Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pit Bull Terriers---Dog to Human Fatal Attack Statistics

It's easy to find dog to human fatal attack statistics by specific breed. Both the State Government and Federal Government keep them. Some counties and cities keep them as well.

It is more difficult to find reliable dog attack/bite figures because many are not reported to authorities. However, many of these are reported to insurance companies and the payouts from homeowners insurance policies are enormous according to one insurance adjuster. In the billions of dollars a year, he said.

Our focus here is simply to report  a few more Pit Bull Terrier (and their mixes) dog to human 'fatal attack' statistics.

So far in 2010, Pit Bulls account for 80% of all dog to human fatalities.

In California, over a 5-year period, 60% of dog to human fatals were from Pit Bulls.

In San Benito County, California, 100% of dog to human fatals were from Pit Bulls.

Consider these figures along with the statistics we've previously reported and we rest our case.

Is it not time our State and municipal politicians passed legislation to regulate these killer dogs? We think so.

(Above statistics come from and an interview with it's founder)

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  1. I have three in my home. I have raised two daughters and two grandchildren in the house with my babies they all play, they all love and they are all good. My Pitt terriers are bette behaved than my kids. As a matter of fact my oldest daughter is more likely to bite you than they are. It's all in being a responsible parent!!! You don't "OWN" an animal you "Parent" an animal the same as your children. We maybe higher on the evolution ladder, but most "human" animals are idiots. Treat an animal with love and respect and you'll not go wrong. Yes, some animals have serious issues. I have never had a problem with any except for my neighbors chiuahua, that thing is vicious for fun and the only reason we don't hear of a fatal attack from one of those dogs is only because the human head won't fit in its mouth. Wake up people it is NOT the DOGS fault it's the "Parents" same as your beligerent, violent, and nasty high school students. GROW UP!!Take responsibility!! Or your kids will be the next thing they try to outlaw.