Friday, July 23, 2010

Pit Bull "Terriers"---Bred to KILL! Make Possession, Breeding and Ownership a Felony NOW!

Since our article yesterday, we've done some research on Pit Bull Terriers and their propensity TO KILL.  We have found the following information:  

-Pit Bull dogs and their mixes are less than 2% of the canine population and account for one-third of the dog-to-human fatalities.

-In the U.S.,  a Pit Bull kills a human being every 22 days, usually a  child family member. These statistics are taken over a 10-year period!

-While there are no reliable non-fatal dog bite/attack statistics, insurance records show that billions of dollars are paid out from homeowners insurance policies each year, most of which are Pit Bull attacks and bites. These costs are passed on to all homeowners in their policies.

-Most Pit Bull bites/attacks on humans result in hospital stays while other breed bites/attacks do not.

-The Pit Bull dog breed was originally bred in England as 'bear-bait', to fight and wear bears physically down before a human killed the bear.

Why are these killer animals allowed to continue to kill and disfigure children, other humans and other animals?  Where are our politicians on this matter?   

Pit Bull Terriers are unpredictable animals. They are 'hard wired' through years of refined breeding to viciously attack their prey, crush bones with a superior developed-muscular jaw and neck and to not let go of their victims until that victim is dead! Just as a rattle snake is 'hard-wired' to bite and release it's venom into their prey, so too are Pit Bull dogs designed in like manner. 

Why are these animals allowed to exist in a civilized society? And why are there no controls over their possession, breeding and ownership? 

For the record, we love our small mixed breed dog like there's no tomorrow. She is a family member. But no 'dog' is worth the disfigurement of a child or that child's life. Pit Bulls have proved they disfigure and kill children. Between now and the end of the year, count on at least 10 more deaths as the results of Pit Bull attacks.  Is it not time to remove these animals from society and their ability to do what they were 'designed' to do? 

Write your politicians! Meanwhile, avoid Pit Bull Dogs when you can. This is a dangerous animal!



  1. i applaud your efforts, although they were originally bred to hold bulls and aid the butcher.

    what's up with these bully max ads?

  2. ...thanks for tuning in and for your comments. I'm not a 'pit' expert and accept all the help I can get. The bully-max ads were something I didn't know existed until I found them in some of my research. I printed them to demonstrate the craziness and ugliness of what some pit bull owners might do to fortify their killer dogs. I'll be writing more on the subject very soon.

  3. I'm just curious....the first picture that you have posted (the one w/ the chained dog) could you please prove that this is an American Pit Bull Terrier and not a mixed bully breed? No, you can't but any true, educated person could tell that they dog that you ahve posted is not a true APBT.

    True "pit bulls" are generally no larger than 45lbs and they aren't short and stalky...I'd appreciate it if you'd actually have facts on here. As you stated "to demonstrate the craxiness and ugliness of what some pit bull OWNERS MIGHT do to fortify their killer dogs"...however there are no killer dogs only owners that promote such behavior.

    It's not constitutional to bran a breed of dogs b/c of what SOME people do. There a large number of people who have well socialized and behaved pit bulls. Is it fair to say that your yippy, unbalanced, insecure small breed dogs should be banned b/c their owners don't know how to control their dogs? Your next arguement may be that pit bulls attack people...yeah so do your small breed dogs but they are not reported as often because its "cute." If you had your facts straight you would know that true breed APBT are the breed that is least likely to attack human due to their breeding and mentality.

    Any dog will attack when faced with extreme duress. Instead of trying to ban every pitbull in every town, why don't you become an advocate against the inhumane treatment that most "aggressive" pitbulls have endured.