Monday, August 30, 2010

Republican U.S Senator DAVID VITTER Wins Nomination for a 2ND Term From Louisiana in the Wake of His 8+ Year Sex Scandal!

Most of US have something in common. Most Christians, Jews, Atheists, Muslims, Seniors, The Y Generation, Gays, Pro-Lifers, Right to Choicers, even the Teabaggers and Fox News Audience have something in common. That commonality is that most of US don't even think about or comprehend the sexual proclivities of some of our politicians, high profile and otherwise. Accordingly, when sex scandals are reported and then found true about certain members of our congress and other politicians, we can only sit back in amazement at what we read. John Edwards, Elliott Spitzer, the recent Ben Quayle AKA Brock Landers and connection come immediately to mind.

Now comes (AGAIN and AGAIN) David Vitter, a first term U.S. Senator from Louisiana who has been involved in more sex scandals than Brock Landers has postings on His first scandal was uncovered in 2002, in New Orleans with Miss Toy and The Canal Street Madam and then another one (2007)  in Washington D.C., with his 'diaper-fetish' fully exposed. We won't feature a word picture about this one. Just use your imagination.These events were not sporadic according to reports. They were (are?) regular and ongoing.

Vitter, when first confronted with these sexual assignations, of course, denied them as most good politicians do, and called them "crass Louisiana politics". However, later, he confessed and apologized, AGAIN and AGAIN, with his stock apology for "a very serious sin". And then reportedly continued his 'serious sin'.

And then, last week, David Vitter won the Republican nomination for a 2ND term of office in the U.S. Senate with about 80% of the vote!  His Democrat opponent will be Charlie Melancon, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives with a lesser scandal profile.

So? Whats wrong here? It seems David Vitter wins his elections with a 'family values', ultra-right wing platform and borders on the 'nut-case' list as a 'Birther' type. His congressional votes and rhetoric demonstrate that he makes Sarah Palin look like the Nancy Pelosi  of whatever political party Palin represents these days.

Only in America, folks!  We can't make this stuff up.

Will David Vitter be re-elected to the U.S. Senate this coming November?  We anxiously await the outcome with baited breath, a gas mask and the gift of a few dozen disposable diapers for the winner.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glen Beck--Sarah Palin---Their 'RESTORING HONOR TO AMERICA' Debacle on The Great Mall in Washington D.C. A Disgrace to AMERICA and an Insult To Any Critical Thinking Person.....

First! What in the world would Glen Beck and Sarah Palin know about HONOR? It's restoration or otherwise. They have none of their own, so why would 'they' even be talking about it?

Yesterday, on the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King's awe inspiring iconic civil rights speech at our nations Capitol, carpetbagger, charlatan money grabbers Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin made puny, disingenuous speeches about .......well  about nothing of a small DUMBED DOWN audience of the ignorant and the stupid.

Interestingly, although the mainstream media is buzzing about it, the main issue coming from it has been the size of the audience. Verified liar Beck crowed there were 500,000 people attending. This 'estimate' coming from the guy who repeatedly lied about the ground zero remnants and presented    all those bogus pictures about the site (information verified); the guy who has said 'anyone who takes what I have say as truthful need their heads examined'.

One cross-eyed tea-bagger congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann, placed the crowd number at 1 million.  A left winger cross-eyed coffee-party person who 'covered' the event said the crowd was no more than 25,000. 

The most valid crowd figure comes from an aerial photography team commissioned by news organizations who put the crowd at somewhere between 78,000 and 96,000 people.

Does any of this really matter? On any given Summer day, there anywhere between 40,000 and 60,000 tourists on the Great

(picture courtesy of Mother Jones)
Flash forward 10 or so years and we find these current pop culture icons-----Beck and Palin----- of a bygone era sipping margaritas at their villas on The Costa Del Sol or on their private jets winging to another of their compounds somewhere in the the Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn tin plates of financial success.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meg Whitman Takes a Stand (STUMBLE?) on Spending, Waste and Fraud in California Government!

In keeping with her MEGa media spending campaign on ads in her run for Governor of California (over $200 million to date),  Megalopolis Money Maven Meg Whitman unveiled still another advertisement that ran about every 15 minutes on radio stations throughout California. this past week. The ad's preface simply says,  "Meg Whitman takes a STAND on wasteful spending, fraud and abuse in government". Was this 'stand' a STUMBLE?  We think so. Meg says she has a 'plan' for all those bad guys out there ripping off the California tax payers. Here's the 'plan'.

Does this picture look like a man in drag?
Meg wants to impanel a new State wide Grand Jury to deal with governments wasteful spending, fraud and abuse. Essentially, Meg wants to create a new government bureaucracy. The new cost? In the Billions of dollars!  We suspect Meg loses sight (or doesn't have any insight into government) that California already has a State Grand Jury that deals with such matters. California, by law, also has a Grand Jury in each of it's 50 counties. California  has several Federal Grand Juries. On the law enforcement end, California has it's Attorney Generals Office, the State Police, and many agencies such as The Insurance Commissioner's Office, The Lottery, some State Education agencies, The GAO and others with Law Enforcement Divisions that already do what Meg proposes in 'her plan' with completely trained 'peace officers' pursuant to 832 PC standards. (Does Meg know what it costs to train a  single certified peace officer?) Add to these the myriad law enforcement agencies from the Federal and local governments in California to the specialized task forces, of which some are tagged with the direct responsibility of what Meg is calling for in her recent 'plan' and she stumbles badly in the political arena. 

Well.....maybe there's a bit more....................What is totally disingenuous about what Meg is saying in her recent ads, however, is that she recites cases that are decades old and have been adjudicated through agencies already in place. In this crude way, money bags MEG is going for some kind of populist support for her candidacy. Are the voters of California ignorant or just plain stupid?  Maybe they are both as Meg is not far behind in the polls. Maybe another $100 or so million will seal the deal for her in November. We'll see............

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ben Quayle AKA Brock Landers V. Jon Hulburd for Arizona's 3rd Congressional District and Endorsement.......

Ben Quayle AKA Brock Landers is wholeheartedly endorsed for Arizona's 3rd congressional seat by and we applaud their stance in  this political season. Ben/Brock has been an ample contributor to website for several years, and in fact seemingly  remains as a supporter of this controversial semi-porn website.

Today we reviewed in some depth and found more of Brock Landers (aka Ben Quayle)  essays relating to 'HIS CHICK' and some pictures he posted on this site. The 'chick' was certainly stunningly interesting if not  beautiful. But what were those pictures about with 'Brock' having that  little thing near his mouth? It seems 'Brock' may swing a bit if we are to accept HIS pictures.

Oh well......water under the bridge, so to speak in so far a we're concerned here......we have no horse in  this race for Arizona's 3rd congressional district.  We are watching it, however, for it's pure entertainment value and perhaps the 'disconnects' with the people of this country who must count on our government to do the right things for the common good as it can.

Enter Ben Quayle/Brock Landers Democratic opponent in the November election, JON HULBURD!  Although JON appears to be about 14 years old (thanks to the picture provided by, he touts that he is the father of 5 and will responsibly represent the people of Arizona's 3rd congressional district. The father of 5? Is he a Mormon? A Catholic? A sex addict? Does he have a "Brock Landers" alter ego as Ben Quayle has with his Brock Landers?

We anxiously await the the voters choice in November as to which 'personality' will be sent to the U.S. Congress in the November election.

Meanwhile Dan Quayle, our former VP and failed presidential nominee espouses the rancid 'family values' junk while wrapping his son in the flag and smearing both faces....Ben and apple pie.  

ONLY IN AMERICA! We can't make this stuff up, folks!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ben Quayle (AKA Brock Landers), Son of Former VP Dan Quayle Wins the GOP nomination in the 3rd District in Arizona - 'The' Connection!

Prior to the emergence of Sarah Palin on the national political scene, critical thinking people would argue that Dan Quayle, the 44th Vice President of these United States (1989-1993)  WAS the most ignorant and stupid politicians in our modern era.

Yesterday, Ben Quayle, the son of former VP Dan Quayle won the Republican nomination to the House of Representatives in the 3RD Congressional District in the State of Arizona. He won the nomination with about 22% of the vote in a field of 9 other hopefuls. This nomination is virtual assurance that Ben will be elected  in November as this district is a conservative bastion in Arizona.

The hatch ling Quayle, Ben, had been a front runner in his quest for national office. However, in the last days of his campaign, light was shown on the fact that Ben had a second life.  We can't make this stuff up seems conservative, traditional value Ben operated under the unlikely name of Brock Landers, a porn character from the film BOOGIE NIGHTS on a quasi porn site,

When confronted with this revelation, Ben, of course denied any connection to But a few days later and after incontrovertible evidence that he was also BROCK LANDERS, Ben acquiesced and said, "I fibbed". Yes! this was the verbatim response, "I fibbed".....and confessed that he was also Brock Landers and wrote a number of essays and posted certain pictures on the website

To check out our information, just 'google' and you will see Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers all over the place. Brock, it seems also has a Face book page while the 'dirty' suggests Ben/Brock enjoys the drug Ecstasy and has a homosexual/bisexual bent.

Of course here, we don't stand in judgement of what Ben/Brock is doing sexually. We don't care. However, the hypocrisy on the political landscape is another issue. 


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FOX NEWS (?) Conducts a Poll of it's Viewers: Who Would YOU Most Want to have Dinner With?

In a very recent poll conducted by FOX NEWS (?) of their viewers asking the question:  Who would you  most want to have dinner with?  The responses are most interesting and telling of the Fox News audience. Without comment (until later), here is who the FOX audience chose:

5. Roman Polanski
4. Snooki
3. Lindsay Lohan
2. Martin Sheen
1. Mel Gibson (with 54% of the vote)

We could rest our case with these figures alone. The case that  the FOX NEWS audience is a low-life ignorant representation of TV news (?) viewership.

To be fair and balanced to this ignorant audience, we can point out that 'FOX' had recently presented relative positive stories on each of the subjects mentioned above in the poll. We can also point out  the FOX audience stands at about 4 million a day according to Neilson and other TV tracking systems (a little more than 1% of the U.S. population).

Additionally the FOX audience is clustered in the Bible Belt with fundamentalist Christianity at it's sandy base. Most of this audience represent themselves as Republican politically while others now say 'tea party', which typically means ignorance or stupidity of being (take your pick). The Republican party has taken advantage of this 'base' in recent elections with the so-called wedge issues of abortion, the gay stuff and on and on while fleecing the taxpayers of their hard earned dollars to fund their  wars which have brought enormous profit to the 2% of the population who have funded them. And such has been going on since 1994, when the Republican party took control of both the Senate and House of Representatives which continued through 2006.

We could write more on this subject. Suffice to say even the ignorant and the stupid  who pay any attention at all to the FOX  misinformation, dribble and lies have their right to do so. Just as this same audience have had it's right to Pat Robertson like dogma.

And while we're on the subject, poor old ailing Pat, dementia and all, is still talking to God. To us, that means prayer. A good thing. But when God talks back as dear old Pat says he does, that is schizophrenia.

Bottom line to us is that this mentality is just plain Goofy!

Want to comment?


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proposition 23: The California Jobs Initiative? NO! It's California POLLUTION Initative!

California voters!   Do you want this?

            OR THIS?

You can vote one way or the other in November!

Once again, the 'polluters' are out to hood wink and fool the voters with what is called the California Jobs Initiative,  Proposition 23. Prop. 23 will be voted on in this years November election and touts to bring jobs to California. It doesn't. Prop.23 reduces and rolls back California's pollution standards to all industry, and in particular the oil companies.

Valero and Tesoro, both Texas based oil companies, have funded the passage of this initiative to the tune of more than $5 million with more money on the way as the election grows closer.

What California really needs is an oil severance tax. California is the only State in the union with natural resources without a mineral severance tax.

So? Where are the politicians? Where is the truth and honesty in political advertising? They are no where to be found when it comes to the 'well oiled' oil companies and their campaign donations.

And where is Governor candidate Meg Whitman in all this?  Take a guess.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The "DEVINE INSPIRED" Sharron Angle Campaign for the U.S. Senate Continues on it's DEVINE COURSE---Evil Black Football Jerseys Included......

The Republican-Tea Party-Christian Fundamentalist (Sack of Nuts) candidate for a Nevada U.S. Senate seat, Sharron Angle, continues on her  'DEVINE'  trajectory toward election day. The "anointed"  Sharron has repeatedly   told her constituents that "she is on a mission from God" with her candidacy.

So far that 'mission' includes Sharron Angle telling the press  they should only ask her questions she wants to answer,  wanting to abolish Social Security, taking away all rights for a woman's right to choose, lifting all pollution regulations on corporations, de-regulating Wall Street, prohibiting all sales of alcohol (a return to prohibition) in the U.S., teaching only Christianity in Public Schools, abolishing all government operated health care plans including Medicare, making a series of FOX NEWS appearances, and endorsed by Sarah Palin and on and on. And, oh yes, when a member of a Nevada School Board, Angle campaigned against a high school wearing black football jerseys on religious grounds, saying the color "is thoroughly evil". "Dark colors are un-Godly and wicked", she said.  She says she 'sings praises 'to HIM' every step of the way.

Does this mean that if successful in her candidacy that Sharron will introduce legislation to change U.S. Supreme Court Justices robes from black to white?  And maybe paint some gold 'angel wings' on the backs of those robes?  And does Sharron use dark ink in her campaign literature? If so, God is probably really angry with her.

Is Sharron Angle a GOP nightmare?  Something occurring in the dark color of night? We'll find out in November.

Meanwhile, let us pray!

(All substantive points in this article have been fact-checked.)


Thursday, August 19, 2010


According to The American Pet Manufacturers Products Association there are 74.8 million dogs in the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, some of these are 'DOGS THAT KILL'.

The U.S. Government (Center for Disease Control) Report, Canine Homicide, provides some stunning statistics:

-Pit Bull Terriers and their mixes are the most likely breed to attack, bite and  kill human beings, followed by Rottweiler and Presa Canario breeds.

-An American has a 1 in 50 chance of being bitten by a dog resulting in professional medical treatment in the contiguous United States each year.

-Dog bites in the U.S. send 368,000 people to hospitals each year (1008 per day).

-2% of the U.S. population (4.7 million people) are bitten annually by dogs. 

-Texas leads with Georgia second in fatal attacks in what the CDC labels "Canine Homicide".

These statistics along with others presented here in earlier reports and the headlines reporting deadly dog to human attacks  demonstrate an immediate PUBLIC SAFETY issue needing attention. NOW!

(For more information on this subject, see our postings on


Monday, August 16, 2010


We confess that our knowledge of the Arab-Muslim-Islam religion and it's sects is scant. We are ignorant of the teachings of Mohamed and the Koran. However, sometimes an issue crops up that peaks our interest and we do a bit of research on the matter. Such is the case when last week the new MECCA CLOCK was unveiled in the most holy of holy cities for this years Ramadan, billed as the worlds biggest clock. Also peaking our interest was the Islam thrust to other countries to change the world time standard from GMT to MECCA TIME.

Towering high over the central mosque in MECCA, and claimed to be the world's second tallest building, the ROYAL MECCA CLOCK has a face on all 4 sides with each side containing 10's of thousands of blue and white LED lights that flash 5 times a day to remind Muslims when it's time to pray. All devout Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day at specific times. The clock itself is a beautiful, intricate work of art as well as being a technological masterpiece.

We did some research on Islam's proposal to make MECCA TIME the world standard as a replacement to GMT and found some interesting facts.

Basically, GMT is based on science and MECCA TIME is not. Mecca time is based on Mohamed's teachings and therefore  part of the Islam dogma. He was obviously ignorant of some basics when it comes to  'time'. Mohamed was no Einstein when it came to keeping track of time or even knowing what time it is at any given time of day. Mohamed did not know the Earth turns on an axis and wobbles a bit and he didn't know Earth orbits the Sun. Accordingly, MECCA TIME is useless to the modern world. MECCA TIME right now is 3 hours or so ahead of GMT. Forget the day of the month or even the year it is under MECCA TIME because 'the count' is so far out of whack that any congruency to scientific time knowledge is nonexistent.

Now, with Ramadan in full swing, we suspect the 10's of thousands of Muslims now journeying to MECCA and those already there will appreciate the beautiful 'clock' Allah put in their most holy place so they can worship it too. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

PAKISTAN'S FLOOD DISASTER! Where Are the MUSLIM Countries In Aiding Relief? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Islam Clerics? 'Moderate' MUSLIMS? Where Are You?

One of the great natural disasters in history occurred in Pakistan this past week. Thousands are dead. One-third of the country is under water. Disease, especially cholera,  is rampant.

The U.S. has already committed 78 million dollars to relief  efforts along with 1,000 marines. The U.N. is scrambling to speed relief to  this stricken nation and it's people.

Pakistan is a Muslim nation.

So? Where are the other MUSLIM nations in this relief effort? Where are their humanitarian workers?  Where is their financial assistance?

We've searched 'the net' to determine what, if any, assistance is or will be coming  from other Muslim nations. To date, we could find nothing. NOTHING!  We suppose those who interpret Mohamed's teachings have found nothing in their 'good book' to even notice when THEIR PEOPLE are suffering and dying.

Saudi Arabia just completed a billion-plus dollar show piece mosque in their holiest of all cities, Mecca, complete with the worlds reported BIGGEST CLOCK which was unveiled earlier this week. Moderate Muslims have committed over $100 million to building their mosque at Ground Zero. And we've heard nothing, much less observed any affirmative action on relieving the pain and suffering of their own people in Pakistan from these Muslim entities.



Can the Governorship of California be Bought? Mega Bucks Meg Whitman Must think So......ALL CALIFORNIA VOTERS NEED TO READ THIS........

The latest financial data on the California Governors race just came over the wire....... right now Meg Whitman has spent an unconscionable total of  $204 million dollars on her campaign for governor of the the 8TH largest world economy. About $110 million went during the primary with close to $100 million spent since that time. And the SEASON really doesn't begin until after Labor Day.

At the same time and to date, Megs Democrat opponent, Jerry Brown, has spent $774,000. Given these figures, with Meg Whitman running on an austere fiscal platform, one might question which candidate is the true fiscal conservative in this race,

Interestingly, this lopsided  Whitman $204 million vs. the paltry Brown $774,000. expenditure
finds Brown leading in the all polls!  Although it is now clear the nomination for Governor of California can be and was purchased, it is questionable if the office itself can be bought. Of course we'll know one way or the other in November.

Junk Yard Meg was the CEO of eBay for a while and claims some credits that aren't true during that time. But we won't go into any of that here. What we will go into is what the Meg Whitman candidacy is all about.

It's about THE MONEY!  The money California has and how Meg Whitman can deliver that money to her Wall Street Bank buddies. It's about what Meg can do for the big oil companies in their quest for higher profit margins. 

The California Personnel Retirement System (PERS) and the California State Teachers Retirement System (STRS)  combined have over a trillion dollars  in them. The Wall Street Banks and investors have been licking their chops for years at what 'they' could do with these cash cows for 'their' benefit.  The boards of directors of these funds have been very circumspect in their 'investment practices and policies' over the years. The Governor of California has enormous power and control over these boards of directors and some ability to appoint members to these boards. A Whitman governorship could change the constellation of these boards to satisfy any deals 'meg' has made with them. And here's the beauty and insidious nature of it all.......suppose Wall Street got their hands on this money and the financial system collapses again as it did a couple years ago......THEY --- the Wall Street Banks would not be on the hook for any payback to pensioners. But the tax payers of California would be responsible for the debt as there is a binding contract with PERS and STRS to pay these pensions with the State of California. In other words, the California taxpayers would become the de-facto insurance company for Wall Street fiasco.  SLICK!

And what about Meg's ties to Big Oil?  We're not as wired into Meg's 'deals' with those as we are to her 'deals' with Wall Street. Suffice to say that Meg has some 'deals' right now to move forward with off-shore drilling  by executive order from the Governor which can be accomplished under a national security need. Establish the need, sign the order, and drill, baby drill.

We are a very small blog in the scheme of the Internet. Very small. But we do know that Megs campaign has been monitoring us for many months.   We subscribe to blog analytics and know who and when we are accessed for information. Accordingly, when this tome is read by the 'Whitman campaign' can you reply by telling us and our other readers how 'your Meg' can report she is using her own fortune to fund her campaign and who will really be  paying for it and how Meg will be reimbursed for her campaign expenditure . Also, in your response can you respond to what is NOT on your website for "a new California" and your relationship Wall Street and the Big Oil Companies.

Can A seat in the US Senate be Bought? Maybe! Lets Look at GOP US Senate Candidate Linda Mc Mahon

U.S. Politics just get more and more interesting.....and corrupt by some moral standards.

Case in point: Last week, Linda Mc Mahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) who was ousted from her job a year or so back, received the Republican nomination of her party to run for a seat in the U.S. Senate from the State of Connecticut.

With virtually no government experience, money bags Mc Mahon spent $22 million of her own personal fortune (so the tale tells) on her run for the GOP Senate nomination. Collecting 49% of the vote, Ms. Mc Mahon spent about $138.00 for every vote she got.

We'll see what happens in November. One thing very clear here is that a U.S. Senate seat, or at the least the potential for having one, can be bought.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neighborhood Dispute Results in 4 Felony and 7 Misdemeanor Counts, A 9 Day Trial and Aquittal---Only in San Francisco!

This is still another 'only in San Francisco story.

Two long time neighbors in The Avenues had been  fussing over the position of a hedge on a driveway for a few years. A couple months ago these neighbors dispute escalated into violence and arrests were made with one  being charged with 4 felonies and 7 misdemeanor charges which the District Attorney filed in the San Francisco Superior Court.

The San Francisco Court House
After a 9 day Superior Court jury trial, the alleged perpetrator of these crimes was acquitted. The following is what these crimes were based on:

-Subject 'A' sprayed the victim (Subject 'B') with air freshener.
-Subject 'A' then snatched the victims candy bar from the victim and ate it.
-Subject 'A' threatened to urinate on Subject 'B'.

Both Subjects 'A' and 'B' are octogenarians  with Subject 'A' needing a walker to ambulate and Subject 'B' is confined to a wheel chair.


......for a different and entertaining look at San Francisco, see our review on the film, LA MISSION on the blog,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silicon Valley Law Would Require Pit Bull Owners to Neuter Their Dogs.......

The Santa Clara County  (California)  Board of Supervisors are preparing to implement a law requiring all Pit Bull owners to spay and neuter their animals. Violation of this law would carry fines and possible loss of the animal.

Supervisor Ken Yeager is proposing this law in the wake of last months mauling death of a 2 year child in neighboring Contra Costa County and the incontrovertible evidence that Pit Bulls are a threat to public safety.

Congratulations go to Supervisor Yeager and members of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors with their start on acting on this very important public safety issue.


On a Lighter Note: Levi Johnston to Run for Mayor of Wasilla Alaska!

Here we go again. We can't make this stuff up. Truth is stranger than fiction.

From the Celebrity Sarah igloo encampment in Wasilla, Alaska, yesterday, Levi Johnston's manager, Tank Jones, announced that Levi, Tea Bag Sarah Palin's sometimes son-in-law in waiting, would run for Mayor of Wasilla. Johnston himself confirmed his candidacy later in the day, saying he would be a mayoral candidate in 2012. He also said he may run for City Council in 2011, to learn about "the job and all....all that stuff......this is for real". Johnston, 20, is showing his 'political chops' by adding  that his political career will unfold on a planned reality TV show. (We guess Levi's previously planned reality show with paramour Bristol Palin about parenting is not going to happen).

Levi's mother, speaking from prison, said she is pleased her son is going into politics and provides he would make a fine mayor. Actually, we're not sure if Levi's maternal influence is still in prison. She may be out on parole as we write. She was, however, sentenced to 5 or so years to prison based on her sales of Oxycontin to undercover drug agents about 2 years ago.

Meanwhile, current Wasilla Mayor Verne (Rufus) Rupright, dismissed Johnston's political aspirations saying Levi "should get a high school diploma and keep his clothes on".  Might we add that Levi get some sex education as well? Condoms would be a good start.

.....and the saga continues.......Truth is stranger than fiction......only in America!


Monday, August 9, 2010

...and The Pit Bull Terrier Attacks Continue........


Pit Bull Terrier attacks are so commonplace in today's world it's impossible to keep up with all of them. We will, however, report them from time to time just to maintain some kind of awareness that there are killers amongst us and they may be your neighbor's dogs.  Or, even your own dog. You know the ones.....those "sweet pit bull babies"  your Aunt Lizzie says would never hurt a fly.

The Dallas Morning News reported on July 26, 2010, 3 separate PIT BULL ATTACKS  reported by Dallas Police on the same day.

One, a 63 year old man on an early morning walk was attacked from behind by 2 PIT BULLS that knocked him to the ground and tore up a good part of the mans body.

Two, a 45 year old man was attacked while jogging in another part of the city by a PIT BULL. The man will not be jogging for a while as his leg was mangled in the incident.

Three, in the evening of the same day in still another part of Dallas, an 8 year old boy was attacked by the family 'pet', Muffin, their PIT BULL. The boys face was nearly torn off by this 'family member'. Fortunately, all those attacked in these incidents will survive.


10 Medical -Aid Humanitarian Workers Slain in Afghanistan in Name of ISLAM!

Over the past several days this International story is major world news and we won't detail it here. We will provide it's basics by saying 10 people, 6 of them American citizens, have been providing humanitarian medical aid to people in Afghanistan for 10 years, were massacred 3 days ago while doing their work. They were not armed. The Taliban has taken responsibility for these murders saying the workers were spies and preaching Christianity.

For the Prophet Mohamed and in the name of Islam, 10 humanitarian workers were 'slaughtered' (according to some reports) at the hands of 'extremist' Muslims.

And The Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero?

Oh! It's the 'moderate' Muslims who want to build 'the mosque'.

For the record, we don't see extremist Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or any other world religion killing people in the wholesale lots that has become a hallmark of the 'extremist' Muslims.

Still, the Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero.

Perhaps the billion or so dollars already available to build this Mosque monstrosity would be better spent with the so-called 'moderate' Muslims taking control over their 'extremist' brothers. And who knows which of the Muslims are 'moderate' and which ones are 'extremist'. Must we wait until a 'moderate' kills in the name of Islam to put them into the 'extremist' column?

We recognize the issues of Muslim dogma and behavior are vastly more complex than presented here. But why must WE even deal with complexities not of our making? We have enough complexities of our own with which to confront.

And right now Muslims are faced with still another natural disaster in Pakistan. Thousands are dead and billions of dollars in damage is reported from the recent floods and quakes there. Was Mohamed mad at them for some reason?

How many U.S. Dollars and how any humanitarian workers will be dispatched to Pakistan to aid these stricken Muslims?

NONE! Would be our vote. How about you?


Mega-Bucks Meg Sets New Campaign Expenditure Record in Her California Bid For Governor!

As of August 3, 2010, Mega-Bucks Meg Whitman has spent $99 million on her campaign for the California governorship. This is addition to the more than $100 million she spent to get the Republican nomination. At the same time, Jerry Brown, the Democrat nominee has spent a total of $237,000.

Does something stink here?  Maybe it's the stink from all those planned oil wells Meg wants to built for the BIG OIL companies. Or, maybe the stench of Meg's  deal with Wall Street Banks to shake loose the billions of dollars in the California PERS and STRS retirement systems?  We don't know, but it sure STINKS!


Monday, August 2, 2010

A Muslim Mosque at GROUND ZERO?

YES!  A Muslim Mosque and 'Community Center' is planned about 2 blocks away from Ground Zero in NYC and the political 'stir' about it is at passionate proportion throughout the country. At the same time it seems as though city fathers are about to give it's 'green light' to it's construction.

Unless one lives under a rock, the debate can not be unnoticed. Yesterday, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich entered the fray and decried the idea of a MUSLIM MOSQUE at Ground Zero. And we agree. Only we're going to be far more caustic in our remarks about it.

We will not rehash the myriad arguments for and against a MUSLIM MOSQUE located at Ground Zero. Instead we will take our argument against it to crass, but thought-out scenarios of having a MUSLIM MOSQUE positioned where 1000's of Americans died in an unprovoked attack on the United States way of life and democracy on 9/11/2001.

This Muslim woman is one of the 'enlightened-liberal' people of a sect of the religion. She can expose her forehead in her burka, Unfortunately, her sister was stoned to death last month because she allegedly had some kind of sexual relationship
outside of marriage. The sexual 'contact' was a kiss and a touching of a male friend.
When the 'Mosque' is built, ostensibly for Muslim worship, will the NYC Planning Commission allow a PORKY PIG DELI serving ham, bacon and pork chop sandwiches next door to it? How about a women's rights organization office on the other side of the MOSQUE shared with a Victoria's Secret franchise?  Or, maybe a liquor store? Outside,  will a T-Shirt concession  be appropriate with designs of the prophet Mohamed sticking out of Porky Pigs butt?  Maybe Lady GAGA could give a monthly outdoor performance in the street outside 'the mosque'.

Somehow we don't think the woman in the traditional 'black burka' shown above would appreciate such things. And then again, maybe she would.

Such things as good judgment, common sense, sensitivity and respect seem to have been lost in the 'Muslim religion' advance to build a mosque at ground zero. To us, those who don't give those things deserve none of these things in return.(The woman shown at the right is Lady GAGA and the women above are Victoria's Secret models). Are the Muslim clerics drooling yet? We suspect the ladies shown here are not virgins, meaning the clerics will need to find 40 different women for their lives in the eternal world with Mohamed.

And just for the record,  other countries, many other countries around the world, are experiencing  wholesale slaughters of Christians, Jews, Buddhists and other religions by Muslims in the name of Mohamed. Why? Because in THAT religion, people who don't embrace Islam must die for some kind of cleansing purpose. At the same time, the so-called moderate, peaceful Muslim community remains silent about the murders committed by their religion.

To us, until there is some kind of fundamental change in the Muslim religion, Muslims are enemies of the United States and must be treated as such.

Does a Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero make any sense at all?