been severely cut, including prison funding. Yesterday, two prisoners escaped a maximum security prison without notice after discovering the guards in the watch towers were actually 'dummies' with Wilson Footballs for heads, clad in hats and armed with wooden weapons. The dummies were referred to as Officer Wilsons. No video of the escape was available as cameras had failed some months ago.

Right now, California is faced with a 2010/11 FY deficit of somewhere between 22 and 27 billion dollars, depending on which numbers one accepts. These numbers are not expected to change over the next several years, given the economy and anticipated revenue. At the same time, GOP California gubernatorial candidate "WALL STREET 'meg' WHITMAN" is proposing building 10 new prisons 'to keep California safe'. 

What is crystal clear with Meg's proposal is that she and those advising her don't have a clue about the costs of public safety, the costs of funding law enforcement, the judiciary and the corrections systems. 

Here's the financial story of what 'meg' promises in her campaign for governor. To build a medium size, medium security prison costs from 75 to 100 million dollars from the ground up. Each prison has about 60 to 80 post positions covered by correctional officers. Each post position requires a minimum of 5 officers to cover it 24/7. Each officer costs about 150k in salary and benefits. Add to this, clerical support staff, administrative personnel, parole agents, social workers, medical staff and food service workers, each with salary and benefits, plus utility and supply costs, after the prison is built, we find a yearly operating cost of each prison at about $1 billion. Multiply this cost by 10 and we have staggering tax burdens to pay for them. 

Where's the money coming from?  Meg? Can you answer this question?

Of course, in her need to cut prison costs, Meg may need to call upon Officer Wilsons to come to her rescue.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meg Whitman: The MONEY FACE of California Politics

California has set yet another dubious record. The money foisted into Meg Whitman's run for Governor has already become the most expensive in California history and in the history of the U.S. for a State office with no end in sight.

Whitman spent over $100 million to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination, has committed another $100 million to her November election campaign and has given the California Republican Party $30 million for GOP candidates in the 2010 elections. Some see this as obscene and unconscionable. It is, however, fact.

The billionairess from Atherton, California says all these expenditures have come from her own vast fortune and that she has taken no contributions from outside sources. Technically, this is probably so. But any thinking person would not believe in a heart beat that this supposedly ultra-shrewd business woman would spend such enormous amounts of money without a 'carrot at the end of the stick'. A big carrot filled with billions of dollars for herself and her Wall Street cohorts.. 

Whitman has never seriously answered the question as to why she's running for governor in the first place. She has never had an altruistic bent and hasn't even voted in many California elections. Her knowledge of how government works is scant and along with the nebulous pontifications of 'cutting the waste from government', making California schools 'better', cut the State budget and saying she'll bring a business model to government, little substance is identifiable. She does say she'll cut 40,000 State worker jobs without saying which ones and will build 10 new prisons. Apparently, Meg does not understand the costs of building, running and staffing a prison. The cost of building and staffing a medium size, medium security prison for one year amounts to billions of dollars.

Meg does seem to understand 'money' and how to make it, however. She has done very well for herself even with the 'silver-spoon' in her mouth with which she began. Meg has been and is a mega-Wall Street 'insider' and has been cutting deals with the 'big-boys' for years, a matter of incontrovertible record. 

Based on circumstantial evidence, our speculation is that WALL STREET is wanting of a Field General in California, The 8TH largest economy in the world!  Consider the possibilities. Consider the power of owning the California Governor's office. Consider off-shore oil drilling. Consider the CalPers (government backed and insured) hard cash, the largest retirement system in the world. Consider STRS (also government backed), one of the top 10 retirement systems in the world with it's cash just waiting for Wall Street to take East. And this is just the beginning. The $230 million invested in Meg Whitman's run for California governor looks like peanuts by comparison to California's wealth. And Wall Street just may want it.

So, this is one facet of The MONEY FACE of California Politics. The first of a series of articles we'll present over the course of the next several months.  Any comments?


Friday, July 16, 2010

Jerry Brown: Meg Whitman Suffers From "TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE" --The Race for California Governor HEATS UP!

"TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE"!  Yes. Referring to Meg Whitman's latest trash attack television and radio ads now contaminating California's air waves, Attorney General  and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown described his Republican opponent as such. (Statement made on KGO radio on July 15).

Translation? Meg Whitman is a lying sack of nuts. A very rich sack of nuts. 

Just for the record, we 'fact-checked' Ms. Whitman's claims in her ads and found her statements to be 95% false. So, maybe candidate Brown has something going here with his diagnosis of Candidate Whitman. 

TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE!  Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Stay tuned. As this race for California Governor heats up, surely we'll have some comments about it.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston ENGAGED! Grissly Mama Sarah NOT TOLD!

(July 16: UPDATE......Just a few days after their US WEEKLY 'splash', Bristol and Levi have announced plans to 'SHOP' their proposed reality TV show --for your viewing pleasure and in 'Jersey Shores' tradition--which will include their marriage and focus on Parenting. PARENTING?  We can't make this stuff up, folks.)

Need more be said?  

Well we did see has-been movie star Tom Cruise lurking around with a Scientology 'bible' in each hand with his extra-terrestrial daughter Suri. And 'wild-eyed', wall-eyed wannabe tea-bag U.S. Senate Candidate Sharron Angle  doing her 'God is Great-Have You heard the good-news' routine while looking for a photo-op..........but NO!  More need not be said.

On a positive note, BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD are returning to MTV!


Monday, July 12, 2010

GOP: "Extend Bush TAX CUTS for the Wealthy Even if they ADD to the Deficit"... the Official Stance of the Republican Party!

Yesterday on FOX NEWS Sunday, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R. ARIZ),  presented the official stance of the Republican party about Taxes and the Deficit by saying  "........extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy even if they add to the deficit......", but don't pass unemployment insurance if it impacts the deficit!  

Never has the 'ESSENCE' of the Republican Party been so succinctly stated.  Never has any party's hypocrisy been so well defined.  The 'help the rich/screw the middle class'  mentality is alive and well right here in the 'land of opportunity (as long as you have the money to buy a politician or two)'. Yet, the possum pie eating and tea-bag audiences will probably eat it up and vote for republican candidates this coming November. 

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated, "...........this, while the middle class is left to fend for themselves as a result of the Bush economy".


Sarah Palin's (SARAHPAC) FEC Filings -- Contributions and Expenditures -- 2010/First Quarter. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

And where did all that money Sarah Palin collected from 'the ignorant and the stupid' for her POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (SARAHPAC) during the first quarter of 2010 go?  In a nutshell, Sarah pocketed most of it. Well, it is a Capitalist Society.

Sarah collected 2 million dollars for SARAHPAC. $87,500. went to Sarah's tea bag candidates around the country in $5,000. and smaller increments. For example, Sharron Angle, the coo-coo GOP Senatorial Candidate in Nevada received $5,000., while some other wannabe congressional nut sacks got $500. $210,000. went to 'consulting services' for Ms. Palin, and Sarah pocketed the rest of the money. Ah. There is big money to be made in U.S. politics and our Sarah is doing a good job making it. We suspect that 14-foot fence she erected around her house in Wasilla was part of the 'consulting' service figure as well as the 'boob-job'. But, the figures released by the FEC were not that specific.

Is collecting $$$$$$$$$$ for these 'political purposes' and then spending it as Sarah has legal? Probably so, else such information would not have been released.

But is using this money for personal reasons morally and ethically 'right'? We guess it is when we use Sarah Palin's rule book.

And now, Sarah has announced that she is writing another biography. This one, however, will be written for and directed to 8 to 12 year old girls. Accordingly, Sarah may even write some of it.

What would American Politics be without Sarah Palin?  Far more boring we think.  Keep it up, Sarah.  We need your comic, albeit dubious relief.


Friday, July 9, 2010

BETTY WHITE! Calendar Girl! Is a run for President Next? A National Treasure!

We need the the laughs and the humor in this crazy world. And Betty White always delivers. Next up? The Betty White Calendar 2011.  It will be on sale this coming September at $12.99.

At age 88, Betty White can make the face on a  statue smile.   We need the laughs more than ever right now.  GO BETTY!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LIMBAUGH: "Obama Created the Recession as 'payback' for Racism"

"...............and GOD created Limbaugh as 'payback' for American stupidity and ignorance for paying any attention to  him at all............"

As Rush's audience tanks, he just gets more and more weird with his revisionist history claims. The 'rush' made these above captioned remarks on his radio talk show yesterday just before running out for a snack.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Sarah Palin Unveils Her U. S. Foreign Policy Manifesto---On FACEBOOK!

We can't make this stuff up, Folks. Pea-Brain Palin, the sometimes Governor of Alaska and 2012 Presidential wannabe has presented her all encompassing U.S. Foreign Policy proposals to the world. On Facebook. Good diplomacy, Sarah.

We are not going to review it here because we won't  waste our time and space repeating this gibberish. One can easily go to Palin's Facebook page and see it in it's totality. Suffice to say it carries the usual Obama-bashing and convoluted hate rhetoric along with increases in military spending to the tune of about 2 trillion dollars. 2 TRILLION DOLLARS? Yup!

To demonstrate her intellectual dishonesty or lack of intellect at all, venerable Sarah has repeatedly  spoken passionately about economic conservatism, balanced budgets and paying back our national debt so our children won't have to do so. No problem with these thoughts. The problem is, how will 'President Sarah' pay for a new 2 Trillion Dollar military expenditure?

We anxiously await Sarah's fiscal figures on this subject.

In a previous article we wrote about how scientists are trying to solve King Tut's missing penis mystery. Maybe we should assign some of these scientists to solve the mystery of Sarah Palin's missing brain.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


This probably comes under the heading of 'too much and not need to know information', but we print a rendition of this international story about KING TUT'S MUMMY because of it's historical value and proof that science has a sense of humor of sorts.

KING TUT, the Egyptian boy King died at age 19, due to what science says was some kind of genetic defect. Probably sickle-cell anemia. Since the discovery of his tomb with his mummy and incredible wealth in it, TUT museum exhibits have been  major events all over the world. Through the years these artifacts have been scientifically studied, including TUT's penis.

Now it seems King Tut's penis is missing.  A Science Mystery....... In 1923, Tut was intact. But in 1968, Tut's penis was missing, however,  'a penis' was found in the sand that held the mummy together. Most recently there is no penis to be found. What happened?  

Of course no one knows. Or, no one is talking anyway. But there is much speculation and disagreement among the scientists. Some say that because of TUT'S genetic disease his penis was underdeveloped; that his penis was replaced by a larger penis from another mummy; and, such was done for TUT'S status  in the after-world so he would not be embarrassed in the locker room. 

What ever the case, TUT'S penis is gone for now. And science is still looking for it as 'the mystery' continues.

And what does this international story have to do with anything meaningful in today's world? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! But, sometimes writing about 'nothing' has it's merits. Just like the mainstream media.