Friday, July 30, 2010

Is it Splitsville for Bristol and Levi? Did Levi Impregnate his ex Who is Pregnant with Child? Does this mean There will be NO Bristol-Levi Reality Show?

Good Grief! What is this world coming to? Just when we thought Sarah Palin's  daughter Bristol and her political star crossed lover, Levi Johnston and the father of her child, would be in 'BLISSVILLE' on their much ballyhoo-ed TV reality show that hasn't sold yet, we learn that Levi MAY be the father of Lanesia Garcia's unborn child!  Does this mean 'SPLITSVILLE' for these media children? Does this mean they won't be doing their much anticipated reality show on parenting?

Does this even mean Bristol and Levi won't be getting married?

Only time will tell as this saga continues.

Hey folks! We can't make this stuff up. And even if we did, no one would believe it.

Say tuned.....


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