Monday, July 5, 2010

Sarah Palin Unveils Her U. S. Foreign Policy Manifesto---On FACEBOOK!

We can't make this stuff up, Folks. Pea-Brain Palin, the sometimes Governor of Alaska and 2012 Presidential wannabe has presented her all encompassing U.S. Foreign Policy proposals to the world. On Facebook. Good diplomacy, Sarah.

We are not going to review it here because we won't  waste our time and space repeating this gibberish. One can easily go to Palin's Facebook page and see it in it's totality. Suffice to say it carries the usual Obama-bashing and convoluted hate rhetoric along with increases in military spending to the tune of about 2 trillion dollars. 2 TRILLION DOLLARS? Yup!

To demonstrate her intellectual dishonesty or lack of intellect at all, venerable Sarah has repeatedly  spoken passionately about economic conservatism, balanced budgets and paying back our national debt so our children won't have to do so. No problem with these thoughts. The problem is, how will 'President Sarah' pay for a new 2 Trillion Dollar military expenditure?

We anxiously await Sarah's fiscal figures on this subject.

In a previous article we wrote about how scientists are trying to solve King Tut's missing penis mystery. Maybe we should assign some of these scientists to solve the mystery of Sarah Palin's missing brain.


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