Tuesday, September 28, 2010

California Governor Candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman--First Debate--September 28! COMMENTS and PREDICTIONS


Yes! This evening, September 28,  at 6 p.m. on the U.C. Davis Campus, Meg Whitman comes out of hiding to debate the ubiquitous Jerry Brown in the California race for Governor. The 'show' will be televised live by KTVU in the Bay Area and 'fed' to other television channels throughout the State.

There will be 3 subsequent debates:

-October 2, Fresno State University at 6 P.M.
-October 5, KGO radio news talk show at 9 A.M.
-October 12, Dominican College at 6 P.M. 

Comment:  Jerry Brown has participated in more than 40 debates in his political history. Expectations for him will be high. His job will be not to 'stumble'. Just a small stumble will be characterized as a major gaffe. Brown is glib and fast on his feet. His 'machine-gun mouth' style, punctuated with sly humor is always entertaining. The question is, Can this old war-horse connect with the audience and stay on message?

Comment: Meg Whitman is the definition of a 'Madison Avenue' packaged  product. She has little experience in the 'political' debate arena. Her debate experience has been in 'the Board Room' where there is a corporate pecking order.  When Whitman makes political appearances she makes HER speech and leaves the podium. Her only 'news' appearances have been controlled with pre-approved questions. She does not like 'open' questions.  However, expectations for her will not be high. Her job tonight will be not to come across as a haughty boss and to have a command of the issues California faces. The question for Meg is, can she stand up to the pummeling she will take tonight?

Predictions: Jerry Brown can be a 'pit bull'. We suspect he will be such tonight. We predict that Brown will wipe Whitman all over the political map. If Whitman is still standing at the end we can give this debate a draw. We also predict that if Meg fails miserably, she will cancel or suspend future debates as Arizona Governor candidate Jan Brewer did a few weeks ago in one of the most embarrassing debate performances in history.



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