Sunday, July 25, 2010

ANOTHER PIT BULL ATTACK---This Time a 7 year Girl......

July 25, 2010: Oakland, California:  This morning a 7 year old girl was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull dog. Fortunately, the girl was not killed, but remains in the hospital and is expected to recover after the 'pit' attacked and  tore off one of her cheeks and upper lip. Her face is half gone. She will be permanently  disfigured the rest of her life and will experience a number of surgeries in years to come.

A Pit Bull dog 'bite' is like no other. There are  usually no growls or barks or other indications from the animal prior to attack. They just attack. The attack is a hyper-vicious jaw 'lock' with a grinding, shaking motion that does not 'unlock' until pryed  off.

Oakland, California is the crime capitol of The West (see our previous articles under this heading) and there are probably more Pit Bull dogs in this city percapita than in any other. Pit Bulls are used for protection here. Accordingly, Pit Bull attacks are more prevalent in this area. At the same time the 'politicians' in this municipality do little, if anything to control these killer animals.

Meanwhile, another child is maimed for life and laying in a hospital bed today recovering from a 'Pit Bull' attack.


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