Friday, July 16, 2010

Jerry Brown: Meg Whitman Suffers From "TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE" --The Race for California Governor HEATS UP!

"TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE"!  Yes. Referring to Meg Whitman's latest trash attack television and radio ads now contaminating California's air waves, Attorney General  and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown described his Republican opponent as such. (Statement made on KGO radio on July 15).

Translation? Meg Whitman is a lying sack of nuts. A very rich sack of nuts. 

Just for the record, we 'fact-checked' Ms. Whitman's claims in her ads and found her statements to be 95% false. So, maybe candidate Brown has something going here with his diagnosis of Candidate Whitman. 

TERMINOLOGICAL INEXACTITUDE!  Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

Stay tuned. As this race for California Governor heats up, surely we'll have some comments about it.


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