Saturday, September 25, 2010

Billionaire KOCH BROS., Velero, Tesoro Corps. Fund............

Our September 5, 2010,  "Billionaire KOCH BROTHERS, Velero, Tesoro Corps. fund California's Proposition 23........." article has become our most read article of all time. With literally 100's of page views, it seems there is considerable  interest in these brothers and other subterranean elite powers that manipulate the American politic toward  their financial and power base 'special interests with money, especially money.  Their planned insurgencies into our Federal, State and local governments with THEIR (RENTBOY) CANDIDATES and LAWS THEY WANT PASSED are a matter of record. Joe Miller, Ken Buck, Sharron Angle, Jim De Mint, Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin are incarnate examples of their products from a very long list of  other dupes. And, we'll continue to write about these things.

(from New Yorker Magazine)
The main purpose of this article, however, is to draw attention  to Jane Meyer's superior article in New Yorker Magazine (August 30, 2010 issue) profiling the BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS. Ms. Meyer carries the highest journalistic credentials and respect. Her brilliant investigative reporting on the Koch Brothers is testimony to her work. We thought readers here might be interested in seeing it.


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