Monday, July 12, 2010

Sarah Palin's (SARAHPAC) FEC Filings -- Contributions and Expenditures -- 2010/First Quarter. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

And where did all that money Sarah Palin collected from 'the ignorant and the stupid' for her POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE (SARAHPAC) during the first quarter of 2010 go?  In a nutshell, Sarah pocketed most of it. Well, it is a Capitalist Society.

Sarah collected 2 million dollars for SARAHPAC. $87,500. went to Sarah's tea bag candidates around the country in $5,000. and smaller increments. For example, Sharron Angle, the coo-coo GOP Senatorial Candidate in Nevada received $5,000., while some other wannabe congressional nut sacks got $500. $210,000. went to 'consulting services' for Ms. Palin, and Sarah pocketed the rest of the money. Ah. There is big money to be made in U.S. politics and our Sarah is doing a good job making it. We suspect that 14-foot fence she erected around her house in Wasilla was part of the 'consulting' service figure as well as the 'boob-job'. But, the figures released by the FEC were not that specific.

Is collecting $$$$$$$$$$ for these 'political purposes' and then spending it as Sarah has legal? Probably so, else such information would not have been released.

But is using this money for personal reasons morally and ethically 'right'? We guess it is when we use Sarah Palin's rule book.

And now, Sarah has announced that she is writing another biography. This one, however, will be written for and directed to 8 to 12 year old girls. Accordingly, Sarah may even write some of it.

What would American Politics be without Sarah Palin?  Far more boring we think.  Keep it up, Sarah.  We need your comic, albeit dubious relief.


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