Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meg Whitman and PORKY PIG.......some commonalities........

As Meg Whitman continues her 100 million dollar blitz in the electronic media for her race for governor of California, some of us are struck by the commonality between 'wall street whitman' and PORKY PIG.

FIRST, the voices of PORKY and MEG are are almost unidentifiable one from the other.When Meg speaks, check it out!

Additionally, the nature, the persona  of PORKY, his character,  his need to horde, to collect all the 'goodies' around him absent any comprehension of those about him in a kind of greedy ignorance  somehow represents the nature of MEG WHITMAN in her quest to be Governor of California.  Of course we'll write more on THIS later. Suffice to say now that MEG IS GRUBBING. And we know what it is she wants for her WALL STREET buddies and ultimately herself.

In the few TV and radio ads MEG presents that aren't attack ads, she says she HAS A PLAN for CALIFORNIA and then we're told to go to her website for that plan. In the political world this means NO PLAN because a bunch of innocuous junk has been written by those without a clue as to how to put a government plan together in the first place.

More later.....


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