Thursday, September 30, 2010


(Please see our previous post about this subject matter.)

(Diaz and Whitman)
Meg Whitman (with her husband at her side)  appeared this morning on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA SHOW and "unequivocally denied" knowing her maid of 9 years was an illegal alien; that "WE" had no knowledge of Nicky Diaz's citizenship status until 2009 when Nicky asked for their help in securing a green card.  Whitman also said there was "no letter".

Then, later came THE SHOWDOWN AT NOON at which time celebrated attorney Gloria Allred produced a copy of the 2003 letter from the Social Security Administration notification sent to Whitman and her husband indicating their was  a discrepancy in their maid's Social Security number. The letter also asked for some correction and documentation.  This letter was allegedly partially filled out by Whitman's husband and given to Nicky Diaz for her to complete some of the questions on the SSA questionnaire. There was a hand written note at the bottom of the letter (saying, 'Nicky, please check this, thanks') in Whitman's husbands hand writing (verified) to Nicky Diaz. Allred also has evidence of subsequent SSA notifications to Whitman reinforcing the 2003 letter but didn't present hen at "the showdown".

(Allred left-Whitman right)
Still later, after seeing Allred's evidence (which was presented and distributed to the media), the Whitman camp equivocated from  this mornings' unequivocation and released a statement from Griffin Harsh, Meg's husband, saying "it is possible"  he did receive the SSA letter and "possible" that it is handwriting on the evidence.  He also said he had probably 'forgotten' about it.

 And even later, Gloria Allred went on the radio with more comments. Coming across like a 'sleaze', especially when she compared Nicky Diaz to Rosa Parks. She did say she has "more" stuff. Sleaze or not, Allred has potent evidence to support her claims.


Comment-Analysis-Predictions:  Gloria Allred DOES NOT chase ambulances. She chases Brinks trucks full of money belonging to the rich and famous.   The recent Tiger Woods sex scandal comes immediately to mind. Allred represented one of Woods' mistresses. Allred settles most her civil cases out of court. Accordingly, the settlements are rarely made public.

In this instant case, Allred will file a civil case against Whitman. Those documents will ask for mileage reimbursement and back wages owed,  wages not paid during the maids course of employment. The suit will also ask for punitive damages for 'humiliation' and 'disrespect' among other disparagement's.

The Civil Matter 'test of proof'' is based on a 'preponderance of the evidence'; meaning that the evidence only has to lean to one side or another. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not part of the civil law.  It appears that Allred has her civil proof.

But we believe this case will never go to trial. We predict that after a year or so of negotiation, Whitman's housekeeper will doubtless get compensation for the work she did outside the 15 hours a week for which she was paid AND there will be punitive damages paid. Probably in a million dollar range of which Allred will get somewhere between 30% and 60% of the 'take'. 

So why all the 'hoopla' about MAIDGATE?  We're not sure. Of course a great part, if not all,  of it is purely politically motivated. And, what's so shocking about a CEO of a major company turned politician Lying and being Hypocritical?  Such is the nature of both in most cases.

One quality  we see is in the sloppy way a candidate for a governorship has handled a broadside political 'HIT'. And the question immediately comes to mind as to how 'sloppy' will Meg Whitman be as a political neophyte taking on the politics of the worlds 8th largest economy.

Certainly, there will be more. Look for a strike against Jerry Brown from the Whitman camp very soon.



While Meg Whitman was singing the Star Spangled Banner at the California gubernatorial debate about IMMIGRATION and HER hardcore 'stand' on the subject 2 days ago, celebrity attorney GLORIA ALLRED was preparing the allegations that MEG knowingly employed a Mexican illegal immigrant for 9 years (2000-2009) as a maid. MAIDGATE!  

As the autistic boy in the film THE BLACK BALLOON would reach to his backside, pull out an anal cavity morsel and hand it to a person he didn't like,  GLORIA ALLRED did likewise to Meg Whitman yesterday. The 'Meg people' scrambled for damage control saying Meg didn't know her maid, Nicky Diaz, was undocumented. Allred says Meg did know and has clear evidence to prove her allegations.  The 'Meg People' said 'put up or shut up'. And so today we have 'SHOWDOWN AT NOON'!

In TRUE, GLITZY HOLLYWOOD STYLE, Allred announced last evening that in response to  MEG's defensive statements, "there will be a SHOWDOWN AT NOON" in her office TODAY at which time she (Allred) will present hard evidence that Meg knew for years her maid was undocumented and fired her only after Meg decided to run for the governorship. News media invited!.

It seems 'The Meg people' don't have 'The Allred Political Playbook'. If they did, they would have known that when Gloria 'fires off', it's not a single shot. It's the beginning of a barrage of 'bombs and bullets' fired in the hope of hitting a bulls eye. Essentially, Allred 'fires' at a target, leaving some of her bigger 'fire power' to a later time. When 'the target' responds, Allred escalates her presence with more substantive evidence and goes for 'the smack down'. There may be several rounds of escalation before Allred gets her victory. But in the end she usually gets that victory because she would not have moved forward in the first place without hard evidence to do what she wants to do. She picks her fights! SLICK STUFF! Not very sophisticated. But effective.

'The Meg People' have really been suckered into this 'tempest in a teapot' A tempest they're not going to win.

So, today, at the SHOWDOWN AT NOON, Gloria Allred will again reach to her backside, pull out more anal cavity morsels  and this time smear Meg's Pinocchio nose with it.

Let the games we HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010



A week or so ago, equestrian Meg Whitman  decided she needed some R&R  away from her 'rigorous' absentia campaign for the California governorship, took one of her million dollar horses to TEXAS and rode 'those praries'.  Along the way she met with some old friends. On her list were Governor Rick Perry of Texas and the hierarchy of the OIL GIANTS VELERO and TESORO, major backers of California's Proposition 23, the proposition that SUSPENDS AB 32, California's omnibus clean air act that would supercharge the State's job market with climate change industries.

Upon her return, mega-bucks Meg said she was against Proposition 23, but would "SUSPEND AB 32"  for a couple years for determination of '32's' impact on California's job market.

Last night during her debate with Jerry Brown, a stiff, mannequin-like Meg reported she had been to Texas and reported  glowing reports about THE TEXAS BUSINESS ATTRACTION MODEL with it's lack of 'redtape' and DEREGULATED STANDARDS.

Have you been to Texas? Seen it? Smelled it? Have you been to Houston with it's heavy pollution? Have you driven through a polluted-sand storm in the Lubbock area? Had your shiny car come out of that sand storm pitted with no chance of ever bringing it back to any reasonable presentation?   Experienced the grainy polluted scummy sand coming inside your vehicle and staying there with no possibility of ever getting it out? We Have. Upon our return to California, we sold the car at a considerable loss. TEXAS IS UGLY.

Still, MEG GLOWS ABOUT THE TEXAS BUSINESS MODEL. Those of us who've experienced it don't.

One big concern we have about Meg, however, is HER CONNECTIONS to the VELERO and TESORO OIL COMPANIES with their rabid approach and want to drill off the California coast, deregulate California's pollution standards and otherwise have California look and be like TEXAS.

A vote against Meg Whitman is also a vote against the VELERO-TESORO Agenda.

Not verified, but buzzed to us this morning, is that a grenade, if not a bomb will be dropped into the Whitman campaign later on today. We are told that celebrity attorney Gloria Allred has scheduled a news conference in SoCal in which she will bring charges against Whitman's character, possible corruption and possible criminality in Whitman's personal life. We await with a political news junkie's insatiable interest to find out.

Whatcha got, Gloria?

Stay tuned............


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jerry Brown/Meg Whitman Face to Face! A DEBATE Performance Review

Now we know why Meg Whitman shuns speaking 'openly' to the press and almost every other place. SHE CAN'T SPEAK! .....the SO IT WENT. Poor thing.  When she did put a sentence together with all the urrrr's, ahhhhs and 'you knows', the thoughts were nothing new, and in fact retreads of her many TV ads. Unfortunately, she sounds like a version of a Porky Pig cartoon. Meg is testimony to the fact that NOT ALL BILLIONAIRES CAN SPEAK WITH ARTICULATION.

Wanting to hear arguments 'for' Meg's performance, we tuned-in to a 'right wing' talk show to hear their rendition of last nights debate. For one hour, we heard that Meg 'hit a home run'; that she handily won the debate; that she was, composed, competent, graceful, poised, in command of herself.  Not a single statement on any issue was mentioned! Accordingly we question if these 'right-facing' talking heads saw and heard THE DEBATE at all. In fact, our 'take' is that Meg looked like a METRO-SEXUAL MANNEQUIN FROZEN IN A TWILIGHT TIME ZONE.

Jerry Brown was in command of the issues and the facts behind them. He was humorous and in his machine-gun mouth style said more in a 2 minute response than Whitman said the entire evening.

NOW. Jerry did cuss during the debate. He said 'HELL'.....twice! We suppose this did not set well with the religious right. But we don't think it mattered much anyway because the 'holy rollers' have never been known to be in the Brown camp. Plus, Last Sunday, the California churches participating  in 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday' told their 'flocks' not to vote for Jerry Brown in bash and trash sermons.

A quick KRCA TV  (the station that presented the debate) poll  after the debate gave Jerry Brown 'the win' with 56% to Whitman's 44%.

There will, of course, be more polls and Meg Whitman will fire off another battery of her 'MEG TAKES A STAND'  commercials. But, last night Meg TOOK A TUMBLE. A big one.

Question: Will Meg return to the 'Debate Arena'?  We'll just have to wait and see.


California Governor Candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman--First Debate--September 28! COMMENTS and PREDICTIONS


Yes! This evening, September 28,  at 6 p.m. on the U.C. Davis Campus, Meg Whitman comes out of hiding to debate the ubiquitous Jerry Brown in the California race for Governor. The 'show' will be televised live by KTVU in the Bay Area and 'fed' to other television channels throughout the State.

There will be 3 subsequent debates:

-October 2, Fresno State University at 6 P.M.
-October 5, KGO radio news talk show at 9 A.M.
-October 12, Dominican College at 6 P.M. 

Comment:  Jerry Brown has participated in more than 40 debates in his political history. Expectations for him will be high. His job will be not to 'stumble'. Just a small stumble will be characterized as a major gaffe. Brown is glib and fast on his feet. His 'machine-gun mouth' style, punctuated with sly humor is always entertaining. The question is, Can this old war-horse connect with the audience and stay on message?

Comment: Meg Whitman is the definition of a 'Madison Avenue' packaged  product. She has little experience in the 'political' debate arena. Her debate experience has been in 'the Board Room' where there is a corporate pecking order.  When Whitman makes political appearances she makes HER speech and leaves the podium. Her only 'news' appearances have been controlled with pre-approved questions. She does not like 'open' questions.  However, expectations for her will not be high. Her job tonight will be not to come across as a haughty boss and to have a command of the issues California faces. The question for Meg is, can she stand up to the pummeling she will take tonight?

Predictions: Jerry Brown can be a 'pit bull'. We suspect he will be such tonight. We predict that Brown will wipe Whitman all over the political map. If Whitman is still standing at the end we can give this debate a draw. We also predict that if Meg fails miserably, she will cancel or suspend future debates as Arizona Governor candidate Jan Brewer did a few weeks ago in one of the most embarrassing debate performances in history.



Monday, September 27, 2010


Does this symbol make you cringe? It makes me cringe. When I see it, it brings up many thoughts and provokes many emotions. It is a menacing symbol. But also a sad symbol.  It is a symbol for critical thinking people to ponder.

The swastika is now history. But once upon a time it represented a future. A new world. A new life for 'THE CHOSEN'. THE PURE. THOSE WHO ACCEPTED AND LIVED IT'S SPECIFIC DOGMA.

In the 1930's, celebrated and prolific author Christopher Isherwood wrote his 'BERLIN STORIES' and 'I AM A CAMERA' among other descriptive novels and essays about the rise of THE NAZI'S in Germany and Fascism and Socialism in some of Europe.

Later, Isherwood's stories became a Broadway play and still later a Broadway musical and subsequently the film CABARET. In the film there is a haunting, powerful song that quickly  turns the story from a compelling social commentary against the backdrop of fascist incidents  into a momentum of controlling physical-political events that brings the backdrop into the foreground with it's primary characters becoming background  stereotypical pawns in an evolving oddessy that led to World War II, the holocaust and the killing of millions of people.

The setting is in a German Beer Garden. People are jovial, convivial. It's a clear day. Not a cloud in the sky. Our primary characters are relaxing in the warm Sun when a record is placed onto a phonograph. The music raises and a cleanly scrubbed blond youth steps to a small stage. He's wearing a starched military uniform with well defined swastika armbands and begins to sing "TOMORROW BELONGS TO ME".

(First Verse)

The Sun in the meadow is sunny and warm,
The stag in the Forrest runs free,
But gather together to meet the storm,
Here's the Video...
In the second and third verses, the music builds, the boy's voice becomes stronger and more youth dressed in uniforms join him in a powerful crescendo evangelical ending. The scene goes dark and the next scene shows us the what's happening on the streets of Berlin. Nazi power and control has taken over.

The roots of this history can be traced to a generation earlier. Small villages were controlled by the iron hands of fundamentalist religion.  The 'religion' was also the 'law enforcement' and dictated a certain moral base of thought and behaviour. The pastors of these churches were usually the mayors or village authorities who dictated and commanded social control over the townspeople. They meted out punishments for both social and what was determined to be moral crimes (based on the interpretation of the Bible from pastors).  Masturbation was a moral crime and strictly punished. Those who varied from the dogma were shunned, banished and sometimes experienced  physically abuse  for any violation of a village law. 'God's law'. At the same time, villagers armed themselves against enemies that didn't exist.

There is, of course,  a lot more to this history that became a harbinger of things to come. For more, the film, The White Ribbon,  is one source with documentation one may want see. The White Ribbon was researched for 10 years by  Austrian writer Michael Heneke and is the product of an incredible research project into the history of Germany circa 1913-1914,  and tells a fictionalized composite story of a puritanical village when that country was on the verge of WW1. It suggests the roots of WW ll  and Nazi Germany were sown at that time; that village children became members of The Third Reich.  The books  Rise and Fall of The Third Reich by William L. Shirer and Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews--A History (2001) by James P. Carroll provide verified information about Nazi history and it's 'socialism' economic strategy. Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning also provides a useful resource to this history.

Our idea here is to take a look at the parallels of Nazi history to recent U.S. history. Will the U.S. experience the terror and horror of experience of Germany in the last century?

In the 1980's, conservative politicians discovered there were 'golden' votes to be mined from evangelistic  fundamentalist Christian churches. Such became a small power base of sorts. Add in the NRA, 'The Right to Life-Anti-Abortion groups, with a sprinkling of 'THE LOST IGNORANT' who don't know the difference between a Bible Scripture and the graffiti written on walls of a Greyhound Bus Station toilet, and we have a much larger, but still small  power base and voting block. Compound these ingredients with demagogue, special interest orators from pulpits and political lecterns with some well placed 'hate speech' and a recipe for a country's 'fracture' emerges. Since 2000,  numbers of this group have grown as the vitriolic rhetoric has amplified. Right now we have statements coming from some top officials that come close to pushing these unstable 'souls' into violence. Everyday it seems we hear new slogans and admonishments to  these 'sheep' that anarchy may be the only way to do 'GODS WILL'.

According to some reliable pollsters, about 20% of the U.S. population are now part of this loud, unstable, unpredictable minority group which is in the uncomfortable pockets of right wing  political groups. 20% of the U.S. population translates into about 60 million people. Should just a small percentage of this number become active anarchists, imagine the terror and carnage that could happen on American soil.

Unfortunately, we see some stark parallels between the history of last century Germany and the more recent history in our country. Accordingly, an important question arises. Is the U.S. destined to internal violence? Another civil war? Anarchy? If the 'indicators' mentioned here are not addressed toward some kind of common national goal to dissipate the unrest we now experience, we may re-live some very violent history.

Do we believe here that wholesale civil violence WILL occur in our country? A real civil war? NO! We don't. We believe calmer, more rational minds will prevail. At the same time there are some daunting facts to consider.

In the last 5 years armed renegade militia  groups have grown exponentially. Google  'malitias' and you will see some stunning facts.

During the past 2 years,  gun, ammunition and other weapon sales have skyrocketed. One place  the economy is not experiencing recession is in the weapons industry. Some ammunition manufacturers are running 3 shifts and can't keep up with the demand.  Gun manufacturers are experiencing the same uptick in sales. Gun shops and other weapon sales outlets have waiting lists for ammunition and some gun models. Check out some of these retailers for these items and you'll find waiting lists and in some cases rationing because of the demand. We have visited some  gun counters at Wallmart stores and some gun shops over the last couple years and find the cabinets with scant products to sell. Especially certain types of ammunition.

Add to these things a more shrill, hateful and divisive rhetoric from some church and political "leaders" and guns will be loaded by the 'unstable and the ignorant'.

The question also arises as to what can be done to calm a boiling point circumstance. The only thing that comes immediately to mind is EDUCATION. Not just academic education, but also an education of the heart.

Any thoughts?


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today is "PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY"! What Happened to The "Separation Between Church and State" Precept The U.S.A. CONSTITUTION Is Built Upon?

FIRST, The U.S.A is NOT a Christian nation. It is not a Muslim nation, a Jewish nation or any other kind of religious nation. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL secular nation built upon a deliberate SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE precept. Anyone who 'thinks' and believes otherwise needs to 'study-up' on the subject matter.Of course there ARE those in our midst who won't accept education and they can and will do their pseudo, modernized, modified versions of their KKK mentality.

Over the years, when income taxes became part of this country's fabric, churches and certain other entities were given TAX EXEMPT STATUS. Federal Tax Law, promulgated in 1953, however, PROHIBITED churches and other tax exempt entities from endorsing or opposing political candidates for office based on the time honored  'SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE' national standard.

In more recent times, however, there have been some noticeable 'blends' of political issues with so-called 'Christian Values' movements and dogma.   Political candidates in some pockets of our nation are pandering to a growing number of  BIBLE THUMPING, tambourine shaking, 'holy-rolling', right-wing nut fundamentalist churches. Churches that enjoy TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

The 2000, 2004 and '08 General Elections saw growing numbers of  these 'churches' both endorsing and trashing certain political candidates from pulpits across this nation. Beginning in 2004, The IRS started warning these churches they were putting their tax exempt status in jeopardy because of their vehement political stances, a violation of the law. Thus, we had the beginning of the 'more righteous than thou' segment of our country  crying 'there were GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONS in the courses of their worship services. More recently, The IRS has reiterated  it's position.

So, today we have "PULPIT FREEDOM SUNDAY". More than 100 churches across the country will defy THE LAW and preach their renditions of the pros and cons of various candidates for public office, endorsing some while trashing others.

Leaders of this defiance say they are exercising FREE SPEECH. Government officials say these churches are breaking THE LAW and may lose their tax exempt status.

What happened to The Biblical admonition for Christians 'to obey the law of the land'?  Are these 'defiant ones' sinning against their own Biblical Law? NO! These fundamentalists will say. They will say THEY are doing Gods work, under GOD'S WILL (based of course on their interpretation of the so-called 'good book').

One thing for sure. We won't see the Pat Robertson or Benny Hinn crowd among those breaking the law. They simply have too much money at stake to risk their Tax Exempt status.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Billionaire KOCH BROS., Velero, Tesoro Corps. Fund............

Our September 5, 2010,  "Billionaire KOCH BROTHERS, Velero, Tesoro Corps. fund California's Proposition 23........." article has become our most read article of all time. With literally 100's of page views, it seems there is considerable  interest in these brothers and other subterranean elite powers that manipulate the American politic toward  their financial and power base 'special interests with money, especially money.  Their planned insurgencies into our Federal, State and local governments with THEIR (RENTBOY) CANDIDATES and LAWS THEY WANT PASSED are a matter of record. Joe Miller, Ken Buck, Sharron Angle, Jim De Mint, Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin are incarnate examples of their products from a very long list of  other dupes. And, we'll continue to write about these things.

(from New Yorker Magazine)
The main purpose of this article, however, is to draw attention  to Jane Meyer's superior article in New Yorker Magazine (August 30, 2010 issue) profiling the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS. Ms. Meyer carries the highest journalistic credentials and respect. Her brilliant investigative reporting on the Koch Brothers is testimony to her work. We thought readers here might be interested in seeing it.


SARAH PALIN IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT in 2012! Mammy Yokum in The White House? It Could Happen

A lot of months ago we predicted Sarah Palin would run for the presidency in 2012. And this past week she all but confirmed her candidacy, saying, "If no one steps up to plate, I (SHE ) will and run for the presidency". She also gave a nod to South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim De Mint as her potential running mate.

A source close to Palin told us she would make a formal announcement early next year,  "sometime near President Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech". However, the Mammy Yokum from the Klondike is not known for following her handlers advice, so we'll have to wait and see as to when her 'announcement' comes. We do, however,  stay with our prediction that PALIN IS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY in 2012.

Given Sarah Palin's belief in 'the rapture', does any thinking person want this womans' finger on 'THE NUCLEAR BUTTON'?

Can U.S. politics sink lower?


The MAINSTREAM MEDIA DISCONNECT! Some Examples......OBAMACARE/MEG WHITMAN Campaign Expenditures......

Many of us have recognized for sometime that the major mainstream media does not report 'the news' very well. We recognize that FOX NEWS is not a viable news source, given it's right wing biases. Likewise, MSNBC abstracts and con volutes it's 'news' toward a liberal bent. Neither can be trusted as viable news sources.

This past week (the once trusted) ABC, CBS and NBC network 'news' continued   their 'half-a-loaf' news coverage on at least one very important issue and one political financial issue.

All three networks and their affiliates along with some newspapers and Internet sources reported in BIG HEADLINES and as lead stories these 'half facts':

(Rush Limbaugh)
-POLLS:  "66% of the Public Unhappy with OBAMACARE"......and then went on to imply that those polled didn't want national health care at all in a sentence or two.  Talking heads, talk show hosts and pundits 'ran' with THIS news and twisted it even further.  That which  was NOT REPORTED from these respected pollsters was that 2 of 3 people of that 66% did not think OBAMACARE went far enough. They wanted more comprehensive coverage than what the new law provides. Accordingly, a poll that shows about 66% of the U.S. population wants national health care and more of what the law provides for was turned to the diametric opposite in it's media reported form.

-"Meg Whitman, California GOP candidate for Governor sets National record for a campaign expenditure. $119 million (ostensibly from her own personal fortune) in her run for the governorship". This headline is true, in part. From the time Whitman won the GOP nomination last June, she has reported to proper sources a $119. million expenditure. Whitman, however, began running for the governorship in 2009, and what is not reported is that she spent an earlier and additional  $105. million to secure the nomination (also reported to proper sources). So far, Meg has spent $224. million to secure the Governor's office of California. She can, of course, give her campaign another $15-20 mil if she wants to do so. One thing, perhaps the only thing Meg (with her Pinocchio nose)  has been open about is her campaign spending. In just a few weeks we'll find out if  a governorship can be bought. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to report their 'half-a-loaf' news.


Tea Party/Republican U.S. Senate Candidate CHRISTINE O'DONNELL .... Some 'new quotes' ON VIDEO!

The soon-to-be certified 'sack of nuts' Tea Party/Republican Sarah Palin endorsed, Billionaire Koch Brothers financially backed U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware, CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, continues to amaze with her quips and quotes. Here are some new ones.

This week Bill Maher released more video of 'CHRISTINE' from the 20 plus appearances she made on his show a few years ago. Last night's re-run from an October 15, 1998, show was especially mind boggling. Christine chirped, "Evolution is a myth. Why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?"

In a 2003, episode of the show Scarborough Country, Christine crossly said.  "I'd stop the whole country from having sex!", then went on to talk about her own chastity.

Some this would be funny if it was a Tina Fey routine. But it's not! This IS a bonafide candidate for THE U.S. SENATE. OUR U.S. SENATE with a vote that shapes the future of OUR COUNTRY and sometimes the world. CHRISTINE O'DONNELL believes in THE RAPTURE as does her mentor SARAH PALIN.  

One thing for sure, however. The Tea Party and Republicans must have a great sense of humor as some of their candidates are jokes.

Meanwhile, you may want to look around to your backside to see if you're growing a tail and check the calendar as to the last time you got laid. If you haven't had any sex for a while, Christine O'Donnell may be the reason.


Friday, September 24, 2010

California's Gubernatorial Candidates Take a Stand on Proposition 23!

(More thorough articles about Proposition 23 have been reported on this blog in the past. But a quick definition of this Proposition and  how it relates to AB 32, set to go into effect in 2012 is in order.)

(A California Velero Refinery-2010)
AB 32 was passed into law by the California legislature in 2006, and requires those businesses that create green house gases and air polluting substances  to bring their emissions down back to 1990 standards. AB 32 also creates new California jobs in 'green' energy and some some new small business. 

Proposition 23 was written and is funded by out-of-State oil companies who own California oil fields and refineries that don't want the regulations attendant to AB 32.  If passed into law, Prop. 23 would suspend AB 32 until California's unemployment rate drops below 5%. This proposition claims to create jobs, but it doesn't. California assemblyman   Dan Logue  carried this proposition to the State.

Yesterday, California's gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman issued their stands on Proposition 23. Yesterday, both presented their positions. Brown's was expected as he is accessible to the media. Whitman's was not in that she rarely takes questions from any source. Especially, the mainstream media.

Jerry Brown succinctly said he is against Proposition 23, will vote NO on it and encourage the implementation of AB 32.

Meg Whitman says she is also against Proposition 23, did not say how she'll vote on it and wants to suspend the provisions of AB 32 for one year until it's determined what impact AB 32 will have on jobs.

Are Meg's words weasel words?  We think so.

Given her 'connections' to Wall Street, Big Oil, the Billionaire Koch Brothers  and on and on, it looks like Meg, aka Arnie in a skirt, is lying.

The studies are in. AB 32 creates jobs and has already done so.

California's Small Business Association, the largest organization of it's kind in the country, has come out opposed to Proposition 23, saying AB 32 creates jobs, especially for small business while noting most campaign funds for the passage of Prop. 23 come from outside the State (i.e. Oil giants Valero, Tosoro and THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS).

Again, we urge a "NO" vote on Proposition 23!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

VOTE NO on RENTBOY TOM Mc CLINTOCK and NO on Proposition 23!

(anon rent boy)
There are a million 'rentboy' stories in The Naked City of Politics. And TOM Mc Clintock's is one of them. 

We urge a NO vote on his re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Novenber.

Here's why:

Tom Mc Clintock never saw an election in which he didn't want to run. He's been in so many elections we've lost count of the number. He's a serial 'runner' for public office. He's lost most of his election campaigns. But a few times he got lucky. Most recently he got lucky in California's 4th Congressional District 2 or so years ago and won a house seat by just 10th's of percentage points, packed his bags and went to Capital Hill with bells on and a 'rentboy' sign on his chest. Now he's up for re-election.

Rentboy Tom is one of those gadfly politicians. He flits from election to election and flounces from  issue to issue.   He services lobbyists from BIG OIL and the Insurance companies. In just a short time, Tom Mc Clintock has earned a reputation as being one of the most 'opportunistic' politicians on The Hill. He joined in with other Republicans today on the innocuous 'Pledge to America' averring to REFORM CONGRESS  and RESTORE TRUST in GOVERNMENT (which is the biggest 'inside' joke of the year).  

Rentboy Tom is also a carpetbagger of sorts. His home is in Southern California, Thousand Oaks. But when the seat opened in California's 4th District in the Northern (East) foothills, Mc Clintock quickly moved to Elk Grove in 2009 for his run for office. 

These things in and of themselves are good reasons to vote NO on Tom Mc Clintock. But there is more.

(Mc Clintock's Clean Air Policy)
Regardless of how he might weasel on Proposition 23, Mc Clintock is for it! Take a look at rentboy's connection to TEA PARTY EXPRESS guru  Sal Russo, the guy who is only one degree of separation away from the Billionaire  Koch Brothers and we rest our case. 

We urge a NO VOTE on Tom Mc Clintock and a NO VOTE on Proposition 23. 


The CRUSADES in the Dark Ages of World History stand today as one of the GREAT MORAL STAINS on humanity as the rise of Western Civilization was emerging. The Crusades were a time when THE CATHOLIC CHURCH conscripted it's subjects and amassed  them into military brigades to kill all people who would not adhere to and embrace CHURCH LAW. Even children were placed in brigades, armed with sticks and rocks to serve as decoys to opposing forces for the better armed 'adult' brigades to descend on the opponents and slaughter them. Referred to as "THE CHILDRENS' CRUSADES", many children died. In the name of GOD, countless people were slaughtered and annihilated doing 'the work of the LORD' during this dark era. 

We remind ourselves of  this history as an analogy of sorts to what is going on right now in the American Politic and what is becoming the POLITICAL CRUSADES of a modern era. There are principles in similarity at work here.  This current CRUSADE is a matter of Social CONTROL and DOMINATION just as the Dark-Age Crusades were. 

Now comes the beginning of a political bloody confrontation between the leaders of The Tea Party and The Republican establishment. 

It wasn't long after The Republican Establishment unveiled it's "PLEDGE TO AMERICA" (today, in a lumber yard) that The Tea Party "CONTRACT FOR AMERICA" Foundation unleashed it's wrath on 'the establishment' with a snide, ungracious written statement essentially accusing The Republicans of trying to usurp their 'hold' on the conservative constituency the TEA PARTY believes they own. FIRST BLOOD has been drawn in the New Political Crusades! 

In their statement, The Contract for America Foundation responds to The Pledge to America by accusing the Republicans of plagiarism and a reminder that over 300 incumbent House and Senate office holders and candidates have signed THEIR CONTRACT. They snidely point out that it is refreshing that the Republican Party is finally getting 'the message'. Their relatively brief statement ends with a plea for all candidates and incumbents to sign 'the contract' and encourages their followers to call upon their political 'leaders' to do so. 

For the full 'Contract' statement, go to For 'Pledge' information try

Sometime ago we wrote about what has been known about the frictions and the inside smoldering skirmishes between  these parties in their wrestle for control of the same constituency. Our sources told us to get ready for a political "bloodbath". (YES! We have sources. Good and reliable ones who've given us valid information). We believe the first shot has been fired across the bow of the Republican Ship of Fools by the Tea Party Ship of Fools.

And where are THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS in all this? We don't know for sure, but we can bet that they are hedging their bets by handily contributing to both sides of the fight.

There will be much more on this issue very soon. So, stay tuned.



'RENTBOY' GOP House Leaders Unveil 'PLEDGE FOR AMERICA' --- Same Old Rancid Rhetoric!


What this country really needs is another slogan! And today we got one. "PLEDGE FOR AMERICA". Now here is a thought and concept we can all get we have some real government leadership and can relax in the comfort that OUR GOP Congressional leaders are working in behalf of 'the people'. We can rejoice and sing praises to "HIM" who brings US these stalwart, courageous politicians to bring US and our country back to prosperity and peace. NOT!

Here are the facts. These 'RENTBOY' politicians have once again prostituted  themselves to the BIG OIL, INSURANCE and BIG PHARMA concerns. At the same time the RENTBOYS pander to the (ignorant) fundamentalist religious right.  They didn't even write their own 'pledge'. Lobbyists did!

These are the 'PLEDGE POINTS':
-Protect the Constitution
-Making the Bush era tax cuts to the rich permanent.
-A Government Spending freeze.
-Cut Federal spending.
-Repeal the Obama Health Care Law.
-Ban Federal funding of abortion.
-Create Jobs
-Honor Family Values by protecting traditional marriage.

There are some other points to 'PLEDGE FOR AMERICA' which amplify the points listed above.

And that's it, folks. See anything new in any of this?

And who wrote the 'PLEDGE FOR AMERICA'?

Primary authorship is given to Brian Wild. Brian Wild? Who is he? This guy is so sub-rosa in the scheme of politics we couldn't even find his picture. Brian Wild AKA "WILD BRIAN", is right now on the staff of House Minority leader John Boehner. He also has a long lobbyist history with the oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies as well as AIG, the company that insured sub-prime loans that helped create the economic depression in which we currently find ourselves. 

The 'PLEDGE FOR AMERICA'? Just the same stuff that has grown rancid with age!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Meet John L. Burton, the 'god-father' and Powerbroker-Supreme of California politics in general and Democrat politics specifically.

When it comes to full out pressure politics and squalid underbelly political maneuvering and decision making, John Burton is there. John Burton has painted 'the face' of California politics for years. 

John Burton not only raises enormous amounts of money for 'his' candidates and causes, he selects 'his' candidates and causes and places them where he wants them under the proviso that 'his' pawns can and will move where he wants them to move. Do what 'he' wants them to do.  John Burton and "THE MACHINE" controls! "THE MACHINE" is and has been 'in control' of California politics for decades with no signs of losing momentum.

Among John Burton's many elected 'pawns' we have U.S. Senators Dianne Fienstein and Barbara Boxer and U.S. House of Representative members Nancy Pelosi and Lynn Woolsey,  along with other national politicians. The number of California State Assembly and State Senators are too numerous to mention.

At the same time John Burton is also  a seasoned politician himself. He is the current Chairman of the California Democratic Party. His resume includes being a former State Senator (1996-2004), and served in the State Assembly (1964-1974 and 1988-1996). He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives (1975-1982). While he was in Washington, he served simultaneously with his brother, Phillip Burton, as a congressman. During this time "THE MACHINE" never missed a beat. 

John Burton and "THE MACHINE" is a formidable political powerhouse that dominates California politics. 

Three of Burton's national  pawns are up for re-election in November. Senator Barbara Boxer and Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and Lynn Woolsey. Although she is dumb as a stump, Woolsey seems to be sailing back to congress under fair skies as well as the very bright, "machine manufactured" Pelosi. Boxer, however, finds herself in a neck-in neck race with Tea Party favorite Carly Fiorina,  who seems to be supporting Proposition 23, which will be one of the issues that will drive her to defeat.

Here's a message for Carly:  Carly! In the very near future and to the end of your  campaign, you will be  pummeled everywhere you turn. "THE MACHINE" will find every bit of scum under the bellies of the political fish with which you swim and will smear this excrement over you to the point of suffocation of your campaign. Get ready for it, Carly, and fasten your seat belt. 

For the record, we here can't and won't vote for any candidate mentioned in this post. We reside in Woolsey's district and will probably vote for a 3rd party candidate. Woolsey epitomizes that which is a Burton pawn.  She is just plain dumb, but just smart enough to follow Burton's agenda to keep her job. With the exception of Fiorina, we've met and known the others over the years. If you think these people have YOUR interests in mind when they govern, think again. The "MACHINE" agenda always prevails over the people who elected them. 

So there is no mistake, John Burton is one bright, savvy guy. He gets people to do what HE wants them to do because THEY want to do it. This is Leadership Genius, no matter what descriptive terms are used to portray him.

More to come......

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We have a question:  Why does THE TEA PARTY NOT 'BACKGROUND CHECK' the candidates THEY endorse for office?  It seems the only criteria for getting a visit from the TEA PARTY EXPRESS (Money) is for the candidate sign on to their CONTRACT FROM AMERICA and the money starts to roll in.

The Tea Party vetting process is sloppy at best with 'non-existance' seemingly the rule. Accordingly, a number of their candidates have become FALLEN ANGELS. To a number each of these 'FALLEN' espouse their unwavering Christianity, family values and fiscal conservatism. Oddly, in behavior, past and present, some of these candidates are none of the things they say they are.

It seems that every day or so another TEA PARTY ANGEL falls in one way or another. Here are a few of them:

-DAVID VITTER, an incumbent U.S. Senator from Louisiana and up for re-election this November, has a 10+ year history of extra marital affairs with countless women, and is a principal in the D.C. Madam scandal. He seems to prefer prostitutes, admits his philandering and says this is a personal matter with him, his wife and God. Still, The Tea Party continues to embrace him and he's had a visit or two from the Tea Party Express.

-SHARRON ANGLE, a recent entry into national politics is arguably the dullest arrow in the TEA PARTY quiver who lives in never-never-land and a U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada.  She pushes for such 'christian values' as denying medical treatment to children absent insurance, taking MEDICARE and SOCIAL SECURITY away from senior citizens and dismantling the welfare system for seniors and children (MEDICAID and AFDC), and wanting to legislate dark colors as evil while holding her Bible in her hand. She remains, however, a TEA PARTY favorite and the TEA PARTY EXPRESS has visited her many times.

-ERIC DEATON, the once front-runner for an open U.S. Senate seat in Ohio and TEA PARTY favorite with visitation rights to the TEA PARTY EXPRESS, who is also an elder in his church and counsels children was indicted earlier this month on child molestation and sex with a child under the age of 16 charges, after a year long investigation. DEATON has denied the charges, of course, saying the charges are 'political'. However, the prosecution says it has video and hotel receipts as proof and that the investigation began long before Deaton announced his candidacy. Deaton appeared in court last Tuesday with a not guilty plea and vowed to aggressively 'grill' the victim. Deaton is staying in the race, but seems to have faded in the polls.

-BEN QUAYLE, son of former VP Dan Quayle and a religious right zealot is running for an open U.S. House seat in Arizona. He is also a TEA PARTY favorite and has grabbed some of that TEA PARTY EXPRESS money. It seemed BEN was running well until it was discovered he has an alias complete with an alter-ego in the persona of BROCK LANDERS. It seems BEN/BROCK is a SWINGER and has been writing on a porn web-site for years reciting his escapades and giving advice to 'newbie' swingers. At first, he denied these things, but later admitted that he is, in fact, BROCK as well as BEN, saying he "fibbed".

-CHRISTINE O'DONNELL, is the TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN/CHRISTIAN FUNDAMENTALIST choice for Joe Biden's open U.S. Senate seat in Delaware. C.O.D. was touted as the new TEA PARTY poster girl for about 72-hours when the sky fell in on her. In addition to her comments about masturbation, condoms being anti-human and a myriad of lies and deceit, she also practiced SATANISM a few years back. Certainly, we don't believe CHRISTINE is a witch. If she were, she would have turned President Obama into a frog a long time ago. Still, the TEA PARTY EXPRESS is continuing to support her as of this writing.

There are a lot more of these TEA PARTY FALLEN ANGELS out there. We just published these more celebrated stories  as substance to our question:


SAL?  You are better than this!  Sharper. More thorough. Yes?


Monday, September 20, 2010


(Sal Russo)

Meet SAL RUSSO! Have you heard his name before? Do you know who he is and what he does? 

Do you think The Tea Party is a 'new-grass roots' American movement?  Some kind of fresh, clean, honest and pure group of Americans like you and me going back to the basics of The U.S. Constitution? Read on and you may THINK AGAIN...........   

Sal Russo is a thoroughbred, savvy political consultant who has been serving the underbelly of American politics since 1969. He is the founder of Russo, Marsh and Rogers, a political consulting and public relations firm based in Sacramento, California. He's been successfully doing his 'job' since Ronald Reagan was Governor of California and served time in the Dukemajian Governorship Administration in California. Right now, Russo is the hired-gun, fire-power within the TEA PARTY with strong connections to THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS. (See The Sacramento Bee article 9/19/2010). He is credited with pulling off last weeks stunning primary victory for Christine O'Donnell  and is a 'fund-raiser' for other Tea Party candidates across the country. Many others.  

(Contract From America Header)
Our focus with this posting is not to repeat The Sacramento Bee's article, but rather to look at The Tea Party Express AND The Tea Party itself to ask some questions about some questionable candidates  (and Propositions) who have signed 'the party pledge' (The Contract From America).  A signed "Contract From America" by a candidate pledges a political  candidate to vote  certain 'party edicts' when they get to the U.S. Congress. A signed 'contract' also usually means that SAL RUSSO will send cash to the candidate along with a team of 'political advisors'. Cash from the pockets of THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS via what's called THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS. (Odd. I learned way back in 'civics class' that elected officials were voted into office to do what the majority of  voters wanted. Not The KOCH BROTHERS.  Of course, these billionaire oil barons try to convince the voters they want what the KOCH BROTHERS want as in the Christine O'Donnell recent primary election.)

Essentially, THE TEA PARTY is a bunch  of Republicans who don't want to call themselves Republicans anymore, senior citizens who are paid to get on buses, go to the 'mall party' and carry placards decrying government social programs, then go home, cash their SOCIAL SECURITY Checks and make medical appointments for which MEDICARE will pay, and the duped (again) fundamentalist religious  right groups.

THE TEA PARTY is THE SAME OLD TIRED BUNNY with a new battery shoved up it's butt. And SAL RUSSO has a pocketful of batteries and knows when, where and how to insert them. THE TEA PARTY is NOT CLEAN, FRESH or NEW. And certainly NOT HONEST. It is a 'dead zone' like some of THE GULF is right now due to the BP OIL SPILL. Something THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS must be OK with. After all, they pushed and paid for the DE-regulations that caused it.

So?  Where else can a low-voltage candidate for public office get the money it takes to be successful at the polls other than at 'The Tea Party'?  Well, the Democrats have similar programs which we'll present very soon.

One reason we're leading with this posting is that very soon PROPOSITION 23 will be getting THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS treatment. Get ready for it as SAL RUSSO will do his usual effective job.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell-A History in Withcraft? Tells of Her "DATE" on a Satanic Alter!

We can't make this stuff up, folks. The American 'politic' just gets weirder and weirder.

(Coven of the Vampire)
1999:  Christine O'Donnell, current TEA PARTY and now REPUBLICAN endorsed candidate for the U.S. Senate from the State of Delaware appeared on the Bill Maher POLITICALLY INCORRECT show and told of her experience of dating witches, having a picnic on a SATANIC ALTER and implied having 'sex' on the alter .......... "......there was blood and stuff all around, I dabbled in witchcraft.....I never joined a coven", she said.

Over the years, O'Donnell appeared 22 times on Maher's show and last week Maher aired O'Donnell's revealing statements from a 1999 interview on his current show on video.

This latest revelation about Ms. O'Donnell is bizarre. But, there is also a very sad quality to it. This, in addition to all the other background facts that have popped up in the last few weeks pretty much puts the last nail in her political coffin, so to speak. Carl Rove was seemingly accurate when he called her "A nut case" a few weeks back.

It also strikes at the credibility of the Tea Party and the Republican Party in some very core ways, about which we'll write later. The embarrassment to these party's is probably catastrophic in Delaware. A big chance to take a Senate seat away from the Democrats is virtually lost.  And anyone can bet that even as we write this post, major damage control in going on in Delaware right now.

In the very near future we may see Christine stepping down as a nominee in favor of the man she beat just one week ago. Republican strategists and operatives are working on her right now to do so. Her reason for stepping down will be medical issues (mental?) and she may be paid off in hard cash to do it. For the record, if this were a Democrat nominee the methods to get rid of a poison candidate would be identical.

Ms. O'Donnell cancelled two major talk show interviews today, giving conflicting reasons why she could not appear. She did attend a picnic in Lincoln, Delaware and told a small audience she was uniting the 'party' and expected victory in November.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher is getting another 'O'Donnell Tape' ready which will air soon and Republican operatives are turning on the heat for her to step out of this U.S. Senate race.

There will be more................


Saturday, September 18, 2010

VOTE NO on California's PROP. 23 and NO To The Billionaire KOCH Brothers and Their Poodle Assemblyman Dan Logue!

Take a look at this picture. Is this guy:

1. A Politician
2. Dubious Salesman
3. Assemblyman Dan Logue
4. A Poodle
5. All of the Above  

If you answered 'ALL of the Above' give yourself an "A". This is Dan Logue, 3 RD District Assemblyman from North-Central California. He was elected to office in 2008 and is up for re-election this coming November. We urge 3 RD District voters to turn this guy out of office. Here's why:

In 2006, California  passed a far reaching Clean-Air/Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Act with AB 32 which becomes effective in 2012. AB 32 paves the way for new technologies for 'clean energy' and the creation of countless new businesses producing a myriad of 'clean' systems that can be the future of California, the nation and the world, thereby creating 10's of thousands of new jobs and return the California economy to it's once golden status.  Venture capital has already planted itself in this future and some of these businesses are already up and running.  

Earlier this year Assemblyman Logue 'authored' Proposition 23, so the record will show. Actually, Logue introduced Prop. 23. He's not smart enough to write it. This initiative was authored in San Antonio, Texas by oil giants Velero and Tesoro with probably some help from mega-rich  oil barons, The Billionaire Koch Brothers. It is unknown how or why Logue became involved in this initiative at all. But we suspect he had a big For Sale sign on his forehead and when BIG OIL went shopping for a legislator to introduce their initiative  they bought Logue. 

Together Velero and Tesoro pumped millions of their dollars into Prop. 23 for it's passage. However, more recently, when polls showed Prop. 23 failing badly, 'IN' came the Billionaire Koch Brothers with a million or so. The Koch's have probably brought in their phony consortium's and foundations to also help fund this initiative. Right now, according to State accounting records, 97% of the millions set to barrage the public in advertising is from out of State big oil companies.

Proposition 23 calls itself 'jobs creating'  legislation. It's not. It does not create a single job. Prop.23 suspends Prop. 32 and de-regulates everything from industrial safety standards (including public safety) to greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, we urge a "NO" on Prop. 23.

To do otherwise is to bring us THIS!