Friday, September 24, 2010

California's Gubernatorial Candidates Take a Stand on Proposition 23!

(More thorough articles about Proposition 23 have been reported on this blog in the past. But a quick definition of this Proposition and  how it relates to AB 32, set to go into effect in 2012 is in order.)

(A California Velero Refinery-2010)
AB 32 was passed into law by the California legislature in 2006, and requires those businesses that create green house gases and air polluting substances  to bring their emissions down back to 1990 standards. AB 32 also creates new California jobs in 'green' energy and some some new small business. 

Proposition 23 was written and is funded by out-of-State oil companies who own California oil fields and refineries that don't want the regulations attendant to AB 32.  If passed into law, Prop. 23 would suspend AB 32 until California's unemployment rate drops below 5%. This proposition claims to create jobs, but it doesn't. California assemblyman   Dan Logue  carried this proposition to the State.

Yesterday, California's gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman issued their stands on Proposition 23. Yesterday, both presented their positions. Brown's was expected as he is accessible to the media. Whitman's was not in that she rarely takes questions from any source. Especially, the mainstream media.

Jerry Brown succinctly said he is against Proposition 23, will vote NO on it and encourage the implementation of AB 32.

Meg Whitman says she is also against Proposition 23, did not say how she'll vote on it and wants to suspend the provisions of AB 32 for one year until it's determined what impact AB 32 will have on jobs.

Are Meg's words weasel words?  We think so.

Given her 'connections' to Wall Street, Big Oil, the Billionaire Koch Brothers  and on and on, it looks like Meg, aka Arnie in a skirt, is lying.

The studies are in. AB 32 creates jobs and has already done so.

California's Small Business Association, the largest organization of it's kind in the country, has come out opposed to Proposition 23, saying AB 32 creates jobs, especially for small business while noting most campaign funds for the passage of Prop. 23 come from outside the State (i.e. Oil giants Valero, Tosoro and THE BILLIONAIRE KOCH BROTHERS).

Again, we urge a "NO" vote on Proposition 23!


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