Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jerry Brown/Meg Whitman Face to Face! A DEBATE Performance Review

Now we know why Meg Whitman shuns speaking 'openly' to the press and almost every other place. SHE CAN'T SPEAK! 

.....ur...ummmmm......re-re-repeal .....the ......ahhhhh.....you know.......you.....ur...ummmm.......AND SO IT WENT. Poor thing.  When she did put a sentence together with all the urrrr's, ahhhhs and 'you knows', the thoughts were nothing new, and in fact retreads of her many TV ads. Unfortunately, she sounds like a version of a Porky Pig cartoon. Meg is testimony to the fact that NOT ALL BILLIONAIRES CAN SPEAK WITH ARTICULATION.

Wanting to hear arguments 'for' Meg's performance, we tuned-in to a 'right wing' talk show to hear their rendition of last nights debate. For one hour, we heard that Meg 'hit a home run'; that she handily won the debate; that she was, composed, competent, graceful, poised, in command of herself.  Not a single statement on any issue was mentioned! Accordingly we question if these 'right-facing' talking heads saw and heard THE DEBATE at all. In fact, our 'take' is that Meg looked like a METRO-SEXUAL MANNEQUIN FROZEN IN A TWILIGHT TIME ZONE.

Jerry Brown was in command of the issues and the facts behind them. He was humorous and in his machine-gun mouth style said more in a 2 minute response than Whitman said the entire evening.

NOW. Jerry did cuss during the debate. He said 'HELL'.....twice! We suppose this did not set well with the religious right. But we don't think it mattered much anyway because the 'holy rollers' have never been known to be in the Brown camp. Plus, Last Sunday, the California churches participating  in 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday' told their 'flocks' not to vote for Jerry Brown in bash and trash sermons.

A quick KRCA TV  (the station that presented the debate) poll  after the debate gave Jerry Brown 'the win' with 56% to Whitman's 44%.

There will, of course, be more polls and Meg Whitman will fire off another battery of her 'MEG TAKES A STAND'  commercials. But, last night Meg TOOK A TUMBLE. A big one.

Question: Will Meg return to the 'Debate Arena'?  We'll just have to wait and see.


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